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Stating Self-Evident Facts Can Get You Axed:

"The Elite Can Still Live Well with Brands Deluxe,
While the Rest Move to Makeshift in These Times of Flux,
To Adapt to New Normals Requires Breathing Space,
Now Everything's Temporary, No Safe Place,
Instant Adaptation is Demanded of You,
Watched 24/7 to See All that You Do,
People Obedient as New Order is Blazing,
Heads in Sand, Asses Up, Just ain't Worth Saving"
© Alan Watt Aug. 22, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 22, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 22nd 2011.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios youíll find at; there are hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully youíll get an understanding of the big system youíre born into, thatís been here for an awful long time really, a system which is entwined with foundations, international money lenders, governments, and organizations which at one time were secret but theyíre not so secretive anymore, like the Council on Foreign Relations, and how they really are bringing in their big agenda for the global society.  Not just one big happy family, but they have eugenics involved; they have depopulation involved, a more efficient breeding stock of workers involved in it. They have big, big massive plans.  Theyíve written about all this over the last 100-odd years, quite openly, and itís never really presented on the mainstream news and thatís why most folk donít know about it.  But itís out there and the books are out there, and they give you annual updates at the big meetings.  And they also give you weekly and daily updates in their own magazines; thereís actually one from the Council on Foreign Relations called Foreign Affairs.  So you can keep up to date with the big plans and find who the members are.  Thereís a lot of academia on board with them too because the professors are guaranteed a good life for themselves if they push the propaganda.  Itís also good if they have any offspring; they can take over the chairs in the universities and keep it all going.  Thatís how the system really works.  The ones at the bottom really are termed as obsolete.  If youíre not part of an industrial society anymore, a high-producing society, youíre really ďuseless eatersĒ as Bertrand Russell called them, and thatís where we are now.  Weíre a service economy and the service economy is a temporary economy; itís already floundering in fact, pretty badly, all over the world where itís been introduced. 


So help yourself to the audios, as I say, and remember too, you can keep me going by buying the books and disks Iíve got for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations, remember, are very welcome; generally thatís all that keeps me going.  I try and really just document for the people out there, who understand that thereís more to it than just the daily newscasts that you get from mainstream.  I hate, to be honest with you, parroting the mainstream at night.  I used to spend years avoiding the mainstream because I knew it was all nonsense and propaganda.  Technically what I do, when I go over the mainstream, is to fill in all the bits they omit. 


Because you see, thatís how your perceptions are formed.  Itís by the omission of lots of detail that brings you to the conclusion that those that own the world want you to have, and they use the mainstream media to do that.  Thatís their job in fact.  Unfortunately people now are TV orientated and so they think that seeing is believing. They have no idea how many cons are pulled off every day in front of their own eyes, but they do believe itís all very true.  They donít know that even all these color revolutions are all staged, that there are professional people teaching in special schools in universities across the world how to cause revolutions within the different countries.  One of them is in Serbia in fact; I watched a little bit of that today.  Theyíre funded, obviously, by the high powers that want revolutions, like the Soros and the Rockefellers and these kinds of guys.  Thatís the real world, though; all we see is the end product on television.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, itís so pointless just to give you the trash that they dump on you Ė and thatís whatís called the media as far as Iím concerned Ė every day.  They never tell you the whys or wherefores.  They do tell you a lot of propaganda spin, of course, but they never go into any investigative journalism.  Primarily today there are very few real investigative journalists in fact; itís mainly handouts from corporations and governments that go straight into the newspaper.  But as I say, public relations is the modern term for propaganda.  The man who came up with public relations and the whole lot was Bernays.  Bernays himself preferred the term propaganda, and so do I; you know where you stand with it.  But public relations sounds much better, a nicer way of saying things. 


We certainly are given wonderful PR on all the wars that are going on, without ever a true reason, obviously; even people who are not up on whatís really happening in the world know thereís something wrong.  When guys in uniforms get up with war after war and tell the public that theyíre hitting strategic targets, and then out come a whole bunch of videos showing what they actually hit, and thereís bits of bodies of men, women and children, who certainly were not armed.  And this is the same thing thatís happening in Libya right now in fact.  Itís disgusting.  But they have no shortage of PR specialists. They dress them up in police uniforms or army uniforms, whatever it takes.  And that is their speciality, these guys, is to lie to the public; and they donít, certainly, blush at all when they tell these whoppers, even though the video will contradict what theyíre on about.  I saw one today on Libya and it was a guy from NATO who was doing the PR this time, with the uniform on of course, explaining what theyíd hit, this target.  It was full of these militants, etc, and of course thereís nothing in it but toys and baby food and the usual stuff, and little bits of flesh.  Anyway, thatís the world you really live in. 


