Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

August 24, 2004







Jackie:  Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is Tuesday and it is the 24th of August 2004.  I am glad you are with us this evening. We have a guest this evening, folks, and I think there are many of our long-time listeners who will be delighted to know that our guest is with us.  For those of you who are newer listeners, you heard me mention the name many times.


I want to do first our spiritual message.  I’m going to do this twice, it’s in the New Testament, it’s in the red, it is attributed to the words of Jesus. The first one here is from Luke 8, verse 16:


             "No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret which will not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever has, to him shall be given; and whosoever has not, from him shall be taken even that which he seems to have."


I'm going to go over to Matthew 5 where he is quoted as saying pretty much the same thing a little bit differently:


             "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, and neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." And Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God is within us, didn't he folks?  I take that very seriously and I take it literally.


Our guest is Mr. Alan Watt from Canada, and welcome back to Sweet Liberty.


Alan:  It's a pleasure to be here.


Jackie:  The last few conversations we’ve had since we’ve been it touch again, as always, have been not just delightful, but always meaningful.  I appreciate your coming on with us.  Let me ask you a question. When I was reading from Luke that verse where "nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid but shall not be known and come abroad" and then it says, " Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever has, to him shall be given; and whosoever has not, from him shall be taken even that which he seems to have." Do you understand that?Would you help me with that?


Alan:  I think people have to understand that the mystery religion of the ages is wrapped around all religions; and if you have “gained the spirit” as they say, more is given to you; but if you have not attained spirit, then even the soul is taken from you.


Jackie: When you say “attained spirit”, would you say spiritual awareness, spiritual consciousness?


Alan:  That's all part of it.


Jackie:  I found where he had said that "fear not those who can kill the body but not the soul, but fear those who can--


Alan:  Kill the body and the soul.”


Jackie:  When I read that, it really was quite frightening, because until then it really wasn’t even a thought in my mind that a person could lose their soul. The battle that has been going on for all these centuries is not just a battle for world dominion over the physical, but over the aspects of our mind, our entire soul.


Alan:  In the old religion, and this is the key to all of this, in the old mystery religion that pre-existed all the religions that we have today, the person who sought hard enough with their soul, if they sought hard enough, would attain spirit. Spirit wasn't born with you, that's what they believed; and so as you attained the knowledge, the spirit that was your spirit came closer to you, so it merged; and that was called “complete life” when you had body, soul and spirit in the one. That was the first trinity. Those who took over the system and warped everything and changed everything, their goal is to deny people from gaining spirit basically and to be zombies, good worker bees.


Jackie:  Where that is confusing to me is that it has not been a thought in my mind – each and every one of us in this physical form is actually a spiritual nature animating the physical form – and I can't imagine a human here without being that spiritual being of Creator.


Alan:  You see, this was the supposed mystery of the soul and the spirit. The soul was the animating force that gave life and made you seek out truth, and so life was supposed to be a journey, always looking for the ultimate truth; and when people pass a certain stage, thoughts would flow to them with crystal clarity that they never had before, and that was attainment of spirit. It's even wrapped in the Christian version when they get the Holy Ghost. It's the same thing. The Holy Spirit and so that was completion you might say. Everyone has the ability to communicate to that part of the Creator. However, those who rule the world and warped everything and gave us religion have attempted to squash the natural ability to find your own course towards that spirit. That's what it's about.


Jackie:  In other words, the religions that we have been given have really promulgated a sense of separateness, specialness.  I know that a lot of people quote Paul a lot where he said you're only going to get there by grace alone and your good works mean nothing; and then, in the red, attributed to Jesus, he said let your works glorify your father. Not like that's going to get you to heaven because actually heaven – If the Kingdom of God is within us, that's where it's all at. So it isn't like going some place, is it?


Alan:  It is and it isn't at the same time, because your whole life does change as you go through your life's journey. Wherever you go, you always bring yourself along with you; and part of the problem is with shedding the old to attain the new. The attainment of spirit is a desire. They used to say it was the love of the soul for the spirit. It was the love of the soul that drove it on; and then you gained more enlightenment, not perfect enlightenment because you can't in this world. The world is tainted to an extent, but it drew you much, much closer and so your life's journey was really a preparation for what went on afterwards; and of course, in this society we have today they've crushed all hope of that. They made us think of the purely material and the scientists basically and the experts have taken over the natural religions you might say. Now we have a scientific elite religion with its own destination, which is the so-called “Great Work of Masonry,” which is to complete that which they say was left imperfect: and that's the world and everything in it, including us ourselves.


