(Three Hours, Continuous)

June 18, 2007





"Not Ready to Make Nice"

By The Dixie Chicks


Forgive, sounds good
Forget, I’m not sure I could
They say time heals everything
But I’m still waiting

I’m through with doubt
There’s nothing left for me to figure out
I’ve paid a price
And I’ll keep paying

I’m not ready to make nice
I’m not ready to back down
I’m still mad as hell and
I don’t have time to go round and round and round
It’s too late to make it right
I probably wouldn’t if I could
‘Cause I’m mad as hell
Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

Tim:  All right everybody. Good afternoon. Good afternoon America. This is Tim Wingate sitting in for Michael Herzog, American Wakening, hour two. We've had some wonderful news that the press conference went off really well, with the Brown's, apparently, that a lot of good news coverage and people out there are starting to see. We hope that we'll get some more information as to specifically what went on, when we had a report form Mike last hour. The conference was still going on and he needed to leave to go answer some questions, so I'm sure we'll get another update as time goes on. I'm not sure if John's going to call into his show and give us an update as to exactly what's going on, so stay tuned to RBN. We'll keep you apprised as to what's going on with the Brown's out there, and get an idea if feeds have picked up on your local news; your local stations pick up the feed from the big news companies, if you will, on the rest of this. It will be interesting to see if they will cover it or not.


We do know that certain stories and certain situations are spiked by the upper powers that be, because they don't want us common folk getting some ideas, whatever those ideas may be. One of the things I like to do, and I like to be a person of action and give people solutions. Give people ideas on how they can fight back. We just don't have to submit to this system. You have to be creative and sometimes you have to learn to think backwards. Think kind of from the inside out. Take a little clue from what they have to say about things; and a great little article that I came across, was out of the Seattle times, and it was one of these little situations where I thought that—funny, funny headlines. It says: "City tells workers pop corn cautiously or else."


Well, it seems like that over a period of, oh, three years, eight times in three years, 400 people in the City Hall and the Seattle Municipal Tower, and an 11 story Justice Center had to be evacuated out, because the employees had inadvertently and accidentally started burning microwave popcorn in the microwave, creating smoke which set off the fire alarms -- the smoke alarms and everyone had to be evacuated, until they found out exactly what was going on. So little old me, who embraces his internal inner outlaw, I should say, embraces his inner outlaw, looked at that thinking a little backwards, going, hum, here's an idea folks. Something we can do. We'll deal with that when we come back. Stay with us. We'll be back with Alan Watt.


I think we're back. All right. Hello America. Tim Wingate back with you on the Michael Herzog American Awakening program, here on RBN live. I want to finish up something here a little bit, and then we're going to go to our special guest, Alan Watt. Right before the break, I was talking to you about the City of Seattle warning their employees and their various municipal buildings that they had better be careful about popping corn. Now it's not quite a ban, yet they say, but it's been very disruptive and there may be disciplinary action or they may just outright ban microwave popcorn for the city employees completely, because over the last three years, over eight times, more than 400 plus people have had to evacuate the building, because the fire alarms went off because the smoke alarms went off when somebody was burning microwave popcorn. So thinking and embracing my—the principle of embracing my inner outlaw.


You just do the opposite of what they say. So if you need to shutdown a building what do you do?  Well you should bring in some microwave popcorn and you ought to know the drill by now. Ron Propeil and his rotisserie thingamajig. You set it and forget it. A little freedom shenanigan there, folks. We're approaching a time where a little civil disobedience and some shenanigans, some fun stuff. My old granny used to tell me, if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. You know this could work, could have some fun. I can just see it now. The smell of burnt popcorn in the air, as fire trucks roar and everyone is escaping a building, and somebody who had to go to court on a stupid child protective service thing or some other seriously -- or some made up thing, something ridiculous. Might be a little time for a reprieve. Who knows? Could happen. Could happen. All right. Let's move on.  My friend, Alan Watt, you're not a stranger to the show, I understand. Are you with us? 


Alan:  Yes, I'm here.


Tim:  Excellent. How are you doing today?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Tim:  Good, good. Well I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to you on the occasion or two that I have had, and you know you're familiar, I would hope, or are you familiar, I should just phrase it as a question. Are you familiar with the Ed and Elaine Brown situation in New Hampshire?


Alan:  Yes, pretty well. It’s one of many.


Tim:  Okay. Oh, one of many, yeah. That's true. They're not the only ones who've had this kind of a situation.


Alan:  Yes. It's been going on for years, generally quietly, and most people simply cave in and give up.  That's what governments are now used to.


Tim:  That brings up kind of a speculative question. What do you think governments, possibly, there in Canada, U.S., you know when people start standing up more and more like Ed and Elaine, or doing as I raised the possibilities of different freedom shenanigans, what do you think the government response will be?


Alan:  They've told us what it will be. All NATO countries have run on the same agenda, because there are no independent countries anymore, in fact. There haven't been for a while, and it's just they haven't openly declared it to the public. They're conditioning us to accept it, little pieces of news and propaganda, but they haven't openly said to the public that we're already international; and they won't, until the U.S. has finished its job in the Middle East. However, you're running on the same system as Britain, that published in the newspapers from the Ministry of Defense, which writes up the bills for NATO, and the U.S. is part of NATO.


Their forecast for the next 20 or 30 years, and it's nothing but what they see as public unrest, uprising, flashmobs, they call it, and the responses that they will have to do to maintain order in society. Now they don't say what's going to happen to make that Joe Six Pack and Jane Champagne stand up and start protesting, but obviously, we do know what's going to happen as they change the whole system in which we live, from one reward system of earning money and being a wage slave, to the next step, which is to work for the world state. They've forecast a world of upheavals, unrest, spontaneous violence; and they're prepared, in their own statements, to use Neutrino bombs, on the general public; and that's from the top Ministry of Defense Department for Britain.


Tim:  So in essence, they’re telling us that we are going to have to comply, or they'll kill us.


Alan:  That's it.


Tim:  Well you know when somebody issues that kind of a challenge to me, my immediate response is, well, then if I don't kill you first; and this is why I've often believed that the day of the direct confrontation is over and people need to start studying different techniques, such as Michael Collins used in Ireland against the British.


Alan:  The thing is, too, you have to remember: this is not a recent takeover of a government, anywhere. This has been going on for centuries; and the people forget that in the United States, alone, there was another revolution in 1801, when a group tried to takeover and be the war hawks, basically, and go their own direction; and there was a civil revolution which got it back to the two party system again. Jefferson played a big hand in getting it back. However, they were well aware, even then, that there was a globalist society with a globalist agenda that was going to use all the big nations to further their planetary takeover, basically, with a new system of control, with science backing them up. It’s very Darwinistic in its agenda, very cold and ruthless and very power hungry. It’s a belief that those, who had the intellect and had acquired the wealth, had the right to rule over the rest of the public, and decide the future for everyone.


Tim:  And these people that you are talking about go by different names.


Alan:  There's many societies; and that's just it. You see, what they're composed of, really, are the psychopathic elements you'll find within every group or people or creed. There's always an element of the psychopath. We all have met them in school.


Tim:  Sure. We call them bullies; and we have an epidemic of bullying in our society, especially in jobs where they're highly competitive.


Alan:  Yes. There's no doubt about it. This whole system, actually, that we think is ours, is not ours at all. It's theirs. They gave us the culture. They train us at school to go out and compete, compete and success is the whole name of the game, to get to the top by every means possible. If you look at all the famous people, pretty well the old families in the U.S. or the British or any other government, the hereditary dynasties that you see in politics now and then—they all started off as either pirates or buccaneers, freebooters, dope sellers or whatever, warmongers.


Tim:  Wasn't Thomas Aquinas who basically told the story of the pirate and the emperor?


Alan:  Yes. Even that was an old story, long before him. In fact, even those stories came from ancient Egypt. There's nothing new under the sun. It's the same system of profit, debt and whoever runs the system of money and debt. In fact, to be honest with you, money is the key to all things in this system. It's something which would always be taken over by the clever psychopaths, who understand how to manipulate people through money, and how to bamboozle them by pretending that there's a science involved. When anything is so complex that the average person can't understand it, you're being fooled, whether it's law, money or anything else.


Tim:  That's some very good insight on that. You made me think of a question here, as you were talking about that they created our society. They've given us -- they've created all of this. I have gone -- I've questioned the issue of the Masonic orders. We can see the evidence of Masonry throughout our society. We have great public works that have Mason symbology on it. You have police patches that proudly display the compass and the square.


Alan:  If you look at the British system, in fact, the British Commonwealth system, the police have a band round their hats with a checkerboard right around it.


Tim: Yeah, we have that in Chicago. So the question I have then is, what right do we have to rebel against the -- I called them the system lords?


Alan:  I always tell people, when you rebel against something, you better get your facts right of what you're rebelling against, and what you're trying to keep or save or even produce, because people don't.  Even the founding fathers said the same thing, that it took them 20-30 years of organization, before they had the revolution.


Tim:  That's true.


Alan:  Otherwise you're an unorganized mob. If you're not organized, you get walked over by professionally-trained standing armies.


Tim:  That's a good thing. Hold that thought. Folks, we'll come back after the break. Stick with us. Tim Wingate here. Alan Watt on the Michael Herzog: American Awakening, on RBN.


All right, good afternoon America. Tim Wingate here, on the Michael Herzog Show, American Awakening. We're talking with Alan Watt. You mentioned something that sparked another little reference to me, about the founding fathers, recognizing that the planning for the American war for independence took me years. I do know for sure that John Adams wrote that he believed that the revolution actually started January 30th, 1750; and that's when Jonathan Mayhew preached, at the time, a very important sermon dealing with revolution and the right of the king to rule, and a free mans responsibility, and a number of other subjects.  So, we can easily see that it was at least, as you said, 25 to 30 years from 1750 to 1776, and even before, these ideas and these thoughts started to circulate in the minds of the founding fathers. So that brings us back to the issue and the question of what is it that we need to be careful of, as we are trying to resist against these people, who have created this system that we are benefiting from?


