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Oddities' Priorities:

"National Health Service Goes Down the Drain,
Where Hospitals, The Experts in Fixing Pain,
Are Having Equality Exposé with Blessing
Of Trusts Who'll Applaud Proud Cross-Dressing,
Money Blown after Cutbacks to Caring,
Appeasing LGBT Crowd Demanding, Daring,
Society's Controlled by Each Self-Interest Group
While Unemployed Lines Wait for Kitchen Soup"
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 22nd of May 2012.  For newcomers, you should always go into website and help yourself to the free audios that are there for download.  There’s well over a thousand to choose from and if you can persevere and you’ve got some patience, you’ll start to understand the big system – that seems all chaotic, if you don’t understand it.  You’ll understand the system you’re born into and how it came to be where it is today with all the massive changes, some of them sounding ridiculous, in fact, but where they all came from, where they stem from, and the techniques that are used on the populations, across the world; as we’re really brought into a global type of government, this new world global system, designed by the international banking system a long time ago that put up their front foundations that have armies of non-governmental organizations working for them. 


All your Greenies etc, all get massive funding from these big foundations, tax-exempt too foundations, but they’re just fronts for the big international moneylenders.  The guys who lend to complete nations and could buy and sell or sink you all overnight, if they wanted to and sometimes they have.  The old plan was to bring the world under one system, their system, and they would hire academia, and science, and scientists to basically take care of all the rest of us, right down to micromanagement.  And this was planned well over a hundred years ago, I’ve given some of the history on it before and you can all check it up yourselves because it’s out in the open, how it came to be; but it doesn’t matter so much because we’re railroaded with news everyday, of the symptoms of the disease and we’re not allowed to really talk about the disease, even by law sometimes in some cases and different topics.  So, it’s a hard thing to do.  All you can do is sort of point the way to people and if they do their own research they can find out for themselves and then the problem is what do you do about it. 


Now remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you so you can buy the books and discs at to help me out because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I don’t own shares in companies that sell you things or anything like that, so you can buy the books and discs and donate.  Donations are in really short supply right now. You can do so by going into to see how to do it.  Across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal.  In the US to Canada you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order or you can send cash or use PayPal as well, it’s up to you.  As I say, I do this without sponsorship.  The ads you hear on this radio show are really there by the advertisers themselves.  I’ve got nothing to do with them and I don’t even know who they are, most of them.  That pays for the airtime to RBN, to put this across the radio, so that’s how we trot along here, basically. 


Now, what I try to do, as I say, is to give you the big plan, the big agenda to do with how governments run peoples, with experts, of course, at the very, very top.  Your average politician isn’t the wisest person.  They have experts above them that are appointed to them as advisors, etc, who’ve been trained in a completely different reality from the rest of the population and sometimes they boast about it.  The other night I gave an example about creating realities and how we follow their realities and then they change it again, then we follow that.  So, they give us realities that we’re supposed to follow at the bottom level.  Meanwhile, of course, they’re taking the whole world on a completely different tangent from the one you think is going on all together.  It’s a fantastic trick. 


The boys who run the world and who have run the merchant banking system for many, many, many centuries, literally have their own archives on how to do things.  You never throw knowledge away, it’s so valuable.  It’s the most valuable thing there is, if you want to control and own everybody.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Years ago, many years ago, different governments, that are all on the same agenda, basically – we’ve been in a global system for a long time – they only use nationalism and wave the flag when they want you to go off and fight another war and as soon as it’s over, of course, you’re back to the globalism and all the rest of it.  They decided that eventually, everyone across the world, under the United Nations treaties and charters, the World Health Organization, would get at least the most basic minimal treatment available.  And that would make it fair across the world, for all the peasantry across the world, that’s the masses, in other words, while of course, the elite had their own superior plans which they’d be allowed to pay into through insurances. But also too, the politicians in the States and Canada and Britain and elsewhere made a law also, exempting themselves.  They could get treated, and their families, for life, at special military hospitals.