Jackie:  So in other words, that when Creator created he didn't do it good enough?


Alan:  Not for these characters, no. You see, once you step out of Eden, which is paradise, in other words; it's nature. Once you step out and you start making tools and so-called improvements, you're on the road to science; and science is a one-way street towards oblivion ultimately, because you cannot have science co-existing with free will eventually. The ancient scientists, or you can call them priests if you want, for an example is Babylon, and they had a lot of knowledge of the scientific world basically couched in religious terminology. They also said that through understanding nature, meaning breaking nature down to its primary components, and then by manipulating it, they could recreate man and make him better; and that role has never changed. That's why we're on a one-way street towards massive genetic manipulation, where the elite will have physical immortality. That's what they’re after, and the rest will be purpose-made clones basically, and this is documented. It's not guesswork. There's many scientific papers out right now about all of this, so there's a goal and it's all being done through science and the manipulation of matter.


Jackie:  When you said when we left Eden and we began to make tools, I tried to picture myself trying to garden with a spade or you understand what I'm saying. But basically in Eden then, what would have been paradise, we didn't have to garden because it was all there?


Alan:  Yes. Eden is an allegory for perfect nature, but man himself is not satisfied with it. Once you start on the road of discovery or science and breaking down the secrets of nature, you're on a one-way street to an elite eventually dominating everybody on the planet and changing life itself, which is all on the books. They do want to make purpose-made types of humans to serve these elite in the very near future. Purpose-made clones basically to serve these elite in the very near future and it's well documented in all the scientific journals.


Jackie:  Do you think that was done in the past?


Alan:  I think so. We know for instance that the inoculation program was never given to help people. It was given literally to lobotomize the public as we went through massive transitions and it kept us placid and pretty stupid all through these transitions. A dumbed-down society is easy to manipulate.


Gloria:  I have a few questions for your guest. I'm a Christian now and I know the part where Jesus says that no one comes to the Father-Creator except through me,so that's why I'm a Christian now. I used to be, I know this sounds crazy, but I used to be a former abductee, as god as my witness. I had many experiences with the UFOs, I’ve seen them, I’ve gone through so much for about four or five years. Anyway, when I became a Christian now, all that went away.  That’s why I became a Christian: I needed that protection. I wanted to ask: Where do the UFOs, those unseen forces out there fit in with your New Age philosophy? What about the communist courts that control Canada? Canada is like so filthy and degraded and evil, there is evil everywhere there, and in America. What is your opinion of the Jews today, the Khazar Jews that are just causing hell everywhere, and what’s the answer is for us people who want to know about the New Age, your New Age philosophy?


Jackie:  Gosh, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it, Alan?


Alan: It’s standard.


Jackie: How would you answer first to the New Age? I read a book about the Knights Templar; towards the end of the book they begin talking about the New Age; and to me, that there is a turning, but they know it and take control of it and they guided and led it.


Alan:  Sure they do.


Jackie:  What people call New Age so often is where the truth is being hidden amongst the lies.


Alan:  Always. When truth is exposed that's been kept hidden from the public, it’s always given to leaders who are the shepherds and they led us along the way they want us to go, always; and the thing is, the New Age is always becoming new. Jesus started a new covenant. That was a New Age. The Old Covenant was the Old Age. Jesus’ reign was supposedly the Age of Pisces, the fish. Now it's into Aquarius. However, this again is only a timetable of the hidden elite that run the show.


Jackie:  In other words, the way they configure it, about every couple thousand years we're moving into a “New Age.”


Alan:  That's right.


Jackie:  How do you respond to Gloria in her question to you about “your New Age philosophy”?


Alan:  Once you become anything and join a group that has a tailor-made formula, anything outside that group becomes the enemy, including all individuals with their own philosophy, so it doesn't worry me that she says “your New Age” because it isn't mine anyway. And as far as communist Canada, I think she was calling from New York, wasn't she? Well, I think that says it all; it's no secret that communism was run and led and financed from New York, all through its existence. She should wonder what “Empire State” they're talking about. What empire are they talking about?