Whatís more amazing than ever, really, is the fact that most people forget that the New American Century Ė and it doesnít matter about parties; there are no parties.  But the New American Century group were the first ones to come in as the Neocons and then they published their agenda basically, on their own web site at the time, with the countries that they wanted to take out and occupy.  They went through the whole list; some of them wanted to go right through Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria... Syria after Libya.  Other ones wanted to start with Libya first; it was all hodgepodge.  But the fact is they wanted to go through the whole lot of them and things didnít turn out that way so this present bunch thatís in, with a new actor, or the most recent actor, Obama, is simply finishing off the same agenda.  Iíve no doubt theyíll go straight into Syria as soon as theyíre finished with Libya; that seems to be the agenda.  Then of course thereís not much left except Iran and maybe even Jordan; who knows.  So weíll wait and see.


The fact is, weíre living through a script.  Thatís the most horrible thing if you happen to belong to those countries, who are on the script, on the list, because, can you imagine living for years knowing the biggest militaries on the planet, that have signed together to work through treaties, are all on board to come and bomb you one day?  Itís not a very nice thing to live through, never mind your mental health or anything else, knowing whatís happened to all the other countries, simply because this big gang wants to take you out and grab your wealth and minerals and your oil and everything else they can grab.  And then dominate you, destroy the culture and then rebuild it under this farce of a democracy, this pie-in-the-sky thing that no oneís ever really had.  So thatís the real world that weíre living in and most folk never, ever get it at all.  They just donít get it. 


Itís too confusing for most people to believe that there are even organizations... even NATO is an organization; thatís a coalition as they like to call it.  Itís an organization that signs treaties to go off and bomb people all together; they go together to bomb you and slaughter you.  And we fund it all.  We fund them.  The public, you know, in my whole lifetime have never been asked about anything, that I can remember.  I think they were asked once about joining Europe and things like that, and most folk said no, and they kept coming back with another, oh weíll give you the vote again, you got it wrong that time, weíll keep at it and at it until you get it right.  Thatís basically what they did with most of the countries, as they went into this prosperity partnership called the EU; now theyíre all broke as can be with bailing out bank after bank.  But you understand, these things donít happen by themselves.  They donít happen because downturns just come out of the blue. They happen because they are caused to happen.  You donít make mistakes at that level.  People whoíve been in the business of doing bookkeeping for centuries donít make mistakes like this, you understand.  And governments know darn well whatís going on.  And when they watch shells being created and bubbles being created and all the rest of it, they know whatís going on. They know one day they have to collapse them.  And itís okay because they got the taxpayers to bail them out, everywhere across the planet now.  But thatís the world we live under.

I often think of the term Ďevolution,í and I donít see evolution anywhere.  I really donít.  I see the same evil tricks played today, with maybe better machinery, war machinery, and propaganda of course because of communications. But itís the same tricks and cons and lies theyíve used for thousands of years.  When they want to expand an empire you simply blow it up, burn it down, invade it, slaughter a good part of the population so theyíll never rise again and you take it over.  Thatís really what itís all about.  The countries now that are saying they have to go into these countries for humanitarian reasons because the governments turned on their own people, have been the masters at getting people to turn on their own governments, even in Latin America and elsewhere, for an awful long time.  Sending in death squads from their own countries, like the US and Britain and elsewhere, and they didnít care about the slaughters they were creating then.  But theyíre suddenly all interested about these guys over in the Middle East.  Yeah, sure.  And straight-faced people, well known faces that youíve grown up with on television, thatís why they keep these characters until theyíre falling off the chairs.  You grew up with these broadcasters for your nightly news, who look you in the eye and tell you that, and youíll believe him because heís kind of like a daddy figure now; thatís why they keep them there forever.  They tell you that, without blinking an eye, the same rubbish over and over and over again. 

