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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on October 26th, 2007. Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for lots of free downloadable information on the various groups and foundations and societies which have helped to shape this world and who are the only ones to make a plan, since the rest of us are too busy playing. Obviously someone else is going to plan your life for you and that's what's been happening in many generations up to the present. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for downloadable transcripts in the various tongues of Europe.


There's so much going on but I always like to mention the aerial spraying because most folk don't bother, they're so used to it now or perhaps they don't see it. This aerial spraying has been going on steadily in Canada and across most of the planet since about 1998 and before that they were testing it out in different areas primarily in the U.S. in different states to find out the effects on the public.  I don't know if people can look into the various bills that are getting passed in the U.S. Congress, but one was passed a few years ago which gave themselves permission to use bio-warfare chemical and agents on the public for tests. That was very nice of them and since they were the only ones putting the bill through, there was no opposition. Lo and behold, they've been actually doing it.


We've all been getting sprayed pretty well worldwide. It's even in China now apparently. I just got word that someone came back from China and they saw it happening there. We're all getting dosed and no doubt tranquilized as well and probably our immune systems are lowering all the time. Today I was watching spraying in the sky through the clouds. They were actually spraying into the clouds and you could see the darker spray of the aircraft coming right through the clouds just like a knife. It's quite an interesting phenomenon to watch for those that bother to look up. Most people don't, as you well know. In fact, most people have no memory of what the sky looked like because they never looked up at all. That's what shocks all those who do, the ones who still have their abilities for self-preservation like any other creature on the planet; you always look around your environment. That's part of your survival instinct. Most people you'll notice don't have it and that falls right in line with various books that have been put out there from guys who worked with MI6 and the United Nations to do with lowering our ability to think or reason for ourselves.


Most people can't. They truly believe that whatever is worth knowing will be told to them by the media, as though the media was your next of kin. Only about a generation or two generations ago no one trusted the media because they knew darn well that from ages past it was all political magnates that owned the media. Nothing has changed. The only thing that's changed is they've convinced you that somehow they're there for you: They're your brother, they're your father and they will tell you anything that's really important. Media has always been used for propaganda purposes.


Read the books by Jacques Ellul. He goes into it in great detail and he was a man who was an adviser to various big, “big cheeses,” as we say, at the United Nations.


Talking about spraying, this was sent to me today. California has been getting sprayed by the orders of Mr. Schwarzenegger and this is from News Target.com. It's from October 25th, 2007. This is from I think it's a herbal outlet newspaper type thing and the owner is Rami Nagel.


It says here:


             "(NewsTarget) On September 9th, 2007 several planes hired by the State of California Food and Agricultural Department (CDFA) flying at an altitude of approximately 500ft sprayed the untested biochemical, CheckMate®OLR-F, on over 30,000 citizens in Monterey and other surrounding areas…"


Alan:  I'll be back with more of this after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. This is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about aerial spraying and all the other little tricks they're up to. You don't have to worry about the Russians or the Chinese or anyone else, since our own governments are all in cahoots together. We're under a global system and the whole world is getting sprayed. However, sometimes they go overboard with one particular area and add some more chemicals to the mix.


This is from the NewsTarget.com, which is a herbalist organization I think in British Columbia or somewhere, and they got a report from California talking about:


             "September 9th, 2007 several planes hired by the State of California Food and Agricultural Department (CDFA) flying at an altitude of approximately 500ft sprayed the untested biochemical, CheckMate®OLR-F, on over 30,000 citizens in Monterey and other surrounding cities in California. This occurred without the permission of the citizens."


Alan:  Of course it has, because who'd want to get sprayed?


             "The spraying continued for three nights from approximately 8pm to 5am."


Alan:  Once again, it's night spraying.


             "About 1,500 pounds of biochemical were dumped on the cities. Many citizens did not even know what was happening when the planes were buzzing overhead."


Alan:  I believe that part. I think if the whole Air Force was going overhead they wouldn't notice either, most of them.


             "An 11 month old child nearly died from breathing difficulties. A six year old child developed asthma as a result of the aerial spraying and many got sick nausea, dizziness, burning lungs, and muscle aches."


Alan:  That's a new one that's been coming out recently over the last six months, muscle ache from the heavy spraying we're all getting.  I don't know if this was the actual drug they were using, that they claim to use in California or just the one they're using everywhere else.