Alan:  Yeah, the thing is, that's just it. We can't say, “This is the good bit. This is the bad bit. I like this. I'll save that. I'll throw this away.” Our whole culture, really, is not our culture at all. It's been promoted and marketed to us, from cartoons right up through adulthood. Propaganda is put over through fiction, in fact. It's the best means of implanting ideas in someone's mind, via emotion. That's what drama is for.  That's why there's so many cop shows and hospital shows and social worker shows on television. It's propaganda to instill in you that the state is taking charge of every major aspect of your life, from cradle to grave; and people have come to expect that.


Now, in 30 years, people now are booking their parents into old age homes, as a normal thing to do, rather than take care of them at home.  That's what the elite wanted, because they wanted the male and female in the workforce, both paying taxes to the system; and then when there's no family unit left, there's no one to stand up for the individual, between the government and the individual. This was all planned and written about, over 100 years ago, by people at that time involved in the world revolutionary party, which became the Communist Party.  We're just living a strategy.


In fact, we've been living a business plan, our whole lives, and so were your parents. We adapt so quickly to changes. Changes become the normal so quickly; and we have all these little cheap goodies from China. There's very few people—in fact, no one protested at the time; and it's only since the early '90’s that your main factories left shore to go to China. It was all done quietly; and people didn't even question what was happening.


Tim:  You know this is where I'd really appreciate your insight into this.  You have a wonderful website called and that gets us -- I want to read something right off of the very top, that you say is a part of your course in deprogramming: 


"In all ages, in all lands, there have been those who seek truth. This seeking is an individual's search for something more than self, and much more than the confines of this worldly system. It is the seeker, who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to go into the unknown. The process of awaking has begun, the discovery is underway."


This is part of a course in deprogramming, so obviously you recognize this. What do you suggest people do to deprogram themselves?


Alan:  Well, number one, in all ages, the majority of the public, just by studying history—and this was known in ancient Greek times, in fact—the majority of the public will go with whoever rules them. They will go to the bitter end, obeying whoever rules them. If there's any revolution throughout history, they simply benefit as a side effect of the acts and the deeds of a few; so they go with the winner, in all situations. They're almost “along for the ride.” They're passive participants in their own lives. They’re not active participants in their lives. They question nothing. As long as they have enough free time to play and do the things they want to do, they don't mind being happy wage-slaves under totalitarian types of rule, which is what we really have today. It's not even so covert anymore, because the government agencies have given themselves the rights through policymaking. Not through law-making, but policymaking, to come into anyone's home and snatch your child, or grab an elderly person and snatch them, into the hospital and put them in the hospice. This is the normal now, and people accept it, until it happens to them, which to the individual is unthinkable, of course. That's why they permit it to happen.


Tim:  You're absolutely right. I think Jefferson put that in the Declaration of Independence, he said that "mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."


Alan:  Yes, and that's been the same in all ages. Change is always made by a few, who break through it and who actually stand up; and they will suffer always.


Tim:  So we've got some good stuff because we're the few.  We'll be back after the break with Alan, and we will continue the talk on this subject. Stay with us.



All right, America. We're back with the Michael Herzog show, American Awakening, and we have Mike on the line with us, with an update. Mike, go ahead.


Mike: Okay, thank you Tim. Okay John and I -- the press conference is over with. We left. We're just now headed out. We’re in the mountains, so you may lose me, but at any rate, the press conference went well. There was about, I would say, 30 reporters there, national. CNN was there. There was a couple of other ones. Now again, we don't have any control over whether they got in an edit and so forth, but it looks like it's going to make national Newsweek. Let's just hope for the best. However, I will say that it was a good idea to have Randy come up. Randy Weaver is going on Good Morning America, tomorrow morning. John and I, with Hanna Marie, who's the producer for Good Morning America's Paula Zahn, and he's going to get air time tomorrow morning, so that's great news.


John and I, we did about an hour conference with Sheriff Prozzo down in Newport; and what we got out of him, was that we are going to talk to the county attorney, Mark Hathaway, and push for opening up a grand jury investigation on the trial itself, and we did get a commitment from Sheriff Prozzo that he will have no opposition of going forward with that. The only other thing, I would say, is that the sheriff has assured us that he wants to see this come to a peaceful conclusion.


We also had an incident last night, where we were leaving the Brown's property and there was a city police officer out on patrol, who, John of course stopped, and we had the opportunity to chat with for about five or ten minutes.  This gentleman was a very pleasant police officer; 63-year old fellow that has been on the force for several years, knows the Brown's very well; and he's assured us, as well, that the city police want to see this come to an amicable conclusion. He gave me no indication that any of the police officers were being anything but kind to the Brown's, so that's good news. At this juncture, it is my belief that the feds—they've backed off. We didn’t see any feds up there anywhere near the place. I do know for a fact that Sheriff Prozzo is listening to RBN. He said so in his office; so, that's interesting. They are monitoring us. The police -- the sheriff's office, they're not aggressive, okay. They're waiting to see what the feds are going to do. The fed, right now, is not doing anything. That's good news, okay. So, we're going to push this issue on the grand jury convening, and see if we can have them look into this case and reach some kind of amicable conclusion.  All right, so that's the update, buddy.


Tim:  Thanks, Michael.


Michael:  Okay. Thank you.


Tim:  Thanks. Well, thank you, Alan, as we got this update on the situation; and anyway, back to our discussion. Well, we know we have these people; and I'd like to talk about practical means of resistance.  I really like your website name,, because I think the analogy is very apropos for what we're going through, especially since you've talked about how they've created this culture. We're all supposed to be happy little worker bees and et cetera. What do you suggest we do?


Alan:  We better be happy little worker bees. 


Tim:  Yeah. Well, it hasn't always been that way; and as you said that they're positioned in such a way that they seem to be able to benefit from almost any calamity that occurs, whether it's manmade or natural; and there's some question as to how natural, natural calamities actually are. But they seemed to be positioned. What do you suggest we as freedom loving people do, whether in Canada or in the U.S.?


Alan:  Again, I would never expect the majority to side with anyone.


Tim:  I mean, that's what we're talking about. It's the minority that makes things happen.


Alan:  It's the minority, and again, it's more than just saving something. How can you save something, which really is so corrupt and so far removed from anything that was begun long ago?


Tim:  So do you think it's too late in America, in keeping with the same concept, do you think it's too late in America to alter this form of government?  Maybe we should abolish it and institute something new. 


Alan:  Whatever comes out would have to be a new system. Remember this too: The elite have already, a long time ago, planned their new system, where there'll all be, again, happy little robots with no ability to think too, eventually, if they get their way with science. The science is already proven and ready to go. They just have to convince us that it's all a natural progression. However, we can't go along with this part of this system. For us to just stop time right here—because it's so corrupt right now, there's nothing left to save. It's corrupt from the top right down. The whole system is falling apart. It was rotten at its foundations, to be honest, because when money came in with the perpetual debt and compound interest—that was it. That is part of the reason they had the revolution, was not to have the same system that ran Europe for hundreds of years running the Americas. They knew that compound interest and debt, and then the subsequent wars that it causes to get money back into the coffers for all the debt, would go on indefinitely.  In fact, what the U.S. is doing now is just the culmination of the part of the plan: the final takeover of the last people, who are holding against this system, in the Middle East. They're standardizing the world; and the U.S., definitely since Wilson, there's no doubt about that (and Mandell House), the U.S. have been the battering ram, the supplier of munitions and men to push the final leg for this world to take over.


Tim:  It seems like I've heard this said before, and I've often mentioned it to others, when they've talked about that they want to fight against the New World Order; and I kind of chuckle and I go, “we are the New World Order. Don't you get it?”


Alan:  That's right. There's no doubt about it.  Wilson was put forward as the front-man to bring in the League of Nations and to fund it into existence. Mandell House was more important than Wilson, because he was the main advisor. Advisors are always more important than the presidents, because the advisors are in contact with the guys over in London.  Mandell House's contact was Sir Earl Grey in London, and Grey was part of this very top elite for pushing the British World system (or the London World system) across the whole world.  They thought, by creating a League of Nations, which would transform into a global government—it has, it's become the United Nations—then they could do it that way, but they knew they'd need the United States for manpower, war resources, for manufacturing the war machine; and that's all the U.S. has been doing since.


Tim:  It's interesting that you mentioned Grey, in that I came across some material, a while back, dealing with the Order of the Grey Men. Have you heard of that?


Alan:  Well, I first put out the Grey Men, years ago.  The Grey Men – see, there's people making their livings off of what I say; and the Grey Men are the men that go between the chessboard, between the black and the white squares. They're called the Grey Men; so there's always the visible politicians, in this respect: it's the white squares, those that are visible to the people. The dark ones are that which is done in the darkness, in secret; and then you have the Grey Men that go between. The Kissinger types that go between the real bosses, presidents and prime ministers, with what they're to do with their agenda.


Tim:  It sounds like the Bilderbergers.


Alan:  The Bilderbergers are only one part of it. It's a multi-faceted pyramid here, with each perfect section, and can contact with the stones above it.  The Bilderbergers are just one facet to deal with royalty, coming presidents and prime ministers get invited there before the public hear their names spoken.


Tim:  So they're just another front. They're just one of the many front organizations.