Jackie:  Communists in Canada, whoever is in control of this world or certainly appears that they are; communism was created by those creatures. Capitalism was created by those creatures; all of the “isms” are a creation of them. All right, the statement: "no one comes to the father but through me."


Alan:  Well, Jesus said it all. He said to his followers "I am in you, as you are in me; as the father is in me, he is in you as well."


Jackie:  And “no one comes to the father but through me.” In my "interpretation" it sounds to me like he's saying “listen to me, listen to what I am telling you.”


Alan:  That's very important because again we get transfixed on a singular human being, but it's also the pathway basically. The road to enlightenment can only go in that one direction and through that direction, and that's what that means.


Jackie:  His message that he brought; that's what that's always meant to me.


Alan:  You can’t go through it any other way. In other words, no matter how many people diverge from the course, if they were to meet up again at the same stage, they would all have had to come back on that one course to be the same.


Jackie: The path that he more or less trod out.


Alan: “Truth” we're told today is whatever your opinion is.


Jackie:  Truth in Black's Law Dictionary – actually one of the definitions is that truth is consistency of thought within itself; so, if we think it long enough and hard enough and keep saying it, that's truth; so truth could be anything.


Alan:  That's what Pontius Pilot asked Jesus, "What is truth?"  However, as far as the communist thing goes, it's all rubbish because it's simply the dialectic, which causes conflict, which causes faster change and this is planned by the same bunch that created both of them. Carroll Quigley said it all. He said you can get more accomplished in five years of warfare on a social scale than you can in 50 years of peace; and so, by understanding the laws of nature, which is this yin and yang type deal, using both of them, you can actually steer the course of planet earth and speed up the process. That's what they believe and they actually do it that way. They live by timetables.


Jackie:  Gloria sounded a bit challenging in her questions; she was misunderstanding what you were talking about. She’s called in before. I think what she was doing was misunderstanding that what you were talking about was not "a belief" system but what they believed and how they are working under that belief system.


Alan:  We're dealing with people who have their own inner religion. Albert Pike, the high Mason said all this, that every church – he didn't say some churches, he said every church has the exoteric for the bulk of the people, the masses and the esoteric for the very elite.


Jackie: Esoteric meaning an inner meaning; and exoteric meaning an outer, a sensible meaning


Alan:  Masonry is the same. He said Masonry also has its outer group, which is in a sense camouflaged, and it has its inner elite with its own agenda.


Jackie:  Yes and he said the outer courts – he called it the outer courts, the exoteric, the lower degrees, that they believe that they understand and they're meant to believe that they understand what's actually going on; when in reality they're nothing more than window dressings.


Alan:  Yes. In fact he said "we know no more than the general public." What they do know is that they help each other to get on with unmerited favor to do with jobs and so on. 


Jackie:  In the Protocols they call it ‘show masonry’ and that those ‘goyim’ who are attracted to it want to be in it so that they can throw sand in their brother's faces.


Alan:  They can because they get unmerited favor through employment and pay raises and they bypass bureaucratic offices and so on, and can get a lot of things done that you would have to pay through the nose to get done. Yes, they get a lot of perks and so it does attract a very basic type of person.


Jackie:  --A materialistic type person.  Gloria did ask for you to address the UFO situation and how it fits into all these things.


Alan:  The UFO deal, we have a puzzle because we had sciences on earth here that were far in advance of what we're told. Who knows how long they've been here with their physical sciences? On the other hand, too many people have had visitations with these “beings.” I haven't met one yet who had a visitation where anything of import has been given to them. They haven't come away from the encounter any brighter or wiser than they were before.


Jackie: Do you mean “abductees”?


Alan: “Abductees”…again, I'm sort of skeptical of the amount of people who say they've been abducted. They've had studies and they found under hypnosis with test groups – some who claim they had been, and members of the general population who had no idea at all – and they found out with the same hypnotists they had the same number of people claiming they had encounters from the group who had no record of it, so there's form of suggestion going on here, too.


Jackie:  I've always believed that there's life of some form, maybe not humanoid but life on other planets. I mean it's just arrogance to believe that we are the only life form on the only planet and these myriads of universes, but I've also thought about this ability that exists to literally give us false memories.


Alan:  You're right on that because some of the higher Masons belong to what they call Triangles. They belong to groups and they're set up in triangles in different parts of the country, and they do, in the much, much higher Masonry, force their will upon the general population within that triangle; and I have some of their books.