It says here:


             "The excuse for aerial spraying is not a deadly disease carrying mosquito, but a moth whose larva may eat…"


Alan:  May eat.


             "…some leaves of some plants; called the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). The CDFA considers the moth an invasive species since it is from Australia. Yet…"


Alan:  I like the double-speak.


             "Yet, evidence suggests that the moth has been in California for many years, living peacefully. In response to the moth, the CDFA set up relatively harmless sticky traps, which have captured nearly every Light Brown Apple Moth in the Northern California region. Governor Schwarzenegger is a strong supporter of the declared emergency…"


Alan:  I love these emergencies. Everything is an emergency today. It's hype, hype, hype and emergency with the new scientists in their white coats being the priesthood taking over from the old black robed ones from previous days.


Schwarzenegger says:


             "…the need to spray untested biochemicals on humans to stop the LBAM from destroying crops is vital. This aerial spraying violates several state laws…"


Alan:  Blah, blah, blah, then they go through all the different laws, but what's interesting in this particular spray it's a type of pheromone that's attached to whatever they're spraying, they claim, interferes with the sexual reproduction of these particular moths. What's even more funny is that this magazine here, this NewsTarget.com that sells herbal stuff has an ad on its right-hand side for the herbal variety of pheromones as well.  I always get a kick out of this, that whatever the regular pharmaceutical agencies do and come up with, whatever they come up with in science, the herbal industries immediately got a counter for it as well and they’re both shouting that theirs is the better for you. Personally, I don't take any of them. You cannot – when it comes to your health and big business, the two things are incompatible because everything ends up being business and the whole idea in business is to sell. They certainly do sell all this stuff on both sides of the fence here with tremendous persuasion and money and ads. You need a lot of faith in either to come through and be fit, but they always say that your faith has made you whole. Perhaps your faith in the products does more than the actual products themselves.


Anyway, there's the people in California being sprayed. What's even more interesting is there were a couple of towns in California where Blackwater, this new private mercenary army, is to be based. They put in a bid for this particular area in a town and the town, even though it was accepted by the leaders of the town, the rest of the public were not happy with it and they were going to change it with the next election that comes up there shortly, I think November; and lo and behold, the town just got wiped out by that fire that started. What a coincidence. I'm really amazed because that's exactly what's happening.


We're under warfare. This is what's happening. The public have had war declared on them a long time ago and even before the second world war and at the United Nations and at the League of Nations, the precursor of the UN, they discussed all these possibilities of what war was. They, strangely enough, these psychopaths at the top, came to the conclusion that it wasn't their fault that there were wars, it was the people’s need for basic material goods that had them fighting each other. They said that one day they may have to declare war on the general public and train them scientifically into a new system. That's what’s been happening.


If you look especially at the U.S., they've been more open about it because they've had ongoing wars since World War II. Even when we hear the terms wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on – this comes from presidents. They mean what they say. They're putting something into law. The big police armies that have been built up all across the western world have been built up under the guise of fighting drugs primarily, which is the biggest joke of all because the drug industry has been tied in forever with the secret services and even prior to what we know as the secret services, the elites had their own in Britain in fact in the 17 and 1800’s. When they flooded China with the opium and the opium wars you found that even the agencies that worked for the diplomatic service for England were in charge of it and distribution of it. They haven't changed. They simply mutated into MI6 and special sections of MI6, the rest of them don’t know, and the same in the CIA and they flood the world with drugs.


Marseille is where all heroin is processed, always has been processed. If you look at all the riots they've had in France to do with immigration and all the rest of it, you'll never find that Marseille gets bothered. It's always nice and quiet there. Both sides make sure that it's nice and quiet because the drugs must go through.


They made movies years ago about that and it was called "The French Connection" and there was "The French Connection 1" and 2. They went into that in pretty good detail. It's very hard to get the second one today. It seems to have disappeared from most of the shelves. However, that's a fact, everyone knows in the drug trade that the big boys at the top are involved in the pushing of drugs. When you go into the writings of Huxley and others and even prior to him you'll find that Aleister Crowley that was sent out from the regular freemasonry to start up another branch to get the young ones and the teenagers the rock industry into it, the music industry, the acting industry into their own branch of freemasonry. They also coupled it with drugs and that was his job, to try and encourage people to try altered states. They have never stopped that trick today. They're still pushing the same thing, altered states of consciousness, because they decided that drugs would be one of the best ways to defeat the intelligence and the intellect of the general public; and unfortunately, the stuff that they've been pushing has worked on them an awful lot.