So, you knew something was coming because the plan was, of course, to bring in this minimal care system across the world.  And in Britain, they had an actual working national health service at one time, when the people in the hospital ran it, as opposed to putting in these managerial CEOs that they train now and who stuff their pockets with the profits.  There shouldn’t be profits in NHS ones anyway.  They brought it down step by step, all the National Health Service systems, step by step, slashing and burning, slashing and burning.  And of course, since we’ve been involved straight since the Gulf War I to the present, with warfare, there’s more and more slashing and burning of the National Health Service.


So, what they did was start to import lots of doctors from across the seas, mainly India, rather than train them at home.  Some countries have done the same thing with tradesmen too.  The US and Canada are famous for importing tradesmen, including into Australia too.  It saves them putting out the cash, their businesses putting out the cash to train them in their own countries.  That’s how Britain took the road of importing them and sometimes there’s incredible chaos and massive medical ‘misconduct’, you might say, the polite word for it really, where the characters shouldn’t even have a license, to be honest with you.


What I’m speaking about here is a system that’s to go worldwide, remember.  Britain is the flagship for trying all the new systems on first.  Sometimes they’ll use one of its colonies and they still have colonies, like Australia and Canada; still part of the Commonwealth and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations boys.  Milner, in fact, came up with the idea of calling it "the Commonwealth".  It sounded better than the British Empire.  This is where it ends up taking you and you should really look at Britain for what happens there because Obama, you see, is bringing in the same system and he hired the Rand Corporation to do all the work on what to do.  And, Rand in their own official statements report, I’ve got it here in fact, they came back to him, said that they had taken the British model and that’s what they would base the American model on.


Well, here’s the British model.  Remember too, Britain is already slashed; in fact, they’re bringing in now all the disabled people in Britain, who have to re-register, to see if they’re really disabled.  I think there’s four panels that are all paid to say no to them, basically.  This latest way to get everybody off disability is to say no, you’re not disabled at all.  So anyway, it’s going way back to what it used to be in the 1950s or 40s.  Here’s an example of what happens now in Britain; your life is in your hands, believe you me.


15-year-old schoolgirl died after ‘doctor mistook tuberculosis for lovesickness’


Alan:  You get these articles all the time over there, these ridiculous articles.  That’s what the doctor diagnosed.  She was just suffering from ‘lovesickness’, you see.  It says:


Alina Sarag died of tuberculosis after her GP [general practitioner doctor] claimed she was ‘lovesick’…


Alina Sarag was seen by more than five doctors at four different hospitals but medics failed to detect the curable disease.


Her distraught parents even called her GP more than 50 times about their daughter’s ailing condition over a four-and-a-half month period before her death on January 6 last year.


An inquest heard that her GP, Dr Sharad Shripadrao Pandit, accused her parents of "mollycoddling" her.


Alan:  "Mollycoddling", you see, it’s a mental thing, obviously.


Shockingly, he even claimed her symptoms were brought on because she was ‘lovesick’.


Her distraught father, Sultan Sarag, 43, broke down as he told Birmingham Coroner’s Court: "The doctor said to her ‘Did you meet someone on holiday? Are you missing him?’


Alan:  She was going down the hill fast.  That’s what happens with tuberculosis.  So, anyway this Dr. Pandit wouldn’t change his story on it, and what was wrong with her.  They could do simple tests, sputum tests, things like that, but he didn’t bother with that either.  When you have a high incidence of tuberculosis, it’s supposed to be reportable to the authorities.  Now the father already had tuberculosis.  The girl had had it before and so she was a high priority.  They should have known that from the start and checked it from that right away for recurrence, but no, she had "lovesickness" and she died. 


That’s the National Health Service for you today.  That’s how they diagnose you.  She was being "mollycoddled" and she was "lovesick".  Anyway the chest infection just spread and so on.  And probably eventually there were hemorrhages in the lungs and all the rest of it.  That’s what normally happens.  So, it’s going to court and that’s what they’re going to bring into the US.  You’ll get this craziness and diagnoses from guys who couldn’t diagnose a pregnant penguin. 