Jackie: In what way, how do they force their will? What does this have to do with UFOs?


Alan: You're talking about how people are so fascinated by it, but did you have an encounter or did something put that in your head, and that's what we're really asking. If it did get popped into your head, where did it come from?


Jackie: I had a series of dreams, three of them when I lived in Illinois, and they came very close on one another.  They were very vivid dreams, in one of them I had been taken up in a spaceship, and they were poking something underneath my fingernails.  When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was look to see if I had marks under there.  I don’t know what there was about that, but I was a little freaked out. 


We’re back folks, and Alan Watt is our guest tonight.  For those of you who are new listeners, when Alan first began coming on as a guest – this is back in 1998 – we did a series, we didn’t plan on doing a series but listeners kept calling an saying “keep him on.” At that time, that weren’t good telephone rates and there were listeners who actually sponsored the costs of Alan calling from Canada to be on the air with us. I want you to know this, you’ve heard me mention this many times, when he was on with us originally, in a sense what he did was take us all out of the dark ages, with history, ancient history.  We really never got into more current history with Alan, other than sometimes talking about current happenings.  I would like you to consider just listening, and if you have questions, ask.  Alan and I have not communicated in quite a while.  One of the things he said to me, after we were talking after a long period of time, he said “you’re in a rut,” and I felt offended when he said that, but I knew what he was saying was right, except the use of the word “rut” I wasn’t getting.  When we talked another time, I asked him to define what he meant by “rut.” He said “you’ve come to a point, and you haven’t gone beyond it.”  That I knew was the truth.  Folks, to me, there’s nothing today more important than us understanding, or getting closer to understanding, who in fact we really are.  This thing that we call “religion,” you’ve heard me say it, I know that I’ve stepped on many toes when I have said that religions were created by man, I knew that before Alan Watt said it.  I don’t say it as a parrot, I knew that when I was 15 years old that something was very wrong.  I knew when I was a little girl that something wasn’t right with this world. I grew up in a Lutheran church and every time I went to our pastor to ask him a question, and it didn’t matter whether it was in Flint, Michigan or Chicago or where I was, they patted me on the arm (figuratively) and then changed the subject because my questions bothered them.  I finally stopped going to church because I knew weren’t getting the truth. 



You’re on the air.


Eleanor:  Alan was about to expand on what he meant by the Masonic triangles and forcing their influence on people. I'd love to hear his details on that.


Alan:  I've got it in a few of the insider Freemason books, not the type you buy on a shelf counter at some big bookstore. Some of the ones come from the high theosophists, for instance, which is just one branch of it, and they go through this process where they control the thoughts of the world by imposing their perfected will, they tell you, by the way, on the public within the range of their triangle. They have in North America for instance broken up into triangles and they have major lodges at the points of the triangle in each area, and they meet on certain occasions at night and go through all this ‘will-power projection’, you might call it. Some of them certainly do it mentally. The theosophists claim that their major triangles are based in New York City, London and Switzerland and they are bringing the agenda further on, they claim. They also use predictive programming through entertainment, so that ideas that would seem absurd if presented in a factual non-fictional way you would reject it out-of-hand or even rebel against, but when you see things through fictionalization and comedy you don't retaliate when the actual thing occurs in reality.


Jackie: In other words, we don’t resist it.


Alan: It's called predictive programming, from Tavistock


Jackie: Can you think of an example to give on that?


Alan: To do with the ‘gender-bending’ let's say. That was all done through comedy and taking sexuality into a more open arena step-by-step, until you're watching programs now that hide very little; and of course they are going to go the whole way, ultimately, on TV and that will become standard fare. So the breakdown of the moral codes of the individual and then introduce the new; and when anything goes, then literally anything goes. You have nothing to hold on to when there are no rights and wrongs any more. It's ‘relativism’ as they call it.


Jackie: What we have to hold on to is what’s in out heart, what we know is the difference between right and wrong.


Alan: We must hang on to who we are.


Jackie: And who are we?


Alan: You have to find out who you are. That's the journey because most people are composites.


Jackie: Many aspects of self, is that what you mean by “composite”?