During the hippy era of the 60’s, you'll find that most of the LSD that was first dumped in America and Canada and Britain and elsewhere was being thrown over university walls in garbage bags. There was garbage bags full of them from limousines, big limos and these were made by the big drug industries to get the whole thing going. There's nothing better to do – when you want to control people and do nefarious stuff to them or take rights away or change society or change the culture, you don't want them thinking too straight. You want them to be happy like children in a childish state doing childish things and that's exactly what they did. They were told to be happy, make peace, make love, not war and just have a good old time to themselves and we saw the effects of that through society.


Professor Quigley said himself "the purpose of war primarily is to change society" because all conflicting sides change. The societies change because the government takes over so many roles and that's what we've seen through all these wars. Wars on poverty, there's just as many poor if not more today. The UN claims there is more and they say there is a growing gulf between the rich and the poor and there has been for 25, 30 years and it's getting bigger all the time.


Let's go back to freemasonry for a second here. You'll find that the Pope of Freemasonry, Mr. Pike said himself one of the tenants of their whole mission was to destroy private property and to destroy the family unit as it was known. The Communist Manifesto took over from that and basically pushed on that too. Then we find out in recently declassified documents from MI6 and the CIA, they ran the culture industry in the Western World including Britain and the U.S. as well. They ran the left-wing movements. They funded the artists, the mainstream artists with their nihilistic paintings that drove a lot to suicide just looking at them they were so awful and they ran the whole culture industry. They pushed certain types of entertainment and I've no doubt too they also pushed the whole drug scene as well because the culture that existed at that time prior to the Cold War and the culture we have today are worlds apart. Not only worlds apart, we've ended up exactly where not only the Communist Manifesto wanted us to be, but where obviously those that funded the Communist side all together because Communism did not come from Russia. It didn't come from Karl Marx. It originated in London and it was pushed and funded by the big bankers. They're in cahoots with what's called "The Establishment" and The Establishment happens to be the old aristocracy that have run Britain for 1,000 years. Their cousins also run the other countries of Europe and are still well in control.


Now I think I hear the music coming up. I'll be back after the following messages. Hi, folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just going through or cutting through some of the incredible things that have been happening in the last 50-odd years and how society has ended up exactly where people prophesized we'd end up. People 50 years ago, 100 years ago even because they knew the agenda and as Huxley, Bertrand Russell and others have said, they could make the people go any direction they wanted to with scientific conditioning and that's what we've had, scientific conditioning.


One of the main things they had to do a long time ago was to get a standardized educational system so that everyone could be taught the same indoctrinations because you take your reasoning from what you've been taught. You reason things out according to the data and you come to conclusions, but they knew back then that we worked just like computers. A computer has a language and a computer has a certain logic, a process it must go through, and we work the same way; so, by giving you little bits and bites of information, you use your reason and you will come to predetermined conclusions as you must. Therefore, when you give the same data to everyone under a standardized educational system, they'll all come to the same faulty conclusions, but they’ll all think they're right because everyone else agrees with them and that's how simple it is. They understood this long, long, long ago.


Tests were even done in certain very quiet schools 100 years ago in parts of Europe including England by scientists and they found they could rear children in an environment, a closed environment and teach them whatever they wanted and the people would believe that, the children would grow up believing it. If they told them the earth was flat outside they'd believe it. If they told them they'd fall off the edge if they went outside the house or the planet, they'd believe that too. You can make people believe anything in a closed environment. The next part is to get the whole world into this closed environment and you do it simply by giving them all the same type of education from kindergarten onwards.


Bertrand Russell who was one of the biggest players we've had that came out publicly with a lot of information and who was all for it of course. He was an old aristocrat from a very, very old family in Britain. He was groomed for the diplomatic service but he ended up being a type of philosopher and mathematician. He thought that through mathematics they could literally rule the mind. It's interesting we've gone all the way to the brain chip which works on the binary code and you think this is all just coincidence. Russell didn't dream it up himself. He worked for the Tavistock Institute amongst other big institutions that had lots of data on humanity.