You would think with the National Health Service having such troubles, you see, with slashing, cutting and burning and it’s so bad there.  They’ve done every trick in the book in Britain.  They have to get so many wards, for instance, and just to put it on the record they’ve got so many wards in the hospital, that they would stash patients along the corridors on trolleys and take the wheels off; now they’re immobile, that’s a new ward.  I mean, trick after trick after trick.  They were putting out cancer patients, cancer patient’s treatments, to come in and get treated for your cancer.  They had lists of the patients because the hospitals send them questionnaires, when will your holidays be up, due or whatever, and they would always send them out when they were off on holiday.  They knew they were coming up and then they could say they failed to turn up and so on.  So, it wasn’t the hospital’s fault, you see; no, the person didn’t come in.  Because a couple of years ago they decided to do essential, essential surgeries, only.  Now essential surgeries came down to vasectomies and abortions.  That’s the priority.  I’m not kidding you.


You understand, these services, National Health Service, awfully expensive services, with CEOs at the top now, have got a political agenda.  Speaking of political agendas, the:


National Health Service


Alan:  That, as I say, is cut to the bone.  This is the most important thing it’s got to do right now, right, as it’s killing folk off with misdiagnosing, and so on.


launches ‘diversity week’ with transgender art…


Alan:  What’s "transgender art"?  I mean, goodness sake.  Is it cross-dressing art or something?


The NHS has funded a "human rights week" with dozens of events including a photographic exhibition to celebrate transgender staff.


In November, Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, said the leaders of the health service had a responsibility to taxpayers ‘to make sure that every pound of NHS money is spent as effectively as possible to deliver the best possible care’


Hundreds of managers and front line workers are due to attend conferences and workshops on equality and diversity this week.

Patients’ groups criticised the spending at a time when services and jobs were under threat, as the NHS attempts to make £20 billion in efficiency savings


Alan:  They’ll get more Dr. Pandits in, I guess.


The events include two all-day conferences involving at least 170 health care managers.


Alan:  That’s the problem, once they turned it over to health care managers, folks, it all went to the dogs.


In addition, NHS Rotherham will host a week-long exhibition of "inspiring images" which promises to "celebrate the lives of transgender staff and patients".


Alan:  I mean, what’s all this coming into this field for?  It’s the last thing you expect in a hospital, where all politics or quibbles, or what strange clan you belong to, matters.  It’s supposed to be all about getting treated for something that’s wrong with you.  Everything’s politicized now.


And NHS North West is promoting an "awareness raising timeline" to commemorate homosexual and transgender doctors and nurses.


Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said the health service was being hit hard by the demand for efficiency savings and could not afford an expensive week of events.


Funding should only be authorised when it could be shown that it would improve care for patients, she said.


"Ensuring equality and diversity needs to be one of the fundamental elements of the way an NHS trust operates. It shouldn't need a costly and distracting week of events and conferences to ensure that this message is communicated effectively."


At least 170 NHS managers working in human resources and leading programmes in equality and diversity are due to attend full-day conferences in London and Manchester.


Alan:  So you’ve got managers, who are specializing, obviously, in programs to do with transgenderism in the hospital workplace.  You know the Russians had it too.  They had their KGB staff on all air bases inside submarines, Germany had their own special staff too, to make sure everybody’s politically correct, you see, you’ve got to be politically correct. And here we are with this kind of rubbish, inside the hospital system.  And it’s going to cost:


…£199 per place –


Alan:  As they have their big meal and all that.


more than £30,000 in total – is expected to be paid by the NHS trusts which employ them.


The events will feature speakers from the Equality and Human Rights Commission…


Alan:  So you’ve got another big commission, a PC commission.


…and the homosexual rights group Stonewall. Additional costs will be covered by sponsors including trade unions and training organisations.