Iíve said forever, that the US, which is the big military machine, really, who funds most of this through your tax money, will be destroyed too, when theyíre finishing it off. Because you have to go under, into the same system that you helped create and fund.  Thatís the deal with the United Nations.  And itís happening now.  And unfortunately because theyíve got so much unemployment in the States theyíve got lots of young guys with not much to do and they can get recruited into the military.  Thatís always been used.  Britain was the famous one for using that for centuries and the US is doing the same today.  So theyíre pretty confident they can keep their military strength up, even if thereís not much employment back home as things go under, and more and more folk are on food stamps; thereís more folk than ever going to food banks as well.  Itís just disgusting.  Meanwhile weíve got billions and billions of dollars to throw into the Military-Industrial Complex to make all the kind of new drones that are going to fly over your heads and tazer you and stuff like that.  And theyíre actually putting them up on the web now, the manufacturers, of how wonderful it will be when they patrol the skies across Canada and the US.  Itís utterly disgusting.  And people still think theyíve got something called democracy.  I often wonder if most folk could even explain what democracy means.  Because they canít, actually, if you ask them. 

Talking about troops too, I remember when they went into Afghanistan, Britain and other countries that had dealings with Afghanistan, and Iraq, said that it would take about 40 years before you could pull them out.  And sure enough, this says...


US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024 / Ben Farmer, Kabul / 23 Aug 2011


America and Afghanistan are close to signing a strategic pact (Alan:  ...meaning the puppet government they put in...) which would allow thousands of United States troops to remain in the country until at least 2024, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. (A:  I like how they worded that too... they CAN disclose that... meaning a lot of stuff they know they canít disclose.)


The agreement would allow not only military trainers to stay to build up the Afghan army and police, but also American special forces soldiers and air power to remain.


The prospect of such a deal has already been met with anger among Afghanistanís neighbours including, publicly, Iran and, privately, Pakistan. 


Itís a base, you see.  Itís a base.  And you have to go back through your history, again, to find out who came up with the idea of permanent bases across the world, like stepping stones for the next country and the next country.  It was Jeane Kirkpatrick that came up with that idea and because of it Ronald Reagan took her on board, even though she was potentially Marxist and attended a Marxist school, because there are no parties you understand.  She says rather than just going in and building a temporary base and pulling out, letís go into these countries and stay there permanently. And the US has bases across the whole planet to do just that.  It will be interesting too, because the average American doesnít know, and some of them will argue with you that, well weíve got these big bases, theyíre ours.  No, theyíre not, because one day theyíll sign a treaty with someone else, maybe China, and theyíll turn them over to China to be the policeman for the world, but you paid for it all, you see.  Thatís how it really works.  That is the agenda.  So anyway, here they go with almost perpetual occupation pretty well, and theyíve got a few other countries to occupy.  Then theyíll have to bring in other coalition forces, or else hand it over to China, which the CFR said theyíd do; eventually youíd have to hand it over and China becomes the policeman of the world.  Thatís what they mean when they say in the media, that itís time that China took up its global responsibilities, more seriously.  Itís so that THEY get involved in the policing of the world.  Thatís from the Council on Foreign Relations themselves.  But you will build them for them.  Why not, you know, no oneís objecting.  And privacy...  here we are under totalitarian systems and people still think theyíve got a republic, or democracy, depending on their viewpoint.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  In Australia too, thatís deemed to go under the influence of China Ė thatís all part of the Far Eastern Rim project, that was started off 100 years ago, that whole idea, from the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They created a section of their organization for the Pacific Rim, the Pacific Rim Relations they called themselves, they were working towards the amalgamation of that whole region with Australia lumped in there too, and New Zealand. 


Of course we know today, along with the guises of carbon taxes, etc, that the Fabians have put into operation, a lot of businesses are all just packing in all together.  A lot of mining businesses are packing in because itís just not worth going in.  Interestingly, one of the biggest coal companies and energy companies in India Ė now that itís marked to be a United Nations up-and-coming country, just like China was you see Ė theyíre allowed to pollute as much as they want.  Most of their generators for electricity and energy are coal fired and theyíre now investing heavily into Australia.  Theyíre buying coal mines, and they own the coal mines, and then they ship it off to Australia because they can pollute without a problem, for the next 20 years under the agreement through the World Trade Organization.  Isnít that nice?  Isnít that awfully nice?  And Mr Pachauri at the IPCC has got shares in these companies; I think he owns a couple.  But there you go; itís all gangsters at the top as they put you under. 