We're the most studied species on the whole planet. They knew they could pull this off step by step because our lives really are fairly short and through foundations and institutions which can last for hundreds of years and have their own mandates, they knew they could simply carry it on intergenerationally and the public who lived in between would never suspect. They'd live and die never knowing that their whole lives and the major events in them were actually planned that way. We take everything for granted. We think a fashion industry just spontaneously comes out with the latest gear and we wear it and somehow it's ours. In fact, it's promoted that way. Back in the '60’s suddenly the blue jeans all became popular, pushed again because all the rock stars wore them and it's quite amazing how we emulate what we're given. We become what we're given in fact.


They say that perception becomes reality, and the advertising industry has taken over our reality for us. We're taught that you buy things because it's all to do with the material world. You buy things and they just make you happy. You have instant orgasms when you brush your teeth with this particular toothpaste or this brush and of course it's all lies. Whatever problems we have can only be dealt with inside our own minds, not with what we get from outside. The advertising industry is there to completely alter your perceptions and give you placebos basically, very expensive placebos too.


Russell said they've have to take the advertising industry onboard in this quest to dominate the minds of the public; and sure enough, they combined forces back in the 1940’s and '50’s and here we are today. Most folk can't tell fact from fiction and how they do it is they aim the next part of the culture at kindergarten. They take children that have been inducted this year and they will give them certain little ideas. It's called predictive programming, again, little stories they give them and based with emotion. “What would you think of person who did this? Would you like them, despise them?” Then they make you feel really bad and guilty. When that person grows up in 40 years time, they'll change laws and rules and the people adapt to them very quickly. There's will be no prejudice or whatever because they've been brainwashed since birth and that's how simply it works.


You have to get the speeches of Beria who worked for the Secret Police of the NKVD back in the 1930’s and he gave speeches to the Comintern, international communists committees, open speeches that were published. He talked in 1933 I think it was about the ability at that time to upgrade the culture every seven years through scientific indoctrination. In other words, put into the youngsters major possibilities of particular changes so that when they came along in their lifetime they would think it was all natural.

I think there may be music coming along I can hardly hear and I'll be back after the following messages.


This is Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix.  I was talking about Beria, the head of the Secret Police in the NKVD era of the Soviet Union, when he talked about the ability to literally indoctrinate and change culture and upgrade it every seven years by intakes of seven years between children, intakes basically, and how they could put new ideas. Therefore everything that they had experienced in their life would be programmed from an early age and the intake that would come the following year would be a little bit ahead of the last lot and so on. That's how you literally do it and it's been the same in the West as well.


It never dawned on us that we were going through exactly the same process as the Soviet Union.  I used to wonder about that myself when I was young, because I thought if this was war, as they kept telling us, a war where science and technology would win, those were the best technology and weaponry would win, why would they have meetings between all your top scientists from the U.S., Britain, Europe and the Soviets every year? These would be the last people you'd put together for goodness sake, supposedly, when spies were turned as they say and all of that kind of thing. It made no sense at all, until you clued in and realized, no, this was a fake war where both sides were being taxed. One side was using mainly its muscle.


The other side was using its money, but you were getting taxed to get high technologies in a war time situation where no one really complained. That's what wars are also for. You don't complain when most of your labor is being taken back off you in taxes to keep you safe. They were using all of this money to do high technology and also funding big scientific institutions that studied human nature and psychology and behavioral psychology. They were sharing all this information between the two sides at the top, because, as I say, the war is really on the people, always has been on the people and the people don't know it.


It's interesting even in the movie to do with the Skull and Bones movie, I think it was called "Bones," the first one they put out there, they even showed you they had a place called the War Room and War Room was written on the wall. That's what it's all about because they're job supposedly to all of us profane ones, all of us in the darkness, is to enlighten us and if we can't be enlightened, then they must rule us like sheep and train us and use us too. They have no problem in using us. That's what the profane really are for, according to the higher freemasons.


Now I think we've got Rick from California on the line. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Hi Alan. It's good to talk to you. The reason why I'm calling is because you mentioned the California fires and I had to call in because I'm living in the areas affected and I wanted to share a couple of things about it. Can I do that?