Alan:  They're not just fronts. They're specialized parts. They're specialized think tanks. The Club of Rome, for instance, one of its main objectives is world depopulation.  The Club of Rome plans out future crisis that can control the people. They even say, in their own book, that they sat around the table and they said, “for a substitute for war, when there's no one to fight, how do we keep government in power?” and then it says, "we hit upon the idea that we are causing an environmental problem, and therefore mankind is the enemy."   That was from their own book, published by The Club of Rome. They're the main think tank. They then market that to the lower think tanks, right down to the media that propagandizes it into existence.


Tim:  Maybe we need to start our own freedom think tanks on ways of short-circuiting and circumventing.


Alan:  It would take more than just short-circuiting. See, what we need is a new way.


Tim:  This new way.


Alan:  This way that we’re in today is antihuman. It truly is. It's not cohesive with the people. It divides the people; and the great experiment, as the United States was called, initially, was only to be a great experiment, as long as people had their own little farm and they were completely independent. Now, with commerce and industry, they all knew that they would go the same way as Europe if they were not careful, because, in with the commerce and industry, comes the debt, then comes armies, et cetera that go along with it.  They knew that the U.S. could only be free if every little family could stay independent and in power over its government, not the other way around.


Tim:  So you're talking about a new way; and I know on your site. Oh, by the way, just a note to Thomas our engineer. I'm experiencing a thunderstorm here, and I may get knocked off, so you're going to have to wing it if that happens, but let’s hope it doesn't, okay. Anyway, back to you, Alan. Your site deals with cutting through the matrix; and obviously, we're in some kind of a manufactured reality, not necessarily the specifics of the movie, but that's analogous to what we're in.


Alan:  Absolutely. In fact--


Tim:  How do we do that? How do we fight through it? Give us three things we can do.


Alan:  Those who can get through it—You just don't wake up and say, “My goodness, my lifestyle is changing! I'm going to stop it.” That's how most people actually think, and they don't get past that. It's only when the system is affecting their routine that they start objecting and complaining. They don't realize that “Wait a minute, my routine was given to me. My six o'clock news was given to me. My favorite sports games at the weekend are given to me.” That's their favorite routine. You've got to break beyond all of that, and you've got to sit down and say now “What is the value of humanity? What's the value of living in the first place?  What's the value in a peaceful society of neighbor to neighbor?  What are the right values and what are the things that destroy those values?”  Once you look at what destroys those values, you'll see it all around you as being implemented—Divide and conquer, One-upmanship and the Jones keeping up with the Jones. There's nothing humane in this system, when we dispose of our elderly because they don't produce and consume anymore. They're just consumers.  When we allow people to come in, government agencies or even teachers, and literally lobotomize, chemically, the brains of young men who are your future leaders, they are the brighter ones amongst them, and they become troublesome at school, because they ask questions.  Then they're put on something like Ritalin; and their brains are fried. We're watching a horror show happen. We're allowing it to happen, because, “hey, it's not my child.”  When we're so disconnected--


Tim:  It sounds like you're talking about something that Jesus talked about, when he was asked, who is my neighbor?, and he gave the illustration, of course, of the Good Samaritan who was looked down upon by the Pharisees of the day, and he reached out to anybody. So, you're talking somewhat about reaching out, and the understanding that we're part. But you know people like to do things in groups; and individually, I understand this. I have a number of friends, who, for the lack of a better term, have become survivalists: in that they've dropped off the grid, dropped out of the system. Have gone to numerous name changes and location changes to become as anonymous to the system as possible. Not everybody can do that. What can Joe Six Pack and Jane Champagne do?


Alan:  Joe Six Pack can stay as Joe Six pack, to be honest, because it's not my job to get him off his booze. That's his problem.


Tim:  We'll, I'm not necessarily saying booze. I don't mean to--


Alan:  It's true.  People are stuck in a routine which they enjoy.


Tim:  That's true. But what about the minority of us? Let's forget about the majority. Let's talk to the remnant here.


Alan:  They have to decide, themselves, what kind of world they would like to live in, as opposed to how it is right now.  It always brings you back, in any age, it's the same problems. What's your relationship for, from man to man? Is the purpose just to be successful and have X-amount of numbers, digits in the bank, on a piece of paper or in a computer?  Is that the function of life, or to save up and say, “okay, I'm okay. I know there's disaster happening around me, so I don't care.”  See, you've already got that system. You have a system that does not care, and so it's self-destructive at the bottom level.  The elite know this.  It's not meant to last terribly long. They already know this. It's crumbling, through corruption right down to the bottom, because: as the king goes, so do the people, the old, old saying.


Tim:  Okay, okay, so we recognize this.


Alan:  You can't save that—when it's already totally corrupt. It's like a cancer. You cannot avoid the cancer there; you've got to get it out.


Tim:  Well then, what choice do people have, other than submitting to the existing system and whatever changes the system lords go through?


Alan:  People need to start saying: “No. Enough,” and it's not just that. The people who are mentally active in this and who understand what's happening, don't just sit down and clap their hands when they hear of an occasional success. They must get involved; and just showing your face at certain places at the right time, like this occasion with the Brown's, it makes a big, big difference, because the cockroaches don't like to see ordinary people standing up there, witnessing what they're doing.


Tim:  Okay, okay. So maybe as group, now I go back to the founding fathers of this nation, and that they created a situation in which people had to make a choice. We know roughly one-third of the people in the colonies were sided with the founding fathers. One-third were Tories; and a lot of them moved up by you, up there in Canada; and roughly another third sat it out to see who, which way the wind blows, as to which side they were going to be on. So we know that there's a minority of us and a remnant; and so being active and supporting resistance actively is, what it sounds like is, one step closer toward making this a nation or a country or community that we want to live.


Alan:  Yes, it’s a whole value change.


Tim:  Great. We'll be back after the break, folks, here on RBN.


All right good afternoon, America. Tim Wingate sitting in for the traveling Michael Herzog, on the America Awakening. I have our guest today. It is Alan Watt. Alan Watt has a website. Very simple, and he's got tools, information, seminars and downloads on just about everything about globalism and the New World Order, and other esoteric information that you are probably interested in finding out.  We're talking with him about some specific things that can be done, and one of those is to join in with people who are resisting the system.


Alan, we have a caller on the line. Would you like to take a call?


Alan:  Sure, yeah.


Tim:  Okay, Jeff in Missouri, you're on.


Jeff:  Greetings. How are you all doing today?


Tim:  Doing well. Do you have a question?


Jeff:  Yes, I appreciate your show, sir. Resistance, I mean, do we go on the offense and go try to take these people out, or just sit back and play defense?


Tim:  Alan? I guess the question--


Alan:  You can't get offensive at the moment, I can tell you, because there's not a single group out there that isn’t infiltrated. In fact, many of them are started up by the CIA, years ago; and so if you're going to be offensive, you've got to understand you'd have to start off, there's no doubt, trying to do it in a more passive nature of dialogue and putting terms and conditions out, because they're all ready. They've been ready for years. They've been arming, for years, for the troubles coming down about now; and they're all prepared for it. It's the same old game.


Tim:  Hang on guys. So it sounds like part of the question I have; is that what people would we, as Jeff says, take out? What people?


Jeff:  You know, personally, fellows, I'd start on the local level. The Masonic lodge seems to be where these guys are gravitating in and out of, but there again, the court system.  Who is really the enemy and where are they at?   I mean, can you do it and once you do one locally, if the other dominoes don't fall pronto, then someone's -- you're in a lot of trouble, you know I mean.


Tim:  Right; and they're expecting this kind of thing; and this is one of the situations we had with the Brown's, is that we don't want to have a showdown or resistance, because that's what the excuse they're going to use to clamp down.


Alan:  That's what the whole terrorism act is about. It's nothing to do with the Middle East. It's about the whole system here, and in the west, to be changed over to the next system.


Tim:  So we need to out-smart them, right Alan?  We need to out-smart them and engage them, as you said, in dialogue. This is one of the reasons I keep “harping on this,” if you will, and that is when you look at argumentation, the five premises of the Declaration of Independence is what basically made things start to move in this country; and I've said it and I stand by it. If you don't agree with the five premises that are contained in the Declaration of Independence, then you are not an American patriot.


Alan:   Jefferson himself said, “When you see a format or a system going through from one change of house…” (That meant from one government to the next), “then you are already under a form of tyranny,” and that's here.


Jeff:  Oh, yes, sir.


Alan:  Okay.


Jeff:  Appreciate your time. Thank you very much for your time.


Tim:  Thanks, Jeff, for calling. Alan, thank you so much. Once again, folks, he's got books and tapes and all kinds of great things on  This is Tim Wingate. We’ll be back with you tomorrow on the Michael Herzog show. Carpe libertas. Seize liberty everybody. See you tomorrow.





Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, and I'm standing in for John Stadtmiller, for an hour or two, who’s up at the Brown's home in New Hampshire with Michael Herzog.


Today, I'd like to continue, actually from the last talk I've just been on (on this station), on this whole idea of the New World Order. What I've found, over many years, is that the public who start to wake up, individually, or an individual basis, generally only are seeing one part that's affecting them personally. Something's prodding them or something is needling them, or some agency is leaning on them, and they become terribly indignant.  They still haven't got past that stage to realize it's not only happening to them, it's happening to lots of people all over the country and other parts of the world, because it's all one system now; and there's far, far more to it than just them being picked on in one area. 


The problem is we're completely socialized; and what we have is what The Club of Rome, the big think tank organization that projects the future. They predict what they want to happen in the future, and they give it to the other think tanks to sort out the fine details. They then market that to the public, via magazines, television and radio, and even documentaries. They give us a "predictive programming," they call it.


We find this New World Order is not so new at all. In fact, I was thinking of calling my next book: “The Complete Dummies Guide to the New World Order,” because very few people really understand the big picture.  What you have emerging, as far back, openly, in history, was a society in England that came out into the open. I have no doubt it existed for probably centuries. Maybe even a thousand years beforehand, and under different names and guises, a fraternity, which was called, at the time, The Rosicrucians or The Rosicrucian Society, (not the fake one). They always have dummies and they have a fake one, which is based in California. They have a real one in Pennsylvania, and the big one in Switzerland.