More than 50,000 jobs tipped to go as Australian economy slows / Aug 24, 2011 / Stephen McMahon, Phillip Hudson


The strong rise in unemployment will increase pressure on the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates (A:  ...etc, etc, etc... the same stuff they tell you everywhere.) to offer relief to householders and stimulate the non-mining sector of the economy.


The Australian Industry Group says the loss of more than 1000 full-time jobs and 400 contractor jobs at BlueScope Steel was "chilling news" for the million Australians, 300,000 of them Victorians, employed directly in manufacturing.  (A:  Then it gives you some of the reasons at the bottom.  It says...)


Steelmakers are battling a strong Australian dollar and higher labour costs compared to emerging markets such as China. 


Well you canít compete with China, folks, as we all know.  You canít do it.  Cannot do it; itís impossible.  In fact you couldnít even pay your taxes, because you wouldnít earn enough to pay them at the present rates if youíre put down to Chinese levels.  So anyway, thatís Australia going down the tubes, as itís planned of course.  So is New Zealand; there are tycoons buying big chunks of New Zealand, and I think itís standing up like a feudal colony basically.  Quite interesting, thereís massive farms for sale there now, massive farms with thousands, many thousands of acres each, just going belly up because they canít follow all the rules and pay all the taxes and so on and so on. 


And from the US too, theyíre taking watch lists now of people who complain to certain politicians.  Iíll put up tonight an article, itís actually a petition.  It says...


We Demand an Apology!


We the undersigned stand with Tamecka Pierce (President of Organize Now) and other "blacklisted" citizens in demanding an apology from Rep. Dan Webster (R - FL 8) for his shocking abuse of power in creating and distributing a "watch list" of his constituents who dared to publically question his votes to cut life-saving programs like Medicare and Medicaid. This blatant attempt at intimidation, which included sending the list to other members of Congress who distributed them at their own town halls, is unconscionable in a public servant. We will not tolerate it.


Thatís what theyíre doing now.  The politicians are gathering watch lists of their own constituents.  And it isnít just on this particular issue, believe you me.  Youíd be surprised at how many watch lists they have and your name might be on 5 different ones depending on what you talk about or see or whatever, or say.  Germany is the only country really thatís come out against Facebook over the years and done anything about it, it seems to be. 


Germany: Facebook Like button (A:  The Ďlikeí button, Ďdo you like this or not.í) violates privacy laws / Emil Protalinski | August 19, 2011


Facebookís Like button today was found in violation of Germanyís strict privacy laws. Commissioner Thilo Weichert, who works for the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection (ULD) in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, said the social networkís plugin, which allows Internet users to express their appreciation of something online, illegally puts together a profile of their Web habits(A:  So itís basically a Trojan and it sends all your surfing habits back to the boys.)


The ULD said if you visit or use a Facebook plugin such as the Like button, you should expect to be tracked by the company for two years (A:  2 years... ha!  But itís free, eh?  OH, itís free.):  Facebook allegedly builds a broad profile for individuals not on the service as well as a more personalized profile for its members.  (A:  And of course it sells all the data to government, itís part of government; itís part of the NSA actually.  Thatís how it works.  And folk will still use it; it doesnít matter, me even talking about it.)


And the States is going down so fast.  I was reading an article last week where a guy who wanted to do some shingling, because he had a leaking roof, got three-quarters of it done and when he was doing the last part of the roof along comes a government official... he was going to double layer the last part, because they werenít too bad, the shingles.  He didnít take them off first, the under layer; he was just going to tack them on top, which is quite common.  Itís against the rules now.  You canít do that. So he huffed and hawed about it and of course they wanted to fine him thousands of dollars, and I think they did.  But I mean, the States has come down to this nanny state that Britain was complaining of, because you see, thereís too many people in all areas of government now.  Itís top heavy!  And itís becoming control freakish. And itís all jobs for new departments, new departments, new departments until literally you canít move without breaking laws.  Hereís one here...


American Government Mafia Actively Targets The Weak:

Terminal Cancer Patients, Little Girls And The Homeless / Madison Ruppert Ė Contributing Writer / August 19, 2011


And Iíll read this, what they did to a woman who was trying to get some cash up for her cancer treatment.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article here is about, really, the mafia.  Iíve given this exact same example over the years; itís how you perceive things.  If a guy stops you on the road with a gun you know youíre in for trouble; heís a highwayman or something.  And if a cop stops you with a gun on the road then youíre in trouble again; you got to fork out money, in regards of a ticket or whatever it happens to be because theyíre running short of cash and theyíve been told to put out more tickets.  Whatever it is, itís the same racket that goes on.  Your perceptions are distorted because youíre trained to see one differently from the other.  But the actions are the same.  It says...