Alan:  Sure, go ahead.


Rick:  I was noticing there have been lots of protest flyers out in the preceding weeks about Blackwater, stop Blackwater, and I didn't go out there because I don't have a vehicle but it's in this little town called Potrero. Then when the fire broke out, the first fire, it was on the border, it was on Potrero.  I kind of laughed and I said to people you know it's kind of funny that the fire began right where Blackwater was supposed to be, it's probably a cheap way to clear the land and I was saying and people did say to me, oh you're being paranoid.


Alan:  It's all coincidence, isn't it? They live in coincidence theories.


Rick:  I also wanted to mention that the fire is a disaster area. There were thousands of upper class people being evacuated and many people came to bring food and clothes to the stadium. It was just like New Orleans and the National Guard was here and FEMA was here and George Bush came and Chertoff, Homeland Security came to my city. I find it also kind of funny that it happened right the next week after this top-off drill in Portland.


Alan:  Yes, another coincidence. You know in a court of law, this is what's interesting. Taking it for granted that the guilty never admit they're guilty, you come to conclusions in a court of law by the preponderance of evidence and everything stacks up every time against the authorities and yet we still go around chewing the grass and not looking up. It's quite amazing how we've been trained not to use our own reasoning anymore. If it walks like duck and quacks like a duck and certainly if these coincidences always fall in favor of what they want, you know darn well they're doing it.


Rick:  I also want to mention that of course the news came out and they were looking through things to blame and all of them are lower class – it could be the migrant workers burning fires, smokers throwing cigarettes. The first thing I thought was I wonder what laws they're going to come up with as a result of this fire.


Alan:  It's interesting there was Dr. Day years ago after being at top meetings and he said that the agenda was to eventually get everyone out of the coastal areas especially – they don’t want people living around coastal areas in this New World Order (or rural areas).  They said they would use fires and they'd burn them out, and that was back in the 1960’s I think it was.


Rick:  Why coastal areas? I never heard that before. That's interesting. Why coastal areas?


Alan:  I think that part of it is that in coastal areas people can jump in little boats and get away or do what they want and smuggle or survive basically. I think that's part of it. They want everyone and I've no doubt too the elite eventually one day with a much-reduced population want the worker bees all inside where they have the coast to themselves to go sunbathing and playing themselves.


Rick:  Okay. Thank you very much Alan.  I just wanted to share that with you. Have a nice day.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. That's true enough. The residents there have had petitions up and they hoped, they were actually raising up this new petition for the election that's coming in November. I guess it's their local election to get them out and reverse this decision, and bang, within a week and a half they're burned out of their homes just like that and Blackwater gets its way. What gets me is – Blackwater is going to be a new private army, eventually it will blossom and be a world army. They used to call the Blackwater “the underground stream” in the occult in masonry and the Rosicrucians called it that too. Water underground would appear black you see, so they called it Blackwater and it's the underground stream. Here they are using the very terms and all the rest of it, and the people again just go on chewing their cud and accepting this mercenary army is going to be based in California. These guys are killers for hire. That's their profession – killing, not handing out bread or pretending they're from the UN and there's a lot of pretense there too, but actually killing for hire and they have only one master and that's their paymaster. They're not responsible to any Geneva Convention or anyone else or any international laws because they're private. They're privately owned and that should get us all terrified that this is happening.


In days of old, they had the Praetorian Guard to go round Caesar to make sure – that was his own henchmen. That was his private army that would stand by him through thick and thin, and yet here we have the same thing happening here. It's going to blossom on to a world scale and we're all going to be booted around by private armies, just like these creeps in Star Wars, the faceless one that you saw, the numerous numbers of them. They were just bodies for hire. That's what's coming here and I always find it interesting in the U.S. that it was the first country that was openly freemasonic from its very beginning, you might say from its foundation and all of its insignia and emblems and so on and a lot of the speeches of the founding fathers. They said that they'd modeled it after Ancient Rome, looked around at all the systems that preexisted theirs and they came up with Rome. Who on earth would want to emulate Rome that was an empire and Rome lived off of the backs of every country that it conquered. That's what it did. It was really a fascist type state, yet here they are with a private army and so should we really be surprised?