Alan:  Would you have ever believed, a few years back, looking down the road and say, I guess the most important thing in the hospitals will be overseen by the Human Rights Commission and the homosexual rights group to do with treating people in a hospital?  Really?  Coming out of an anesthetic and someone looking like the Bride of Frankenstein and you’ve got to call him Ann or something, is that so important?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting through the Matrix.  Just going through the madness that’s going on in Britain and no doubt coming everywhere else across the world, as they slash and burn healthcare systems while the same healthcare systems that you pay for has to celebrate special events, to do with transgender people and keep everybody happy.  Everything is so politicized.  If you need a job now, you’re going to have to wear a skirt or something if you’re a guy because it’ll give you points, to get hired.  I’m not kidding.  It’ll come to that.  Maybe you’ve got a fetish like smelly socks.  Maybe that’ll give you 5 points; if you can get someone on the inside to give you an advanced copy of what you should say then you probably will get a job.  It’s going to be the only way eventually to have it, to be absolutely politically correct, you see.  What they’re doing too, it says:


The timeline created by NHS North West highlights "achievements of people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, and particularly those who have contributed to health care", from ancient Greece to the present day.


They include James Barry, a British Army surgeon who lived as a man but was found to be female upon death in 1865…


Alan:  How did they contribute to healthcare?  Really?  In those days, you see, the surgeons weren’t looked upon as they are today.  They were “Mister” and they had a barber’s pole, literally, a barber’s pole, which they stuck out their tent.  They cut and amputated legs and arms and they also shaved the men and cut their hair.  They were barbers, basically.  It was the end of the century before they came into their own, as different; and even then the medical doctors didn’t want to accept them.  Anyway, it says:


NHS Employers, the body organising the first "NHS Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week", defended its decision to go ahead with the plans at a time of austerity…


Alan:  So there are exemptions, you see, but everything else must be austere and have slash and cut backs, but, no, if you’ve decided that whatever you were born with, right, that thing down there, if you’ve still got it and haven’t had it removed or something, is so important that we’ve all got to take notice of it and respect it, so much.  See, at one time what people did in their homes was up to them and no one cared or talked about it, but now you’ve got to come out now apparently and tell everybody what you do.  It’s just incredible, incredible.


They’ve institutionalized, and that’s the term the United Nations uses, by the way.  They will institutionalize this or that into ordinary vocabulary and everyday conversation until it’s like gravity, it exists and it’s a very important thing.  They did the same thing they said with the separation of the genders initially, man and woman, when they were starting that fight going on, that they would institutionalize this into all the talk shows, etc, etc.  Even in university they’d start off how this would affect women, for instance, you know, planting rhubarb in the garden.  They’ll have to start off with how it would affect the females, just to get it in.  You have to always attach these things, how would it be from a feminist position, and now it’s institutionalized, that’s what they mean by that.  So, it’s institutionalized through a system that’s falling apart and turning patients away.  People can’t get in to get operations because of the cutbacks, but they can have big fairs like this, to make them dress up and feel happy; oh God, it’s crazy. 


Anyway, that’s the world you’re living in folks.  It’s fragmented.  When it’s so fragmented, you understand, and groups have appeared that will fight each other, that never even thought about each other before, someone is pulling the strings and someone else has now conquered you because you can’t stand up for the big things that matter to everybody.


This article here is from Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking of America and it was by Charles Ferguson, put out in 2012, a book.  He also did a documentary film about:


…the 2008 economic crisis, Inside Job, found that the most surprising, and disturbing, portion of the film was its revelation of widespread conflicts of interest in universities, think tanks…


Alan:  Well, they’re all owned, you see, by the big foundations.


…and among prominent academic experts on finance, economics, business, and government regulation. Viewers who watched my interviews with eminent professors were stunned at what came out of their mouths.


Over the last thirty years, in parallel with deregulation and the rising power of money in American politics, significant portions of American academia have deteriorated into "pay to play" activities.


Alan:  In other words, a professor for hire.


These days, if you see a famous economics professor testify in Congress, appear on television news, testify in a legal case or regulatory proceeding, give a speech, or write an opinion article in the New York Times (or the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, or anywhere else), there is a high probability that he or she is being paid by someone with a big stake in what’s being debated. Most of the time, these professors do not disclose these conflicts of interest, and most of the time their universities look the other way.


Increasingly, professors are also paid to testify for defendants in fraud trials, both civil and criminal. The pay is high -- sometimes a quarter of a million dollars for an hour of congressional testimony. But for banks and other highly regulated industries, it’s a trivial expense, a billion or two a year that they barely notice; and just as with politicians, it’s a very good investment, with very high benefits.