Throughout history, the Mafia has run extortion schemes known as ďprotection rackets.Ē  (A:  And Iíve gone through this same scenario. They used to go around the stores and say, give me protection. And you say, protection from whom?  From us.  So thatís what you did.)  These scams revolve around the Mafia coercing an individual or business to fork over money in exchange for protection services.


When the victim refuses to give funds to the criminals, they crack down to show the individual what will happen if they continue to withhold funds. (A:  But they also publicize it so the whole street knows, you see.  Now itís the whole country; thatís so that they make sure everyone knows.)  This traditionally involves property damage or theft carried out by the same racketeers supposedly offering the ďprotectionĒ to the victim.


The Federal government of the United States of America has now become no better than a group of racketeering Mafiosos, running a protection racket on the American people.


Of course, they hide behind the veil of ďpermitsĒ and ďcity ordinancesĒ in order to hustle American citizens into forking over their hard-earned cash in exchange for protection from so-called authorities.  (A:  The same deal.)


In reality, the rackets run by police and the IRS are no different than the criminal Mafia operations that have plagued many countries for decades on end.


In one of the most disturbing cases of government harassment of the weak and helpless, earlier this week KATU, a local Salem news outlet, reported the story of a terminal cancer patient who was targeted for having a garage sale.


Jan Cline was an independent businesswoman supporting herself for years before she was diagnosed with a terminal form of bone cancer earlier this year.


Cline describes her ailment as ďa bone marrow cancer that eats through the bones and causes holes in the bonesĒ and thus ďjust by walking I can break a bone.Ē


Clearly Clineís ailment is inhibiting her ability to work, thus making it impossible for her to pay for her costly cancer treatments.  (A:  And they are awfully expensive if youíve not got insurance.)


Cline began selling some of her possessions in her backyard on the weekends in an attempt to raise the funds she so desperately needs since the horrific cancer she is afflicted with makes it impossible for her to work in order to pay off her massive medical bills.


She thought she would be fine as she was selling her own goods on her own property out of everyoneís way, and as an American she likely thought that she wouldnít be harassed by thugs for attempting to take care of herself the only way possible.


Unfortunately, she was wrong.


Her garage sales were making her several hundred much-needed dollars each weekend, that is until one of her neighbors complained about a terminal cancer patient attempting to support herself.


The city showed up and promptly shut her down. Cline was not aware, but the city of Salem has a law mandating that an individual may only have three yard sales per year.  (A:  Itís just incredible.  You cannot... You understand the problem with government is government?  Donít you understand that?  Government is supposed to be utterly basic, if you want it at all that is.  If youíre going to have government make sure itís awfully, very basic, and thatís it.  No further.  No creating new departments for employees, and for friends and relatives which theyíre always doing, theyíre like a cancer.)


This kind of ridiculous legislation is, on its face, absurd. At least, it seems that way to me and likely anyone else who thinks that in the United States we are free to do whatever we please on our own property as long as we are not hurting anyone (within reason, of course).


However, the emerging ďnanny stateĒ in which everything must be legislated and every minutia of our lives must be approved by a bunch of life-long bureaucrats who wish only to bilk their fellow citizens out of as much money as humanly possible is completely opposed to such a notion of freedom. 


It is a nanny state and Britain is way ahead of that in fact.  But you donít realize, Iíve said so many times, you donít know how many laws youíre breaking every day now, because itís jobs for the boys and their relatives, and they keep creating new departments just spreading like a cancer.   Thatís what Carl Jung said back in the 40s and 50s.  He says, his fear wasnít an iron curtain across the world; it was literally like an iron can across the whole planet, around the whole planet basically, of bureaucracies, all stepping on each otherís toes, etc.  Interesting too though, that Lenin said the same thing, that eventually the Western world would collapse with so many organizations and agencies that start off being services, that become authorities, and eventually they would keep falling over each other, there would be so many of them competing for the same cash.  Thatís where you are today. 


Alan:  Now thereís Daniel from the UK hanging on the line, long distance, and Iíll try and fit you in if youíre there Daniel.  Hello?