What is surprising as always to those that think is that most folk don't think at all. They're not even concerned about it. I don't think much would concern most people, to be honest with you, anymore. They accept everything that comes along and there's a lot worst to come. There's not doubt about it. The whole agenda for Agenda 21, the United Nations Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century, is all coming down. If you look even into the map there they have for Agenda 21 and all the areas that have to be re-wilded and all the rest of it, lo and behold, right where that fire was, there's Blackwater's military base right there on their on their map. Have a look into that, and that was done a long time ago. Nothing happens by chance. Nothing happens spontaneously. Everything that happens is planned that way on a major scale and that's how you keep control of the world. That's how you guide the direction of the world and here we are. We're going right through it.


We find that 100 years ago they wanted a vastly reduced population. How do you get it?  Russell and others talked about the problem of helping the people by inoculations and killing off diseases, and at the same time raising the population. It was counter productive and so Russell himself said the best thing they could hope for was another black plague, a black death, and Malthus said that long before him. I'm sure these characters were all related no doubt or interbred down through the ages and they all had the same agenda.


Look at the death rate today. It's skyrocketing. Everyone is coming down with cancers. The industry is gone from the shores of most of Europe and there's less smoke. They're not burning coal fires like they used to, and yet lung cancer is gone through the roof even though about 80 percent less people smoke or have ever smoked than before. Start thinking. We're being killed off gradually and that's the best way to do it, by the elites point of view, it doesn't panic with the people. Even young doctors now are coming on the news and they've been taught that it’s quite natural that one out of every two will get cancer or even a few cancers and die off with it. They're taught that's normal, whereas the doctors of 30, 40 years ago were taught about all the different kinds of cancers and how rare certain ones were – one in 10,000, 20 or 100,000. Now they're told the opposite. They're told pretty well one out of two is going to come down with cancer and that's what you always do. You must brainwash those who are going to work on the people. They get the most indoctrination. That's why they're called doctors, IN-DOCTRINATION.


They've been doing it. That's the bad news. They have been bringing us all down. There's hardly a person today who has a complete immune left. I'm sure that the inoculations that they gave us when we were young that was part of the agenda. It was to help destroy the immune system so that eventually something simple that's released that we should be immune to, or we would have resistance to, could probably kill us off quite easily.


I can remember when the first so-called "Bubble Boy" came out, the first boy with a complete allergy syndrome back in the '60s, and that was a novelty then. They showed it on television, BBC and so on, he had to live in this huge bubble complex with filtered air and all the rest of it because he was immune, he was allergic to everything. That had never happened before. Now what had changed over the years?  The inoculations had been stepped up and the polio vaccine came out and I'm positive that polio vaccine was the worst one that was ever given, because it's admitted to now there was over 100 monkey or simian viruses – they call them simians. That's why you have “The Simpson's,” the closest thing to it. You have simian viruses; live simian viruses in every shot and the Simian-40 virus had one purpose. That's what scientists came up with that later looked at it.


The one purpose that Simian-40 virus had was to cause cancer, and who gave us this particular inoculation? The great Dr. Salk. What was the history of the great Dr. Salk?


Dr. Salk was a top eugenicist from The Eugenicist Society for many, many years who wrote about the necessity of culling off the population, so the wolf changed its clothing and became a hero and he's still applauded today.


We should start thinking for ourselves, for those at least who still have the capacity and ability to do it, because we’re being taken down pretty fast. It’s shocking to see how many injections and inoculations now babies are given. They're hitting them before their immune systems are even working and that's why they end up not working so well after all. That's the bad news; and how easy it is to do it when you have training the public. Once again, as Jacques Ellul said, all entertainment is propaganda, because along with the story you're being propagandized. That's why most entertainment on television or in the movies is to do with detectives, the law – I wouldn't call them service, but the legal system and also medicine. They've elevated doctors up to the superhuman ranks of gods and they're the new experts that run our lives. People within one or two generations now believe everything that they're told by doctors, as indeed the doctors do themselves since they had more indoctrination.


However, the facts stand out for themselves as well. When something happens in life, since nothing evolves, I've never seen anything evolving in my life, since nothing happens by itself, then when something changes drastically within the human body – whether it’s the falling sperm count down 75 percent of what it was in the average western male through the 1950’s – it doesn't happen by itself. They discussed all these. They published their findings at the beginning of the 1900’s and in the middle of 1900’s and even today they publish their little documents on reducing the population and what they'd have to do to do it. Lo and behold, if you start thinking about it, you realize that they actually have been doing it.