Alan:  Everything is loaded in this life.  And I’ve said this so often. You’re always given your opinions, on debates, by people who are brought forth as specialists and experts; and you don’t really realize they’re not giving you honest, unbiased opinions.  They’re giving you paid opinions their paymaster tells them.  It says:


Academics on industry payrolls are now so numerous and powerful that they can often prevent universities, professional associations, and academic journals from adopting or enforcing strong conflict-of-interest policies.


They also have a chilling, even dominant, effect on several areas of academic research and policy analysis.


Alan:  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how academia is big, of course, in this whole global system as they help make policies and you know, basically, indoctrinate the public, never mind their students, when they’re brought on television and all that kind of stuff.  It says:


The sale of academic "expertise" for the purpose of influencing government policy, the courts, and public opinion is now a multibillion-dollar business. Academic, legal, regulatory, and policy consulting in economics, finance, and regulation is dominated by a half dozen consulting firms, several speakers’ bureaus, and various industry lobbying groups that maintain large networks of academics for hire specifically for the purpose of advocating industry interests in policy and regulatory debates.


These consulting firms are not like McKinsey or the Boston Consulting Group. They do not exist to help companies make better products or operate efficiently. Their principal focus is on helping companies avoid or influence legislation,


Alan:  Laws.


public debate, regulation, prosecution, class-action lawsuits, antitrust judgments, and taxes.


The largest academic regulatory consulting firms are the Berkeley Research Group, the Analysis Group, the Brattle Group, Criterion, Compass Lexecon, and Charles River Associates. All have relationships with many prominent academics.


Their combined academic roster is around one thousand, and their combined revenues are certainly well over $1 billion per year. (Most are private and don’t release revenue information.) In some cases, they include a majority of the prominent academics in important policy-related fields, such as antitrust policy and the economics of regulation.


Alan:  It goes on quite a bit actually and gives you more of a history with it and how they’ve really influenced so many things in your lives and they get paid to do so.  And you think they’re, again, being impartial because, well, a professor is always impartial, isn’t he?


Also the: 


Catholic groups go to war against US government over controversial birth control rule


Alan:  That Obama is ramming through.


Forty three Catholic dioceses and organizations from across the U.S. have filed a dozen lawsuits against the Obama administration for making employers offer workers health insurance plans that cover contraception. 


Alan:  And abortion, of course.


The lawsuits filed on Monday in eight states and the District of Columbia argue that the federal mandate issued as part of the health reform law violates fundamental religious liberties.


When the birth control rule was made public earlier this year, it has drawn heavy criticism from bishops in every diocese in the U.S. They warned that the regulation could force Catholic schools, hospitals and charitable agencies to stop offering their services. 


Alan:  There’s a video that goes along with it too.


At least 11 previous lawsuits have already been filed against the mandate by states, colleges, private employers and organizations throughout the U.S., according to Catholic News Agency.


Alan:  And they’ve got various separate lawsuits against them going on as well.


You understand, in this global system, as I say, you can’t be offended by the big agenda because that is the agenda, is depopulation and using abortion as a form of birth control and, of course, selling the body parts all over the world.  It’s very lucrative for the guys at the top.  It’s amazing how there’s always a massive profit in every big social change, isn’t there?  Right down to children and fetuses and spinal cords and whatever else; there’s always somebody who wants it and is going to pay high bucks, big bucks for it.  But what can you do? 


That’s how degraded we all are today.  Of course, it had to be this way because once you start, as I say, abortion on the one end, the next step, I said years ago, would be euthanasia for the elderly and the other, now that’s here.  Your national health services are fighting about what dress to wear or pants to wear or whatever and folk are dying but they’ll keep the abortions going because that’s the big world agenda.


Rockefeller mentioned that, by the way, in his last big Lucky Gene Club talk that they had.  He says now that we’ve got abortion across the world.  They didn’t call it abortion, of course, it’s women’s health issues but it’s abortion across the world.  He says now we must start, he says, on rapid depopulation; and then right after that comes all the releases into the media about euthanasia, euthanasia, euthanasia.  It’s all connected folks, always is.