Daniel:  Yeah, hello.  Is Freemasonry the movement that links all these groups behind this whole agenda?


Alan:  Yeah, it was, really, I mean, it started off in the 18th century as we know it.  There were different groups prior to that.  There was the Rosicrucians that came out in the 1600s openly in France.  But eventually Freemasonry.† And itís so interesting that in Freemasonry they were well known for holding revolutionary talks and meetings in their lodges.  And yet modern Freemasons, they actually swear oaths to uphold the present system, which they take as their system.


Daniel:  So, I mean, what Iím saying is, are they the top of the pyramid, Freemasonry?


Alan:  No.† What they are really is a front, a front to keep this system in place.  Thatís why you can go through Canada here and before you hit every town or village youíll see a big placard up there with all the associations in that town, and it will have all the different Freemasonic symbols and organizations.  What theyíre telling you is, this is what runs this town.  From your local councils to your education department, to planning departments, to your police and all... this is what runs your town.  So theyíre really a structure for keeping this system in place.  But theyíre also allowed to personally profit off the system as well.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Yeah, I see.  Whatís your opinion of that book, Iím reading through, called The Brotherhood, by Stephen Knight?


Alan:  Youíll find thereís bits of truth in most of them.  Again, they donít go deep enough and further back enough to see how worldwide this whole system intermeshes.  And they donít go into the higher orders either. Even basic Freemasonry is very essential for the system because, as I say, right down to your local council and little village, theyíll make sure that everythingís kept the same way. They also gather information on everybody; theyíve always done that.  So they keep the order of the system in place, and through the military as well, and through all the police.  When you go into the higher orders, the knightly orders, that literally go over to Britain to get knighted, then youíre into, getting in closer to the real agenda there too.  They act like an army you might say for those noble orders that are above them. They act like an army, like the private army; thatís how I see them.  But the ones above them are in noble orders and they have a much higher agenda for the world. 


Daniel:  Right.  And is this agenda an ideological one? Or is it actually a science-based agenda?  Or is it just ideology?


Alan:  Youíll find they intermesh, the way they even word it.  What youíll find though itís a eugenic agenda because masons themselves, if theyíre honest with themselves and theyíve got a brain to think with, because the ones at the bottom are no brighter than anybody else. But theyíll constantly come across self-improvement, is how they like to see it. In reality theyíre talking about breeding.  You come across breeding and picking the right mate for the right offspring, etc. So youíll find that over and over again.  Thereís really eugenics involved in it.  And of course, as they go up the ladder and if they get up to the higher degrees, they talk about the profane as though theyíre cattle basically.  And the purpose of cattle of course, as Albert Pike said in his book Morals and Dogma, he says, he who will not use his own mind, his own intellect, is therefore meat on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent.  So in other words, itís okay to rip off the ones beneath you because theyíre just animals.  Itís very elitist once you get up the degrees.


Daniel:  And ultimately at the top, weíre talking about people who youíve mentioned before, you think that they could actually trace their blood back?


Alan:  Well then youíre into royal families.  You have royal families that took over by conquering and using armies and land grabs and so on.  And then you have banking royalty; we donít think of bankers as being royalty.  But some of the bankers thought they could achieve the same thing by owning the wealth of the world.


Daniel:  Well there was the Mediciís, werenít they?  They were pretty big, werenít they?  The Mediciís?  


Alan:  The Medici came down through history from an awful long time before.  They were lending to ancient Rome at one point.  Thereís quite a few families that came up through the ages always borrowing and lending for thousands of years.


Daniel:  And they became part of the actual top dogs, the elite at the top?


Alan:  Yes.  They definitely did, and they ruled countries, whole countries.  You also had some of them going into be Popes at one point, like the Borgias; they even appointed their own nephews and sometimes their sons to be the next Pope.  Thatís a lot of power back in those days, you know.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Yeah, no, thatís... that is clearer.  And thanks.  And one quick point I wanted to make is, I did some security work at weekends just out of desperation for a bit of money.  I was at a cricket ground and the head of the security company was run by this little Napoleon, as you can imagine, and he was encouraging us to tell the spectators to use this new scheme theyíve got called Ďrespectí whereby they can anonymously text any misbehavior to security people and theyíd come down and deal with whoever it is. But he said, weíve got to encourage people to use this scheme.  Rather than go and speak to someone whoís causing a problem, and just say can you stop swearing.  It was actually encouraging, he puts it, anonymously report, and I quote, ďmisbehaviorĒ.  And they always leave it very vague, donít they?  Itís up to them how they define what misbehavior is, isnít it?