Now at Queen Elizabeth I. court -- I hear the commercials coming, so I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, and I'm back, standing in for John Stadtmiller. I was talking about going back in time to try and trace this great agenda. This “Great Work,” as it's called in higher circles. It openly emerged in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. of England. You had Walter Raleigh. You had Francis Bacon around in those days. John Dee who was an agent—was a spy for Queen Elizabeth I.  His number was 007; and the whole idea of 'bonded,' of course, means you swear allegiance to; you're bonded. That's why you have James Bond, with 007


We're always being made a mockery of—to our ignorance.  The easiest way to control peoples is to keep them in ignorance and eradicate the past.  The Queen Elizabeth I. court made its money and its fortunes by acquiring tremendous wealth by plunder.  She authorized the plunder of the Spanish vessels that were on the high seas. They stole the gold and so on, and accumulated great treasuries of wealth; and those who did the dirty work were well rewarded, and became knights and peers of the realm.  They were all Rosicrucian. They believed in a higher intellect that they possessed; and they believed they were a different species, in a sense, from the rest of the public. The rest of the public were called commoners.  The commoners married commonly. They did not plan their marriages or pick through genetic breeding the best partners, who were called commoners. Therefore, they were treated almost like—actually, they were treated like animals. There's no doubt about it; and they were often called animals, by the elite. 


It's an odd thing to realize that nothing has really changed. You have a psychopathic inbred elite, who pass on their genes with the psychopathy to their offspring, who are given special training in the art of controlling and governing the minds of the public. No different than the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. When they were young, they were instructed by the high priests around them on how the behavior of the ordinary person works. What the needs are of the ordinary person, their desires, their drives and how easy it is to control them, if you meet a minimum standard of those desires.  The Rosicrucian's knew this, too, and they planned a world empire in the 1500’s.


John Dee actually coined the term "The British Empire," and suggested it would be based on a form of takeover, through free trade, and those who would come into the compact of free trade, would have to eventually take on the same—what they would call a “democratic form of government,” and to get these special most-favored-nation trading status treaties given to them, to keep so much of their taxes for themselves.  This has been going on for over 500 years, this same agenda.


When it became so well known what the Rosicrucians were about, they created a Freemasonic Society, changed the name again.  Freemasons always show the pyramid, because the pyramid has a capstone. The capstone is kept in secret from the public. It's always above the light, but it gives light to all the workers down below, who work towards this system. That's why you have the eye of Lucifer between the capstone and the rest of the pyramid.  The pyramid is always pictured as being in a wasteland, on the dollar bill, for instance. If you look at it, it's on a wasteland with shrubs, pretty well dead, little broken twigs, et cetera.  That's the populace. That's the people, the dead, the world of the dead. This hasn't changed for hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of years.


An ancient society runs the world, based on selective breeding with picking their mates for certain qualities, like Plato talked about in his book "The Republic," a book everyone should read. It talks about breeding people, at the end, in this utopia; breeding people to be specific types of workers, specially made people.  That rings almost along the lines of cloning. I don't think Plato had that in mind at the time, but he knew, like animals, you could breed traits in or out of domesticated animals.  If you want an aggressive attack dog, you breed aggressive dogs, male and female, and there's a good chance you'll have your aggressive attack dog.  If you want a good pet who will get along with children, you simply breed out aggressiveness, and you keep mating them until they have a passive Labrador.  It's the same with people.


Psychopathy or the psychopathic personality is an interesting subject, because, really, that is the system that gave us our culture. Our culture today is not a humane culture. It's a competitive system, where those with the most psychopathic traits are liable to succeed, at the expense of others. A trait of the psychopath is: they have no conscience. Those who get up into the higher levels of anything, in this system, do it over the bodies, or the lives, or the broken families of others; and that is called success; and the people tend to cheer them on.  It's rather amazing to see the public groveling and bowing and scraping to people like Oprah, who are presented to them as having all the answers to please them. This goes back, once again, to ancient times, because there is nothing new under the sun. 


The people will always give power to the beast; and the beast system was always the epitome of the basest things in human nature. Those who get to the top, through any means possible, are the beasts, basically.  We have no chance of altering anything, unless people recognize this and start bringing back some form of values into their life—values which would have to be extended to other peoples and all peoples.  The problem is today, the last people to realize that their system and their country is pretty well gone—because it was never theirs in the first place—is the United States.  They were chosen to—maybe not initially, it's hard to say. It's very difficult. There was a lot of freemasons in there who talked about a global government. They called it a "Federation of Nations," to be run by 12 wise men, according to Benjamin Franklin in his letters and diaries.


They envisaged a certain system on their particular viewpoint; and today, we already have this same system, only it's definitely deviant—but it was meant to be, in the first place. People don't know, but it certainly has been pushing towards a deviant system, with a deviant culture at the very end of it.


Fifty years ago, the big think tanks got busy, because they knew, towards the end of this system and this way of life, which would have to come to an end, they knew themselves that their own corruption would spread down to the lowest orders of the public; and it has. People are now terribly base, as opposed to how they used to be. They've been made so, through entertainment primarily, and they copy what they see, as the ancients always knew.  They planned a system where they start to eradicate the public. They knew they wouldn't need so many people to exist and live in a scientific era.  This era is here. It's been here for a long time, in fact.


It's no coincidence that when the big boys, like Charles Galton Darwin, could write about the depopulation program necessary to save, not the planet, but at that time he said: to save the elite from being overrun by commoners, in the 1950’s in this book "The Next Million Years."  It's no coincidence that the things that he suggested, that they do to the public, including sterilization of them through inoculations, and tampering with food and water supplies, to make them infertile; it's no coincidence that we see that has happened.  The fastest growing business in the U.S. today is actually the infertility clinics.


The United Nations has published, openly, for the last few years that the sperm count in the average western male is down by 75% of what it was before 1950.  In a short time, most men now are three-quarters sterile. This is no coincidence. As I say, it was published a long time ago. We're seeing the effects all around us. The very fact they can announce the statistics every year without saying, "My goodness, this is a crisis," as it obviously it should be, means that it's meant to happen. We're just living an agenda. 


The Masonic societies, even at the bottom levels, are the agencies which are sworn to uphold this particular system, no matter how bad it is. It's odd, that the same Masonic societies, in centuries gone by, were the very vehicles by which they pushed for revolution. Once the revolutions were over and a particular group were in, they allow all kinds of atrocities to occur, because they're told to, at the top. Remember, it's a pyramid system where you take orders from the top, and you must obey them without question. We can go back to the 1500’s and carry on from there.


In the 1700’s, they gave a Masonic society for the middle classes, which they knew they'd have to create, in order to control the system of an industrial revolution, to keep the rest of the public in their place, and to keep the same system going.


Here comes another break, so I'll be back in a couple of minutes.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who's out at New Hampshire, where the Brown's are. The television program, I think, is in progress at the moment, inquires as to what's actually happening; and we don't know how much will be the truth or how much will be omitted, but hopefully something will get out to the general public.  If nothing else, let's hope no one gets killed or slaughtered, as a message to the public to behave themselves.  That's the one thing we do have at the moment, is the ability, limited though it may be in some ways compared to the big media, we can actually have the ability to communicate what's happening, as it happens. Although, as I say, I'm sure there are many other cases happening all over the country at the same time.  In fact, when you think about their beautiful humane system, there are people losing their homes every day. Just look at the housing statistics and the bankruptcies, and remember, it isn't just houses that are left empty.  It means that there's families out somewhere, living maybe on the streets for all we know, and children are snatched off into Children's Aid Societies. That's called their modern civilization, with people trying to keep it—I keep saying it's so corrupt, you can't keep it—It's so far gone.


Getting back to the topic of the conversation today, is trying to fill in people on the histories of this New World Order, which goes way back in time to a plan that at was, at least publicly, declared in London in the 1500’s, through an idea of Free Trade negotiations leading to amalgamations of countries, which would adopt the same London system of government, and it will be done worldwide.  This eventually blossomed into the British Commonwealth. Before that, it was called "The Empire."  Every part of The Empire, including Canada, where I am now, was called "The Dominion".  It was The Dominion of Canada, under the Dominion of London.  Now it's called "The Commonwealth" since World War II.  They give it a more fuzzy, nice sound to it, that this Commonwealth of nations was supposed to blossom into a United Nations, under a World Government, again, with front-men leading the World Government, backed by a multi-leveled bureaucracy, which would govern the affairs of the planet in a more scientifically efficient way.


It's interesting to note that even though they always talk about science being a new type of God, at least their method of controlling nature, as they called it in days gone by, by the breaking down of the understanding of nature, which was science, they could control the world and everything in it; and "perfect all that which was left imperfect," as the Masons say.   They have been doing it, when you think about it. They've been altering all your crops, for years, long before you were told it.  They've been altering people, genetically, through inoculations. Most people today have very poor immune systems, which, again, was part of the targets that Galton Darwin and others talked about. You don't want a fit, healthy society; especially, you don't have a mentally active society being in existence, when you're bringing about the biggest changes in history, for thousands of years; and this New World Order is to bring around the biggest changes in history you've ever, ever witnessed.


It's to be a brand new way of living; and eventually, there'll be no breeding at all by choosing a partner. You'll be lucky to even have a clone made of you, unless you serve the system very well, down the road.  This has been talked about openly at meetings, world meetings. They have discussed the fact that the base material (meaning the general public), those who haven’t climbed the ladder of success.  All the "junk genes," as they would call it, are left behind that can't evolve any further on their own, so, therefore, the general public have to be gradually disposed of in a world where you don't need so many hard laborers anymore, especially in a post-industrial society. 