I can remember when the political leader for the Quebec party in Canada came down with the flesh-eating disease some years ago, a little quip in the Toronto Sun just happened to mention it, and he lost a leg I think from it, Mr. Bouchard. The Toronto Sun had a little appendage onto the story and it said that Bouchard's wife and daughter both had minor flesh-eating disease symptoms on their upper arms; and I thought, where are the inoculation sites? –The upper arms, on the thighs or the buttocks. Where did Bouchard get it? –In his leg, which tells you that the upper politicians you see are always given injections for up-and-coming diseases long before the public hear of them; and certainly, even when you have antidotes et cetera, the public will never ever hear of them. That's why they changed the laws in the western world when Mr. Manning was in, in Canada, and they gave all politicians and their families coverage, complete coverage under military hospitals in times of crisis that would be excluded from the public, they wouldn't get in at all, and it all makes sense.


Now in every batch of inoculations you always get one that's more virile than others and someone will come down with the actual disease itself, and I think that's what happened to Mr. Bouchard. I'm pretty certain his family also had the injections and that's why his wife and daughter both had symptoms of it on their upper arms. Again, simple detective work. That's how you work on things. You use your reasoning – something that's in short supply today.


I don’t give you the good news and I don't flog any antidotes to it either. I just tell you the bad news as it is and at least some of you who have children can perhaps make a decision as to whether to go ahead and have more and more injections. Never mind just the mercury, you have no idea what those injections really are. I’ll be back after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just tidying up before the end of this talk. Talking about democracy as well: Democracy over 100 years ago was debated as to where it would go because it would evolve you see. They're always talking evolution and if they make it happen it's called evolution. Everything does evolve, even in a laboratory or discussion group, that's where things really evolved. They talked about the evolution of democracy. Democracy since it deals with primarily large groups like Jacques Ellul talks about, then they eventually (the large groups) would dominate and be the new type of government over the public; and if you didn't belong to a large group, you'd be voiceless, you'd have no say whatsoever; and lo and behold, that's what's happened. However, what they didn't tell you was that the largest groups in the world would be the big fascist corporate groups, the new feudal overlords that Mr. Carroll Quigley talked about. He thought it was just wonderful. He was all for it, (he) being the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations which had helped to bring it all about. That's happened already.


We're run by CEOs of corporations under the guise of NGO groups, backed by the money as well from the big foundations. These foundations were mentioned for the last 200 years in Masonic books written all along those periods and boasting how they would take over and be the masters over the master of the world through the takeover of money and power. However, what they didn't mention at the time was they would use this term democracy, something they made for themselves, knowing that through time, step by step, like the old song goes, “time is on my side,” intergenerationally, they would become the only ones with voices. Voices loud enough to be heard by the governments and they made sure of that because most of the people in government have been CEOs of the same corporations that now lobby them.


We're run by the big fascist elite and it's interesting, as I said last week or at least earlier this week, that in the Congressional Hall when presidents make their speeches you'll see the two fasci, one on either side of the stage, the wall.  It's on the wall, the bundle of rods covering the axe, an ancient symbol. [Fasces]  The Romans adopted it in fact. It came from the Etruscans. If you try to get a bundle of twigs together and break them over your knee, it's very difficult; but take them one at a time and they break, so the whole idea was that they would all stand together. They'd be terribly cohesive. They'd always stand up for each other. The British used to call it "closing ranks" when one of their members was discovered playing with little boys or something. They'd close the ranks and keep quiet and they'll stand up for each other.


The fasci is a symbol in the U.S. and that's what we're under today. Fascism is alive and well, it never died, it was never conquered. It's always run the system and it also has learned a lot from its counterpart that it created and funded from the beginning called Communism, the big laboratory where they both worked together collecting data and make high-tech equipment that would eventually run all our lives via satellites and so on. That's where the technology for the chips all came from, the Cold War. They rush ahead and they go centuries ahead in a matter of 40, 50 years in technology because they have unlimited financing and personnel.


Well from Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, on a rainy night, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)