Alan:  That is a very broad definition there.  What could be right one day could be wrong the following.


Daniel:  Well thatís it.  How many people say, Iím doing nothing wrong; Iíve got nothing to worry about.  I say, well who defines whatís wrong; they tell us what is right and wrong, donít they?† Like you say, itís okay to leave your house tonight to see a friend at 9 oíclock, but next week it might be a curfew, which is probably whatís coming down the road, do you think?


Alan:  Yes.  Absolutely.  Thatís what Orwell tried to say in his book 1984.  When he kept saying 2 and 2 is 4, and OíBrien thatís torturing him says, and he was holding up 5 fingers, itís whatever I say it is, you know, and if I say I can fly then I can fly and you better believe that I can fly.  Theyíre constantly giving you new realities all the time.  But itís also to get you into a state of flux.  Once youíre in flux and thereís no normals anymore, because for anything to be normal it has to be standard for a long time.  But if thereís no normals anymore and youíre constantly adapting to new normals, then youíre in flux and the big boys in neuroscience can guide you, very quickly, to where they want you to go.


Daniel:  Yes.  Thatís flux; thatís the term I was looking for.  Whatís the time scale that theyíve worked out, that they have to subject you to something before you accept it?  Do you know?  Is there a certain, you know, minimum time, and have to subject you, like Big Brother, and program?


Alan:  Yes.  And youíd be surprised, youíd be surprised how many massive organizations and think tanks are working, and working together mind you, in their own special areas, to make all of this happen, and along with the time frame, for the kind of society that they want.  And every time they come to a society they want, then they suddenly change it into the next phase again.  So you donít get time to breathe and let what the new normal is become normal, and then they get you going again.  Thatís what one of those top PR specialists that was around the last president that said the same thing.  To the reporters he says, we give you your reality.  He was speaking to the reporters.  He says, and when we give you a new reality, youíll talk about it, everyone will talk about it, and youíll study it judiciously, he says, and then when youíre studying it and thinking you understand it we give you another new reality, and then the same thing will happen and then we give you another new reality, and you just keep on studying it and adapting. And basically, that was a boast by one of the guys at the top whoís actually involved in creating your realities.


Daniel:  And all this is ultimately building up to the complete degradation of society, is building up into us accepting death, left, right and center, so they can just cull us without any problems.  Is that right?


Alan:  Thatís correct.  Not only death, itís everything that was normal that made society pretty safe, pretty safe to walk the streets, pretty safe for a woman not to get raped walking the streets, all of those things.  Itís destroying all the things that used to abhor us, including pedophilia, for instance.  I mean, thereís a conference on to normalize pedophilia going on, with psychiatrists at the top, who are also pedophiles, and theyíre dictating the new rules for all of us to go by. 


Conference aims to normalize pedophilia - / August 23, 2011  / John Rossomando


So the deviants are giving us the rules, you know.  And theyíre also giving themselves a manual for ethical pedophilia.  Ethical?  Whatís ethical about pedophilia?  ...for their own to follow.  I guess if the child screams that must mean yes, you know; thatís what itíll be.  Anyway, this is how.  Theyíre destroying everything that you would naturally be angry about and would get involved in, and you know, grab these guys or stop them doing what theyíre doing.  Now you wonít because itís all normal now, you see; theyíve got special status.  This is to destroy the last vestige of the old culture. Thatís the reason for it. 


Daniel:  Itís apathy, isnít it?  Everyoneís apathetic now.  I see it now when people are beating each other up, others, or someoneís lying on the floor, on the street, people just step over them Ė Iíve seen it Ė and just look at them or take a picture on their mobile phone and carry on about their business.


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Daniel:  ...rather than go and help them. 


Alan:  Oh, theyíve done so many studies and theyíre always doing the same studies over and over again.  And if you ever study psychology theyíll give you lots of videos, from hidden cameras Ė theyíve been doing this for about 50 years, the same studies over and over and over Ė to see how the public are changing to the same situations. And one of them was a doctorís office and a women goes past the door and goes in to see the doctor; 2 to 3 people are left outside sitting on the chairs.  The woman starts screaming and then you see the reactions on the 3 inside. At first they donít want to believe it; youíll see them looking towards each other.  And no one will move, until one makes a move; everyone looks for someone else to make the move first. And now, pretty well, when this starts happening, no one gets up.  Thatís how much weíve changed normally, from our old normal to the present time.