Where do all those people fit in?


Well, guess what? They don't fit in. They're not meant to work in classrooms. They're not meant to work as professors. That's what people did, in fact, in factories, before for a couple of hundred years. Where were they supposed to go?  Nothing was made for them. They were the eggshells that Mr. Rockefeller talked about at his Global Citizenship Award meeting.  He says, "you can't make an omelet (which is the New World Order) in an international society—“You cannot make an omelet without breaking the eggs,” and so for a generation or two or three or more, we’ll have incredible chaos in society, as people try to readjust into this new system.  That's the world we're living in.  It's been told to us by a thousand different directions and areas, and we better understand what we're really up against, before we can take it on.  Back in a few minutes.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller.  I've just been told that Michael Herzog is back to give us an update about what's happened out at New Hampshire, with the Brown's. Hello.


Michael:  Hello, Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you?


Michael:  I'm pretty good. Are you having a good show?


Alan: Yes.


Michael:  Okay. Well, listen, yes, I do have an update. I had an update on my show, but there seems to be some further events transpiring, and I wanted to give the listeners on John's show a quick overview here.  First of all, the press conference went off well. It went on at 2:00, and John and I went down and had a conference with the county sheriff, in which, basically, we had a chat with him about whether he would be opposed to us having the county attorney look into this, as far as convening a grand jury to investigate the actions of the court, and the sheriff said that he would have no opposition to that.  Now that's fine and that's well and good, and again, the conference went off well.


Now the latest event is that I had called my son to download -- he had called me and told me that he had watched the entire conference on one of the station's websites.  One of them which will be, and that's out of -- I believe that's out of Boston, and I asked my son to download it and email it to us. He went back on to download it and it was gone.  Now what he found was; and this is what's interesting.  He found another press conference that they did with the U.S. Marshals, just after our press conference, and some of the questions that the reporters had -- two in particular is, "what were they doing about the supporters of Elaine and Ed Brown," the marshal answered that, "they are being followed," number one.  Next question was: "Do you plan on arresting any of them," and the marshal said, "yes."  Now we have not yet seen that video, but I would request that all of the listeners to into to, download it for themselves and take a look. That's what I have for you, at this moment, okay. So, we'll keep you posted. Thank you, Alan. I appreciate it.  Okay.


Alan:  Yeah, that's fine.  


Michael:  Okay.


Alan:  Let me ask you, too. How many protestors are there?


Michael:  Well, it’s not protesters. You know they're talking about supporters, and when they held the press conference, Ed Brown got up and talked for about 10 minutes, and then he turned it over to his wife Elaine. Of course, there was a question and answer with Ed. He turned it over to Elaine, and she spoke for about 10 minutes, and there was a question and answer with her, and they turned it over to John Stadtmiller.  There was about 10 minutes with John, a question and answer, and then it went to me.  There was another 10 minutes with questions and answers, and then it went to Randy Weaver, and question and answers, and then the press conference ended.  So, and, what I understand, and I just got the report from my son, that after the conference had ended, the press did a press conference, with the U.S. Marshals office, asking questions about what was said at the first press conference.


Alan:  Did the marshal mention anything to you about arresting supporters?


Michael:  The only report I've got is a report from my son. We are on the road right now. We don't have access to a computer, so my son is kind of my eyes for me right now, and he's given me reports, and I'm relaying them on.  And I'm also asking the listeners to go in and take a look for themselves, because right now, John and I are blind. We don't have access.


Alan:  Okay.


Michael:  Very good; and that's the update for the moment, okay?


Alan:  Okay.


Michael:  All right, thank you, Alan. I appreciate it. Goodbye.


Alan:  Bye, now. Well there you have the latest there, but this is not unusual for the public to be told one thing while you're there, and then you've got a different version filmed and shown to the rest of the public afterwards. The news has been very good at this, over many, many years of censoring, by omission of certain clips, they can change the whole perspective, just by omission in one or two clips, in fact, of any particular situation.  However, I do know, because I have friends in the U.S. who travel a lot.  One woman, who visits her relatives in Texas every year, was detained at the airport in Pennsylvania for five hours before she was told that she was down as a financial terrorist. A "financial terrorist" is a term they're using now for anyone who withholds taxes of any kind, which the federal government claims is due to them. I've no doubt that will expand to include the states, any state, as well, taxes and probably, eventually, your parking tickets, even.  We are under—the whole western world is under the same anti-terrorist rules. It was planned years before 9/11.  That's why every country, including little Finland and Sweden, signed the exact same laws into their country, at the same time as the United States did. 


This was planned this way; and as Carroll Quigley said, the professor Carroll Quigley, who was a mentor to Clinton, according to Clinton himself (Bill Clinton).  He (Quigley) said, “Wars are meant to change societies.”  He said, "you can change society more on a social level within five years of war, than you can with 50 years of peace and propaganda."   Society has already changed; it won't matter, as we well know through experience, who is voted in next, because the agenda continues and it will continue as long as we're all obeying the United Nations. 


We don't realize, that since every country signed the United Nations in '44, '45, starting with the "Atlantic Charter," which was the blueprint for the United Nations, no country signing that became sovereign, anymore. That was made official, even though it's not taught in the schools anymore. It used to be taught at one time; and therefore you're already under International Maritime Law. That's what we're all under.  Again, a maritime law going back to the Queen Elizabeth I. Reign, when the pirates ruled the seas on behalf of the queen. That's why they had the skull and bones, because they were all pre-Masonic Rosicrucians, who partook in stealing the wealth of others.


You'll find the same thing in the book by Albert Pike, where he talks about the need to use all means to acquire vast amounts of wealth, including the stock market, any means possible; and then becoming the masters over the masters of the world, as Albert Pike put it.  He then financed Giuseppe Mazzini to start the revolutions over in Italy. Giuseppe Mazzini just means Joseph Mason, in Italian.  They love these little tricks that they play on us.  They've been funding revolutions down through history. The people who go into revolutions always expect one outcome; and lo and behold, you find you’ve just furthered the plan of the nefarious bunch you were opposing in the first place. That's very clever.


They also planned a revolution in France, again, tailor-made for the French.  This was a nation already of basically one type of people.  They had another one for the Soviet Union. Giuseppe Mazzini started up the international party, party of internationalists. That became the Communist Party; and the guy who took over from Giuseppe Mazzini, on behalf of the Scottish Branch of Freemasonry, was Lenin; and they called it the Communist Party. This was all planned from London and financed from London.


A great trick: buy and create your own opposition, with the intent of bringing new power structures into being, for the future, in which you're already in charge. To take over vast areas, like what became the Soviet Union, many countries were amalgamated into it and standardized under the one system.  Once that's done, you just bring them back into the fold. You don't have to fight a war with each individual country. They're already standardized; and that was a very, very clever plan, which succeeded tremendously well.  That's why the wall, eventually, in Berlin went down.  Nothing to do with it falling from within—it was the orders.


Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the president of the Soviet Union at the time, gave a speech, which you can still find (and I believe it's still in the archives of the "Toronto Sun"), he gave his farewell speech to the politburo, and it was published in the papers here. He said, "You'll hear that, shortly, communism will be dead. Don't believe it."  He said, "We're just simply moving onto the next phase of global socialism," which was always the plan in the first place. 


Then you jump from there. You jump back to The Club of Rome, which is affiliated with all the other big clubs, including the Bilderbergers.  The Club of Rome said that they’d searched the world for different forms of government, to find the best ways to control the public.  They found that collectivism, or socialism or communism was the best means for a few to rule over.  That's what's coming into play today; and they've been working hard on this for many, many, many years, including all the reactions they expect to get from various people within society, in the western world, as they pull off this final phase of it.  The agenda was to kick off in 2001 on the last leg. 


Arthur C. Clarke, a very high freemason, wrote the allegory in "2001", a movie, back in 1960’s. It was to be complete by 2010. That was the title of his second book and the second movie.  Of course, we already know that by 2010, the U.S. and Canada and some parts of Latin America are to be totally, not only integrated, but up and running as an integrated new continent—a government, a counterpart of the European Union, in fact, a clone.  In the Free Trade negotiations—which happened in the '80’s into the ‘90’s, which was a precursor of NAFTA—they actually discussed where to put the new capitol.  They decided they would put it in Montreal, for those who don't know yet. Not to upset people, but I think it was run by America.


This kind of stuff has been published in little paragraphs, in newspapers, not the main stories. It never will be the main story, until you're under that kind of government and they see their victory in sight.  That's when the real boys that run the world will come forward, so-called "hidden masters," as they call themselves, when there's no opposition against them, and not before.  However, they still have to officially declare we're integrated. They have integrated the border systems in Canada and in the U.S.  It's been in the newspapers here, right after 2001, September 11th.  They also published that the FBI had opened offices up in Canada.  They also mentioned that the CSIS (which is the Canadian Intelligence Service), is now blended totally with the CIA, and no doubt the branches in Latin America too; and that certain high level bureaucrats from Ottawa can apply for jobs in similar positions in Washington, D.C., and vice versa.  If that doesn't mean “total integration,” I don't know what does.  It's already happened, and it has been happening for a few years now.


This, as I say, is really “The Complete Idiots Guide to the New World Order.”  The information is out there, but the average person, the public, are too busy chasing rainbows or shadows, or shadow people, to notice the big things that are really happening, which eventually will affect them. What's happening to the Brown's will happen to many, many more people in the near future, as money gets scarce. As we all know, inflation is rampant now. The dollar is becoming like the lira or the peso, and gasoline, as predicted, would go out of sight, and diesel too.  All foods, all stuff is transported to the stores by diesel, and the guy at the bottom pays the costs of it all. 