Alan: Most of it is actually downloading, like Zbigniew Brzezinski said in the "Technetronic Era" and remember who he was, he was up there in the War Department of the U.S.  He said, apart from all the high technology they had back in the '60’s that would eventually be used on the whole world to control the mind. He did say that people shortly would be unable to form an opinion by themselves. Now they could fight and die and hold on to those opinions, but it would never occur to them, they've never researched a single one for themselves, because it all was downloaded through the nightly news for them. It's true. I mean everyone's got a thousand opinions. They'll argue about them but they've never researched any of them for themselves. That's part composite, you see. It's been manufactured for them, so that there is part of their personality, which is fake to begin with. It's not them at all, and the rest of it is training through school and media, entertainment and so on.


Jackie:  This is a book titled "The Cause of World Unrest" and there's a quote here about the Bolshevik policy is to kill industry so that unemployment, want and discontent will continue. "Read the old revolutionary maxim on which they act today. Want and opinion are the two agents which make all men act. Cause the want, govern opinion and you will overturn all the existing systems however well constituted they may appear. Cause the want and then govern the opinion.


Alan:  Yes. We're always being told what the solution is to whatever they give to us.


Jackie: We’re always being told what we think, too.


Alan: The next day everyone's chatting about what they heard on the news the previous day.


Jackie: Actually they talk about what they think, because they’ve been told what they think.  In a conversation with my nephew, when he was talking about the Houston Chronicle, he didn’t like it, he said, because there was too much editorializing.  I said I thought there were some decent articles for a newspaper, a controlled medium.  He said, but we don’t need to be told what to think.  I said the problem is that people think that they have their own thoughts, but they don’t.  He turned around and said to me – this was during the Monica Lewinsky thing, I’ve heard this said over and over again on CNN – let’s use this Bill Clinton thing for an example, “We don’t care what he’s done, we just want this whole thing over and we want him to get back to the business of running this country.” And Alan, my heart just fell because he said it word for word, the way he was told that the American people think.


Alan: The public are given their thoughts, and that's everyone, and you have to break free from all of the conditioning and to think for yourself and ignore all the trivia that they give you. Governments are not real. They're just fronts and it doesn't matter what side they think they're on; they're all just fronts, absolutely all of them. It doesn't matter which country you choose – they're all puppets.


Jackie: I remember reading a quote somewhere, and I think that there was a time when I wouldn’t have even seen this, that the governments are supposed to make laws according to the consent of the governed.  Basically, what we were saying is, you govern us so you better do what we want.  It literally referred to ourselves as “the governed.”


Alan: The governments are not the bosses. During the whole Cold War Era, isn't it amazing that they were creating a United Europe, unbeknownst to all the people who lived within Europe? They were creating a Unified Africa. They were creating a Unified Pacific Rim block and they were creating a Unified Americas.


Jackie:  Guess what, the first of all of those Unifieds were the United States of America.


Alan:  Well of course. That's its purpose.


Jackie:  All of us who were born in America, the "United States", it never occurred to me when they were talking about the European Union, "All those countries are going to lose their sovereignty" and it happened here a long time ago.


Alan:  Jefferson said it and so did Franklin. They said "this country is founded on the basis of federation, which will eventually be a federated world under a government of 12 wise men”. That's in Jefferson's writings. They knew exactly where they were going.


Jackie:  Jefferson was a Phi Beta Kappa, I understand.


Alan:  He was also an open member of the Illuminati.


Jackie:  My understanding was the Phi Beta Kappa was one of those college fraternities where a lot of the elite were turned out.


Alan:  In fact, if you look at Elihu Yale, who donated the money for the foundation of Yale University, he said, "We are setting up these universities to create the types of leaders who will lead this country into the future."  In other words, they were training them before the revolution. Elihu Yale made his money from the British East India Company. He was one of the founding members. These guys are all in it together and they have created the future they wanted. The U.S. just has to finish the job it’s been designed to do, and as they're doing it, they're getting the U.S. ready to collapse into the system that they helped create.


Jackie:  We’ve got a lot of new listeners since you’ve been on. You said a lot of outrageous and audacious and almost unbelievable things; then our listeners starting doing research and started sending me stuff and saying, “Look at this. This is exactly what Alan was talking about.” The reason I’m bringing this up is because you do say some things that sound so off the wall that it “just couldn’t be true.”  However, in the books that you put together, it isn’t just your writing explaining what is in the book, it is copies out of old, ancient books.  You said at one time that their plan is to actually morph humanity so that we'll all be hermaphrodites.  I said many times, and I know you probably remember this, I used to say to our listeners, just because Alan Watt says this doesn’t mean it’s so, and I couldn't verify it because I don’t have the information at hand. In other words, don’t take it to the bank. But you had it in one of your books.  Then I got a book that was written in the 1950’s and in there was exactly what you were talking about, how they could create a hermaphrodite.