Daniel:  Well thatís it, no one knows what normal is supposed to be now, really.


Alan:  We donít, because we know we can get punished for being involved.  Weíre trained that we can get punished if we get involved to try to stop something bad happening Ė we might get tazered if the cops come Ė and punished. 


Daniel:  Well thatís it.  The state has to look after you and if the state doesnít look after you thatís just too bad.  But people in those riots in London got in trouble.  They were called, they were labeled vigilantes because they were out there for the community trying to protect their property and the police actually condemned them and said, these are vigilantes, youíre not allowed to do that.


Alan:  Well you got to understand the power structure, when they set up the United Nations what they say in their charter, that is eventually the United Nations, through NATO and their organizations, their military organizations, will be the only power on the planet who are authorized to use force of any kind, including deadly force.  It will be illegal for any citizen across the world to do the same themselves.


Daniel:  Thanks very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Take care.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  And just to talk about the pedophiles, too, they were always used as well, by the mainstream and the cops as well, to scare the public; thatís why they have to watch you, and you might be into all these different sites. Really, itís just a tool as well.  Also at the same time theyíre giving the pedophiles all the rights.  It says here in this article...


Judges weaken rules on paedophiles

Paedophiles have won unsupervised access to their own children because it would breach their human rights to keep them apart, judges have ruled. / David Barrett / 20 Aug 2011


Judges rule on everything now, you know.  You donít even need a Supreme Court anymore; I think they just do it at the lower level and no one says anything about it, because society is so contaminated themselves, after all these years of watching Hollywood; nothing scares us or shocks us or disgusts us anymore, and thatís really how it is. 


Alan:  Thereís Larry from Louisiana hanginí on there.  Are you there Larry?


Larry: Yes, Alan, Iíd like to give just a quick little history thing about the royal bloodlines going way back.  You can find the redheaded people in Britain; you can find the redheaded people in Scotland and you can definitely find them in Ireland.  Now, go back and look at King Ramses of Egypt and youíll see he has long flaming red hair, and thereís other blond haired pharaohs.  So that just shows a little page of history, gives you an idea of how these bloodlines still exist today.


Alan:  What I do know is even in Sumer, when they dug up what became a modern trash site, they dug it up and they found some of the ancient kings and queens and they had black wigs and red hair; natural red hair but black wigs.  And the pharaohs too, Iíve got some of that in one of my books in fact, youíll see some of the statues in the tombs where the people have blue eyes, they were actually supposed to be statues of real people. So thereís no doubt about it, that there are these particular lineages that came down through thousands of years, in very high positions.  You never find, either, from these ancient families, of them ever being overthrown or killed or slaughtered.  Empires went down, so I presume they just simply moved into the next place and created another empire; thatís personally what I think.


Larry:  Right.  Hey, Alan, what is Ďhamishí?  Could you translate that word for me?


Alan:  Well, Ďhamishí is an old word from Scotland.  Itís to do with like a home, home person, or a home being.  Your Ďhameí is your house, you know. 


Larry:  Oh, youíre hamish... okay.  Thank you very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Yeah, itís interesting when you look at the ancient histories of the peoples and how they could disguise themselves, because some of these pharaohs, as I say, you know their beards were all fake?  I mean, all of them wore fake beards, and it was all from local hair, from I guess the local barbershops they got it made up from.  But it was local hair they used.   And they even had a woman pharaoh at one point because the husband died and no one would replace him.  She wore a fake beard as well; sheíd be popular today, I guess, probably on music television.  Anyway, thatís how the world really goes.  You can never really know what youíre looking at. But in those days they didnít have contact lenses, brown contact lenses, so you saw them as they actually were.  Itís astonishing though, itís never been explained why this happened. And we know that as far as China, you also have the ancient mummies of China theyíve dug up which were a traveling people, they think they were, pantheistic, and they were, again, red haired and blue eyed.  They think they might have been traders, maybe 3,000 years ago or more, maybe 4,000 years ago.  Theyíve found lots of these mummies, and itís embarrassed China because theyíd like to think they were the only ones there.  [Alan laughing.] 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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