We're now being brought down to a level of a good part of the world, while at the same time the U.S. pays and funds the last leg of the takeover in the Middle East, to standardize that country too, and other countries as well, into this global agenda. Once that's over, we'll all be in a nice global plantation, living in happy habitat areas that the United Nations are now going to call the big cities, making beads, I guess, for Chinese tourists—maybe, if we're lucky, and someone else will make the string to put them on.  That's their plan, is to start taking down the populations of the world, in the very near future. 


Those who run this world do not believe in non-productive people serving them. They run on efficiency. Their world is one of economics, not humanity, not humanitarian feelings, not emotions, not love or anything else. They're almost insect-like—in the way they view the general public.  As I say, we are a separate species to them. That's how they view us. 


We've allowed them to inoculate everyone, heavily, since the 1950’s onward.  We've watched the death rates go up, and what used to be called "aging diseases," come down into younger age groups and until, now, you even have juvenile arthritis.  We have autism in about one in five families throughout the country.  Not only autism, we have attention deficit and different degrees of the same thing, of autism.  That's all it is—is different degrees of the same problem, after they give them their mumps, rubella, et cetera, their vaccines early on. 


True autism, prior to the '50’s was very rare. It was rare and it was generally noticeable from birth. The new autism, for the New World Order, starts two weeks after they get their inoculations at the age of two. This is known at the top. It's perfectly well known. The reason there's no outcry, is because it's meant to happen. As I say, you don't want a bright, intelligent, well-educated population existing while you take people through the greatest changes that have happened for thousands of years.  The changes they're talking about, as I say, are so alien to even the present system, which is corrupt enough, the next society will be there to serve society, to serve the world state. There'll be no personal choice in anything.


Ultimately, there'll be brain chips and monitoring, and you won't be able to even think as a distinct, separate individual.  This was stated at the Loyola University meeting in Louisiana, about five years ago.  There was a world science meeting where they brought in all the top specialists, with various kinds of microchipping, surgeons and medical professionals, and they said they have a chip ready to go, which will, once embedded will integrate with your nervous system and you will receive and transmit messages; and then it will be impossible to even think of yourself as a separate individual.  What a future, eh?  I'll be back in a few moments.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who's out at the Brown's home in New Hampshire, while this debate goes on as to what's to happen with the Brown family, who are under attack by the feds. At least, at the moment, it's more of a threat; it's not physical, as to if they're going to pay up their supposed taxes or not.  As I say, these federal taxes in the United States are more of a policy than an actual law.  You'll find these policies are being made now by everyone in society, as we've been turned into police states, where even the citizenry in stores are all part of this new Gestapo that we're seeing springing up. 


We're seeing a world come into existence, planned this way.  The planning went on, years ago, to bring it into being. They knew the formats from previous times, what worked in the Soviet system is now implemented in the U.S., Canada and within the European countries. 


I went into a store at the weekend, in Sudbury, Ontario, and I asked for a packet of cigarettes, because I like cigarettes.  Smoke cigarettes and the trails don't bother you so much, the spraying that they do in the sky, and you still keep a clear head, and you don't have any memory loss.  This one young girl, about 18 or 19, she says, "we have to have ID," and I said, "Do I look like a teenager to you?"  She says, "Oh no. It's our policy now of any age group. It doesn't matter," and they want an ID photograph of your driving license, and I said, "What's this for? Is it to collect the data, the names of people who are still smokers, or what?"  And she gave me that, you know, the zombie, dead look; and I've no doubt I was on camera anyway.


All the stores have cameras, and they have your voice-print on that, I think, too. It also takes your voice; and here they are wanting your driving license as well, just to make it easier for them to ID you as a smoker.  Maybe they'll send the SWAT teams down to you eventually—the anti-smoking SWAT team go barging into your home when you light up, or maybe we'll have to go down to the street corner where they used to sell dope, and ask the guy, who's looking rather suspicious, if he's got any Golden Virginia there, and pay big bucks for it.  Because that's what it's coming down to in this totalitarian system, where they inject all kinds of poisons into you, with the intent of destroying your immune system and with the intent of dropping the points of the IQ level, quite sharply; and yet, here they are telling they care about your health, as they spray you everyday from the skies, just like bugs. So when there's no real logic to what they're doing, you know there's a real purpose somewhere, and the purpose is that smoking seems to counteract the effects of these particular spray drugs that are coming down on people. Some of us have done our own informal surveys and found this to be true. 


It's also interesting that even the Indians up here in Canada—who are way ahead of the white populations, because they've had enough of the white man and his promises and treaties—they use tobacco in their ceremonies quite often; and they're still very mentally awake, as well.  That’s an interesting little phenomena to observe.  Yes, we're well on our way towards this whole totalitarian system, where shortly you'll need ID to buy a tin of beans, if you're still silly enough to do so. 


That's the kind of world that's being brought in.  Is that the kind of world we're going to accept?  Do you want your own child asking you for ID, when you walk in, like a total stranger?   That's also the world that's coming.  Everyone's been divided and conquered.  It's up to the older age groups to do something, the ones who have the history in their mind, in their brain, and who have the knowledge and wisdom to alter the course of this for the better, not for anyone else.





Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who's up in New Hampshire with the Brown's, and he'll be reporting more on this tomorrow, I'm sure. I've been filling in, talking about how old this particular system is. This system that was designed over 500 years ago, at least in the open, it came out then, talking about a world to come—at least part of this planning, this stage of a world to come, followed by this mystical, almost, future that they envisaged in the 1500’s, of a transformation into a new type of order—An order which really will be based on feudalism. 


Professor Carroll Quigley, in his book "Tragedy & Hope," mentions how he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American Branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the big movers and shakers towards this global government system, and Quigley said—he gave the real history. He filled in all the blanks between the various wars, down through the centuries, to show not only a pattern with a definite direction and mind and an end goal, that all the whys, the men who played their hands in it, who financed it and who are the winners. Who benefited from it all and what they're final goal would be. He said, "Eventually the world is to be ruled on a public/private type partnership basis."  This is written in Britain in the 1960’s, remember, "Tragedy & Hope," and he said, "The new system will be a feudal system. A feudal system where the new overlords, the new barons of the system will be the CEOs of international corporations."


People have been trained to believe that the big international corporations are independent from each other; and nothing is further from the truth. At the top, there is no competition. There's co-operation. You find, if you go back into the literature written during the Cold War, from governments, they said that science would win the Cold War; and so they put so much of your tax money (and they love wars, for that purpose), into research and development to find bigger, better weapons, and satellites in space that would eventually control us on earth.  This has happened; so, therefore, science would win.  You cannot share scientific secrets with independent corporations. You just simply dish out them all the same technology at the same time.  Back in a minute.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller. I've been talking about the sciences, and how, through war, research and development can jump ahead in leaps and bounds, because they have unlimited financing from taxation. It's a time when people don't mind being taxed. The oldest trick in the book is that “we need all this money to defend you.” That's why they always need enemies; and in a time of a global government, they know that when you run out of enemies, you must create enemies within. Your neighbor, yourself or whomever, they'll do just fine.  Therefore, the research and development and the sciences, you'll find have been lead by the military industrial complexes of the big countries of Europe and the United States combined together. You cannot keep secrets in a modern society. It's impossible. That goes, too, for little terrorist groups in the planet, all this stuff with Bin Laden hiding out in a cave is utter nonsense.  The intent of this whole war was to change society, to change the world into the next phase of the New World Order. It's an ongoing process.


The sciences are not in competition. The companies are not in competition, at the top. You'll notice when even the XP, the computer (operating system) was phased out—it went out overnight, in most places, when the New Vista came in; and all the major brands were there equipped with it. They're all working in cooperation. The VeriChip implant that they want everyone to take.   They're already giving it to youngsters in different countries to get into nightclubs. It's great how sex not only sells, they use the drives of the young to get them into the very hot nightclubs; and they don't mind getting a chip that can be programmed with so-much money, and it is deducted when you swipe your arm at the bar.  That's how easy it is to induce young people into giving up more and more freedoms and rights.


The VeriChip company, you will find, if you dig in far enough, is a legitimate company, like most the big ones are, but they're also just fronts for the CIA and the NSA.  To maintain power, you would not allow independent companies to go off in their own directions. Therefore, you make sure that you fund into existence the biggest companies and corporations.  Therefore, they’re under the umbrella control of a central head, a central authority; and that's what science is all about. That's what the big scientific companies and all the electronic companies are all about.


Last week, I gave a talk on one of my cuttingthroughthematrix sites, and on this very topic.  You find the companies like Hitachi and Sony and all the biggies, the ones you think are there to give you entertainment machines, are all cooperating down the line of the implants and brain chips. What a coincidence? It's only a coincidence to those who haven't been following their history, while they actually live through it; and that goes for most people.


In a time of change, you don't allow the public to breathe easy.  In fact, if you go through every generation, for over a hundred years, you'll find that no one has been born to live in peace. They've never had a peaceful life. If it's not an overt physical war, it's a Cold War. If it's not a Cold War, it's a depression or an economic crisis.  It's one thing after another, because we're supposed to be the sheep, you see. We’re given these good shepherds, down through history.  Sheep have one purpose, and that's to be fleeced by the owners of the sheep, the shepherd; and you'll be fed as mutton to them, as well. That's your purpose, as far as the elite see you. That's why you call yourself sheep in churches; and a sheep is the stupidest animal you could ever meet.   I'd advise everyone to stop calling themselves sheep, following the shepherd.  Pick a better animal with some guts.


This is the system in which we live. We've been conditioned through words. We even call ourselves sheep in churches, to dehumanize us to that extent, through psycholinguistics. We call our children kids, another term promoted to us. “Children” has gone out of vogue for some reason, but again it's a dehumanized term. It's a young animal. It's not human.  And what was said years ago, by Lenin, they would use new words to confuse the public and split the generations and split the families. Well, guess what?  It's been done. It's the same thing with calling someone babe. An adult is not a baby, yet it is promoted through music and movies and so on. This is called psycholinguistics. They can actually go into neuro-linguistics, because, eventually, it changes your whole perception of things, subconsciously, as you dehumanize each other by using non-human terms on each other. That's the scientific world in which we live today.