Alan:  The American Psychiatric Association put a book out in the '60’s after being funded by the U.S. government for a two-year study on this very subject. The latter part of the book was all about the creation of the hermaphrodite in order to have “world peace,” and they go through all this in detail. It's called The Human Agenda and you can't get much more official than that. There was a movement started up in the U.S. with people born since 1950’s onwards, and they managed through the Freedom of Information Act to get their medical records. They'd all been born to hermaphroditic, male and female. They all lived around U.S. Naval bases and one of their parents or sometimes both were in the Navy. The mothers when they were expecting were all given special inoculations, they were told, and supplements because they lacked certain things and their children all end up hermaphroditic (having sexual organs of both male and female). In three states alone in the U.S., they've now found 10,000 people that have had this done to them basically. I caught it on a radio show just a few weeks ago. It's a fairly recent organization but they do have the declassified records from the U.S. Navy to prove this and back this up. They were using hormonal treatments on the mothers and it produced these hermaphroditic children. You wonder why the world is in chaos today, where a lot of women think they're men and a lot of men think they're women. I don't think it's by chance. That's the amazing thing is that this is an agenda when the American Psychiatric Association do a think-tank study with the best psychiatrists pulled in from all over the world and they conclude that they must create this kind of society, a hermaphroditic society for world peace. Really we're living a horror show; I used to say we live in a Disney movie, but that's only during the day. It's a horror show and we're living through it. The whole population has been experimented upon in ways they don't even comprehend because it's such high-tech. Now, with the towers going up everywhere, which are designed for mind control purposes, and this is on main news here, they're installing these all over the U.S.  They'll be able to work and broadcast on the same frequency levels as the brain and they hope to pacify people in times of crisis and this is the reason they're putting up the towers.


Jackie: This is what was said on the news in Canada. This goes along with a lot of what is in Nick Begich's book on the HAARP towers, how they can tune into the frequency of the human brain.


Alan:  They've had that ability for a long time.


Jackie:  Where was it they said they were spraying Prozac?


Alan:  That was the mainstream news of CBC Canada on television. It was Rumsfeld who was asked, in one of these brief clips they show you, what contingency plans he had for another 9/11 deal, and he said, "we have aerosolized Prozac and Valium ready to go and to be sprayed over the cities." And I thought, if they have it ready to go, I wonder if they're already doing it, because they're spraying the skies everywhere and people definitely are far too passive for the changes that are taking place right now.  I think the spraying of the skies alone shows you what you're up against here because no government will admit to this, that they are doing it. However, they will admit it's being done, but not by them.


Jackie:  You had explained that to me, they are using the "Open Skies Treaty" as their justification that there are chemicals being sprayed but it isn't us doing it.


Alan:  Yes, that's right. It's like a Dr. Strangelove policy, where we do it somewhere else and someone else does it to us. When you think of the volume that they must have had stored up to even begin this on a daily basis, they had to be making this since about 1950 onwards at least, and Dow Chemical and all the big boys have to be involved for the quantities they're using and people are being affected by it. We were getting static shocks all summer when you came out of a vehicle, so much so, they put little blurbs on the news not to touch your vehicle and the pump at the fill-up station because sparks can fly across. Well that's impossible in natural summers because it's humid and it's hot. You only get that in the wintertime, but not now. We're living in the scientific age.


Jackie:  When Dr. Begich was on in '95, he was talking about some experiments they had done; how they could cause emotional upheaval.


Alan:  They had hand-held weaponry that they could cause this from any distance back in the 1950’s.


Jackie:  Before all the towers were up. But he said they could tune it to a frequency. They could make everybody feel good. They could make people feel angry and they could make them feel suicidal and homicidal at the flick of switch.


Alan:  Yes. They were testing the people of Maine. They say they were the experimental test group for that. 


Jackie: Ladies and gentleman, thanks for being with us tonight.  We’ll be back again tomorrow with Alan Watt.