It didn't just evolve that way. It was planned that way by specialists, by scientists who are employed by those who run the world through money and power and old estates, and by families that have acquired their wealth, down through millennia, initially by force and then by law; and it's called "taxation."  Taxation is nothing more than taking your labor, in the form of money.  In the feudal system, it used to be 60% of your produce was taken by the feudal overlord, if you were a tenant farmer.  Today, 60% of your income is taken by government, so nothing has really changed, except it's more clever.


Charles Galton Darwin himself (grandson of Charles Darwin), was a physicist working for Britain. He said, "We're now in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. The best form of slavery is one where the public don't know that they're actually slaves."


Today, people are trying to fight to hold on to something, which was never theirs. It is a form of slavery. It's an inhumane system, where we're separate from other people. If we don't care what happens to other people, not only in our own countries, but to those outside our own countries, as we go over and bomb the hell out of them and blast wedding parties off the map by mistake, and all this kind of stuff. If we don't care about that, then eventually the wolf will come round to you, using the same techniques, and they'll be no one to cry for you. So, we better start regaining some humanity back, at least those who are able to do so. For a lot of people, they're too far gone. A lot of people, who live in the television box and inside computers, can no longer tell the difference between fantasy and fiction.


That was another process talked about by people like Lord Bertrand Russell, who helped plan a lot of this agenda for the globalists. He was part of them. He came from a long lineage of top aristocracy, in London. You should read his book. It's called "The Impact of Science on Society." He said, "Shortly the public will be under the influence of a form of mind control which they'll be totally unaware of." 


This was also stated by Brzezinski, in his book, "The Technetronic Era".  The book was called "Between Two Ages," the chapter, "The Technetronic Era" said the same thing. "A form of science would be used on the public shortly, of which they would be oblivious, that would control their minds, their thoughts,” and he says, "eventually they will have no opinions of their own. All they will be able to do is repeat and parrot what they've heard on the previous nights news, because they would then expect the media to actually exist to do their reasoning for them."


Fifty years ago, or less even, the public were more savvy when it came to governments. They knew, through word of mouth, because people used to communicate much more often then. However, the big barons of media always worked for the ultra-rich, and so you didn't believe anything that they spun towards you. Not today. THE PUBLIC DON'T QUESTION THE MEDIA. They don't question the famous faces they've grown up with.  That's why those famous faces get paid so much money, is to stay there their whole lives, so that generations grow up seeing them, thinking, “This is big brother here. He'd never lie to me.”


Meanwhile, in the Gulf War 2, or Gulf War Part 2 we should call it, we find all these famous faces suddenly are called "embedded reporters" with the military, meaning they’re sworn to go along with the military; and of course, the propaganda spin that we would go along with it.  Really, it was called "in-bedded," not embedded reporters. They were in-bed. Then of course, it is declassified that the main characters you've grown up with, like Dan Rather, Arthur Schlesinger and others, worked for the CIA.  Well, what a surprise, eh?  What a surprise, and it's no different in Britain or anywhere else. That's how we're controlled. The next step, of course, is the technetronic equipment, which is widely exposed by Nick Begich and others. They've had this technology for a long time. They can send thoughts directly to—not only an individual's brain, but to whole nations, if need be.  Back in a few seconds, after these messages.



Hello folks. I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who, I'm sure, will be back with a lot of information tomorrow on what's happening to the Brown's in New Hampshire. 


I've been talking today about “The Complete Idiots Guide to the New World Order”, and I use that phrase, that term today, because most people don't really understand it at all. The only think that their system is just now being changed, but, in fact it has been changed many times down through the last 150 odd years, at least with different depressions. They had three depressions prior to the Great Depression. Three of them in the late 1800’s, when three of the major bankers, Morgan's et cetera got together and crashed the economy and looted the pension funds et cetera of ordinary people. This was standard practice in the 1800’s. This tends to get forgotten about because of all the other wars that were going on at the time. They love depressions, and they have them every so often. That's why they never really changed this system, so they can always bring another one on again, when need be.


We know that money is just a CON game. It's a trick to induce people to go for an idea, an idea being a value and a price. A price is only someone's idea of something. We’re all trained to believe it's something concrete, like government, where government itself is just an idea. It only becomes concretized when we truly forget that it's an abstraction. It is abstract in its concept; and we allow it to bully us and dictate over us, then we have a force against us.


Jefferson and others warned the people, long ago, because they had the same tyranny then. They watched the European countries. They knew how a small band of elite, wealthy people, could get together, takeover countries through debt creation, run the finances and then collect the debt through, basically, confiscating all the property of the countries, and creating standing armies, sending them off to fight with other countries, and grabbing the loot of those countries.


Don't forget, today, that the United States, which is today's strong-arm man for the New World Order, has looted parts of the Middle East, big time.  On the CBC television in Canada, prior to the Iraq invasion, we saw a program, a documentary special.  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is our form of the BBC. It's sponsored and paid for by our tax money, through the government. They did a documentary special on all of the ancient artifacts that were in the museum in Baghdad.  There was a guy in New York, another guy in Texas, who were taking bids before the army went in, remember, to Iraq. Taking bids on all those artifacts were multi-billionaires, who wanted them in their private collections. If you remember, the troops were held outside that museum. When they did go in, it was looted already, which meant there was CIA cooperation in there; and sure enough, all those people who put the bids in, got their little private artifacts. That's the reality of looting and plunder and war.  It's nothing to do with what you're told.


The other side, as I said, is that your whole society, back home and every western country, is now a police state. You just haven't seen the laws enforced right down the line, yet. They're all on the books. They're all approved. The agencies are ready with their agendas; and the public are being kept in the dark. The police and the military have been trained to be ultra-paranoid of the general public now.


Getting back to looting: It was discussed, here in Canada, again, that the Air Force had bombed all the old obsolete oil refineries in Iraq; and of course, the American taxpayer would have to fund the rebuilding of new up-to-date ones, which of course, then would be given over for peanuts to certain corporations, once they were built and up and running. That's what war is about. That's why the skull and the bones of Yale University exists. That's the pirate flag, you see. It's plunder. They see no problem with plunder and looting, under friendly faces and indignant faces—indignant because those monsters over there, obviously, are behind all the world problems, according to them. They dehumanize an enemy to get the public riled up against them. Unfortunately, this technique has worked, down through the ages, time after time, with the dark unthinking masses ready to put on uniforms and go off and fight. They don't benefit themselves, and they don't seem to mind that the bosses above them do benefit. I'll be back in a few minutes.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, and I'm back again, filling in for John Stadtmiller today. I've been talking the last couple of hours, really, from the previous show on to this one, about the agenda and how old this agenda is. It's an agenda, they decided long ago, those participants at the top, long before Darwin came on the scene, they decided that there were two types of people in the world; three really. Themselves (the elite), who’d shown by their hereditary ability, to gain more and more wealth, and to hold on to it down through the generations. This is where the whole idea about "good breeding" came in. They really, really believed in that. They had their wives chosen for them, from similar families; and what you saw was the interbreeding of the psychopathic types at the top, not stupid psychopaths—clever psychopaths. Ones, who would not lose their tempers in public, that produced arts of persuasion to get the public to do whatever they wished, because one of the great skills of a psychopath is to manipulate others into doing your work for you.


They studied people. They funded the psychology sciences into existence. All top data concerning the study of great populations went to them first, because then they can see how to proceed at every particular level. The conclusions about the average person are really very simple. The male will go through milestones. The female goes through her milestones. The male, by nature, will want to get a wife. He's driven with that sexual impulse, which is to procreate. He doesn't think about the children at the time. That's nature again, because it doesn't care what you think or what you go through. It only wants to make sure of the survival of the species, and all species and every species.


However, they also knew that the family, down through the ages, was the last vestige of a tribal system. It was a tribal system, which used to stand up against conquerors or invaders. The family, still, especially the extended family; and they had those 20, 30, 40 years ago—they'd stand up together as one, when one of the members was in trouble with the big authority. They had to smash that; and they wrote about it, that they would destroy the family unit. They'd do it through attacking the psychology of the female. Therefore, they funded the women's liberation into existence. They put out and went full steam ahead to get a contraceptive pill. They funded that to the hilt, just as much as today they fund the genetic research to the hilt, because that was a priority “must be.” Sure enough, once they got the women into the workforce, mainly in World War II—which, again, is another function of war, to alter society—you'll find that there's no real family anymore.


Most people, even here in Canada, are socialized to expect government agencies to take care of all their major problems. A few years ago, there was a child-care strike, basically, which is funded partly—and it's all funded now—by government. At that time, it was partly funded by government.  They were talking to women in the street, who demanded that the government to do something, because it was their job to look after their children. That's what's changed.  They actually expected government to take care of their children, as a natural right; and that's the "new normal" now, where you have agencies taking care of all these major problems, while we, the adults, are supposed to go out work and then play. Just play forever like eternal children, while our betters do all the hard work at the top. We don't have to worry our pretty little heads about anything. It's all being taken care of by the experts.


Bertrand Russell, again, said that it would create a society that would be unable to do anything without the opinion of an expert; and so you get experts pulled out of the hat everyday on the media; and we automatically (Pavlov's dogs) go into a coma and get downloaded whenever an expert appears in front of us. We don't think anymore. We just get downloaded. “He must be telling the truth. After all, he's the expert.”  Through the propaganda of experts, we can be made to believe anything at all, including global warming.


It's surprising how few people, really, see the spraying in their skies that's altering the weather. The heavy spraying of the polymers and the aluminum content within it, barium, too, there's different metallic substances there. This was all talked about in the 1950’s, that they would do this; it was by Teller, who was the inventor of the atom bomb. He said if we sprayed the skies with these metallic particles in a carrier type solution, we can create a great circuit across the world; and then they could use standing-wave type technology to send signals across the world, alter the weather.  Also, they talked about altering the moods, perception and the minds of the general public. They said it would be a fantastic weapon. Well, guess what? It's been used pretty well continuously now, since 1998, all over most of the world. It was formalized in the "Open Skies Treaty."


There are two treaties to do with that. One is commercial aircraft. The other one is military. Look at the one with the military, and you'll see the strange wording, because it doesn't go into any detail as to why these military jets would be flying over Pacific areas, every day, followed by observation jets. While the observation jets are there, in actual fact, to take samples of the spraying, and find out if they have the right mix and the right quantities in the atmosphere.  The public have no idea that this is going on—at least, most of them don't. Whenever they spray these things, the sun is reflected back and forth, billions of times on these tiny particles; therefore, the heat is trapped in, underneath this canopy, and the heat builds up.


They then use the HAARP technologies, which cause thunderstorms and tremendous winds, which can all be read about in the HAARP treaty, or the actual Weather Warfare Treaty signed at the United Nations, in about '78. They can cause all of these effects, which you are witnessing now, which are all being blamed on global warming; blamed again on us. Most people will buy this because they believe the propaganda. They cannot think for themselves; and even when their perceptions will tell them, if they looked up, that the sky is crisscrossed with trails, everyday—they still won't believe it. They will deny their own sensibilities and believe the man on television, who is more real to them than you, I or the person next door.  That's the sad state of affairs. This is the kind of mind control that Zbigniew Brzezinski was talking about. It's here and it works. It works very, very well.


In Canada here, there's a little town, not to far from me, called Espanola. Espanola was being sprayed back in the '80’s, by planes that came across the Great Lakes from the U.S., military aircraft, and they were getting sprayed at low level, daily. The people there were noticing all kinds of strange side-effects.  They even noticed that the deer in the forests were having stillbirths, and so were the humans. All people were having allergies, coughs and infections, bronchial type infections. The people of Espanola took this to the courts in Canada. It eventually went to the high court, the Supreme Court, where it was admitted that there was an arrangement between Canada and the U.S. to use Espanola as guinea pigs. They wouldn't say for what purpose. That's what we mean to our own supposed governments. You're guinea pigs.


That same experiment now is happening on a worldwide scale. They have been testing it on the British public, too. Look into my website and you'll find some of the stuff on Norwich. When the Navy was spraying stuff off from the sea, and the wind would bring it across a whole massive area. It also had cadmium in it, which was highly carcinogenic. That's what we are to the people whole rule our countries. They are not nationals. They are internationals. They're further than even being beyond internationalists. They are utter complete psychopathic elitists, and they see us as a complete separate species. They view the peasant of China no higher or lower than the peasant of the U.S., Canada, Britain, France or anywhere else. That's the reality; and we better stop falling for all this flag-waving nonsense, because the psychopath knows how to pull up the tribal emblems that they’ve made sure you understand, through indoctrination, and they drape themselves with them every time they want you to go off and do their dirty work for them. You will suffer in the long run and you'll gain nothing from it. That's the sad reality.


The public are predictable. It's a science, a science gleaned over centuries and centuries, and maybe thousands of years, of studying human personalities and the way that the masses work. That's why so much money and study has gone into anthropology and zoology, and all the other "ologies" to do with behavior, et cetera. Once you understand it, you can exploit it, and it's been exploited right up to the present time.


We are not simply living our lives with drama being thrown at us, and fiction and movies, for our enjoyment. It certainly keeps us off the streets; but with everything that you watch, there's always a little bit of a program there for you to believe in, and reinforced by emotion. That's what fiction is all about. It's called "predictive programming."  Predictive programming was really hatched out of Tavistock in London, where they knew, from World War I, that the public would tune in everyday to a series of fictional stories, if you left them with a cliffhanger everyday, where the hero is about to be killed or just hanging on, or whatever. The people would literally stop all that they were doing, and tune in at the same time next day.  That was behavior modification—when you stop your daily routine from something else, which intrudes. That's simple behavior modification.


The next part is to get you to emulate and to be downloaded with the little ideas that are inserted in the fictional plot, because if you were to lecture on the same subject, your sensor part of your mind is up and on guard. If you think you're being entertained, your shields are down and you're being downloaded. That's also what Brzezinski was referring to, with this new mind control system.


Most people are living a fantasy. Their reality is already a fantasy. They've been brought up in it. There's hardly anything real in their world. The people themselves and how they interact with each other is not even a natural human way of interaction. Parents hardly even communicate with their children anymore. In fact, they don't know them.


Lord Bertrand Russell, once again, in his experimental schools of the early 1900’s, where he pushed pre-pubertal sex on the children and was allowed to, under authorization of the British Crown, where anybody else doing that would have been in prison. He said, “if we can get the children to be promiscuous before puberty, and really exaggerate the need for it throughout puberty and into adolescence,” he says, “they will never mate and stay with a single partner for the rest of their life,” and so that was part of his agenda.


He also talked about the methods of conditioning were so perfect back in the 1920’s, in his experimental schools, that any input the child received from the parents at night, on a moral standpoint—he called it "contaminated ideas"; contaminated old fashion ideas—He said, “it will be null and void, because the scientific technique of indoctrination will overcome it.”  We've seen that today. Not only have the families been broken up, the age groups are all separated, too. This was also part of the other great big experiment, the Soviet Union, which is here, where they said they'd have to separate the generations; and they did it, of course, by making each one think, “this is “your” generation. This is “your” music. We’ll design this for you; and these are your types of movies,” because they understand that, that which is instilled and super driven into the minds of the young is called "psychic driving," from experiments at MK ULTRA, will be superimposed in their minds, all through their lives. Therefore, the generation born with Pink Floyd and so on, will always enjoy Pink Floyd until they are very old people.


These are all sciences which are perfectly well understood; and the arts and entertainments industries were financed, and public announced now that the U.S., CIA, the Departments of Culture Creation, not only in the U.S., itself and guided it for the last 50, 60 years. It also financed the same thing in offices across the whole of Europe. Nothing is there by chance, even the songs you like, even in the movies you like, and all the other arts, as well.


They also wanted to create a form of apathy, to break the generations from each other. They said they would destroy the art of form and belonging, by creating nihilism, nihilistic art beyond even Picasso; and they funded these artists to bring out this kind of stuff and say it was great.  The public will look at it, like the king has no clothes, and say, “yes, I guess it is, because you all say so. It must be great stuff.”  That is your reality. There is nothing, there's hardly a thing in it that's real, even the way you interact with each other today. It’s a sad state of affairs; but that's what I mean. Until you realize what you’re fighting for, and have actually debated what you're fighting for, then you're born to lose. You cannot save a system which has already gone down the tubes.


The elite know this too. It wasn't designed to last forever, under its present form; and they've already decided what the next phase of the system will be. It's just that the present public don’t know it yet. They'll only fight to try and stop time, with all of its corruption, here and now. They hope; each person hopes they can get through and retire before all hell breaks loose, and maybe die before it breaks loose. Well we can't sit back and leave it to the next generation. It's up to us now, to speak out now and do something about this. Back in a few minutes.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt, and this is the last few minutes for today's talk, which is a crammed talk, I guess, because it was all kind of rather spontaneous.   I know there's so much to put into even a couple of hours, even three hours, when you realize the extent and the history, how old this particular agenda is. To many of those who helped bring it about, they believed in the human side of it. They fell for it. They fell for the big lies, thinking they were going to create a better world for people, never knowing that the groups at the top (the psychopathic types) already had it figured out that once all the hard work was done, they'd simply take it over through the power of the purse, which is the way everything is going today through licensing; through income taxes; gradually increasing income taxes. 


Also, by the way, you don't have to blame the communists for that, because the communists were funded by the West. The ones who put in the gradually increasing income taxes and property taxes—in both Britain and the United States and all the Commonwealth countries, including Canada—was The Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. Read their histories, their own histories, published by themselves, because they proudly admit that, you see. In their world of the future, there's to be no private property. It's the same as the United Nations agenda, which is habitat areas, where you pay rent only. You'll have no “money” as you know it today. Money is only a means to an end for the big boys. It's us that are supposed to believe in it. They’re going to give us credits down the road, issued by governments, which you cannot save up. You'll use it and it will start off with the same amount every week. Again, that was written by Lord Bertrand Russell in "The Impact of Science on Society" and in "Roads to Freedom." 


I hope you've learned something in this fast-going talk, to realize how old it is. Start questioning your own existence, your own reality. Start formulating ways to put across your ideas to other people, because this way has come to the end of the road. We need another way; and you cannot close Pandora's Box. You cannot go back to something which was never yours in the first place. It was just as corrupt in your dad's day, as it is in yours.


We need another way; it has to come out in dialogue, and not by professional people, but by ordinary people.  This has to be discussed with every individual on the planet, because it does affect everybody on the planet; and that's going to take some doing. However, as the old story, "all great things start with a small step."  That's so true, and so it's the wise ones, now, with knowledge, who've got to come forward and start the process. They youngsters don't have a chance. Their IQs have actually dropped because of the inoculations they've been given. They have no education, so to speak. They have no historical knowledge, as well, except what they get from Hollywood, and they're very, very confused.


The people now in their middle age and just a bit younger are the ones that will make the difference, now. 



I hope you've got something out of what I've been talking about today. Please look into my website and listen to my free talks. All the best for now, Alan Watt, over and out.



(Transcribed by Linda)