Now, we are really products of our indoctrination and school is the business of indoctrination so that you can be managed throughout your entire life without being too much of a problem to the guys who own you and rule you, and we are owned and ruled.  If Charles Galton Darwin was saying in the 1950s, we’re now creating a new more efficient form of slavery, then there’s got to be owners to this slavery system and there are.  There are owners out there, the ones who own all your debt basically own you and they say what goes. 


Anyway, they also use big corporations like IBM.  They’re into everything, with all the Smart grids and the Smart meter systems.  Everything’s smart, smart, smart and into schooling big time, giving out their courses for teachers.


IBM and Desire2Learn Introduce New Services and Software offerings to K-12 and Higher Education

Companies deliver analytics-based intelligent learning environment.


Alan:  Now, all schooling is always social indoctrineering, basically.  That’s what it’s about, it’s social indoctrination and quite a few people from Gatto to others have come out, talking about it, and Charlotte Iserbyt too, on Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  If you want to be a slave owner, you don’t want intelligent beings and you’re not going to make them, you’re going to dull them down.  You’re going to stop their ability to be inquiring about things.  You’re going to dumb them down.  I’m quite serious about this.  This is how it’s always been done.


IBM and Desire2Learn Incorporated today announced new consulting services and software offerings that take the power of predictive analytics to improve outcomes in education.


The new education platform will address the needs for schools, colleges and universities to improve the quality of education for students, enhance the effectiveness of teachers, and empower administrators to create more personalized learning environments.


…IBM is collaborating with Desire2Learn, a learning solutions company that provides the Desire2Learn Learning Environment and related products and technologies to schools, higher education, and organizations around the world.


Alan:  See, you’ve got to get a world system going, just like UNICEF and all the rest of them.  They’re into creating a world culture that must grow up with all the same opinions on everything.


These range from individual schools, to district- and state-wide clients, to some of the world’s largest education entities, such as The New York City Department of Education.


Alan:  So again, when these big corporations, IBM especially, when they go into anything at all it’s to do with much more than just massive business, which it is, and massive profit, which it always gets; it’s to do with the agenda.  Whatever IBM is up to it’s always the agenda.  All the corporations when IBM meet, everybody in the who is who of corporations has to attend it because IBM are at the top.  They tell you how the world is going to be, including what kind of people they’re going to churn out of the schools.


Another thing that hit the papers too is quite an amazing thing about JP Morgan, that first said that they lost about 2 billion dollars and now it could exceed 7 billion, in this article here.  It says:


US bank has cancelled its plan for a share buyback in the wake of the growing crisis.


The crisis at JP Morgan escalated yesterday as it emerged its trading losses in London could rise to as much as $7bn (£4.5bn) and the US bank cancelled a share buyback. Fears were growing that the losses could spiral from an initial $2bn, which was declared on 10 May, as JP Morgan struggles to unwind the massive bets made by the so-called "London Whale" trader Bruno Iksil.


In a further blow, chairman and chief executive Jamie Dimon has suspended plans to use the US bank’s own funds to buy back $15bn worth of shares. Buybacks are a popular way for firms to use up cash sitting on the balance sheet and prop up the share price.


JP Morgan shares tumbled 82 cents or 2.45 per cent to a new six month-low of $32.67. The bank’s value has fallen by a quarter in a year.


Alan:  I was wondering why Tony Blair, who has been one of the front men across the world in all the Arabic countries and even across to Israel, what he went back to Britain for.  Now he’s trying to get back into politics.  I guess he was tipped off in advance that his employer JPMorgan was going to hit the slumps.  And Tony doesn’t waste time, you know.


So anyway, that’s one article on it and this other one, it’s so amazing too.  The US has a good thing here, that it actually will disclose so much about some of their politicians, their own finances and investments, and so on. 


Many lawmakers are personally invested in JPMorgan Chase


When Wall Street giant JPMorgan Chase announced this week that it has lost an estimated 2 billion (now upped to $3 billion)…


Alan:  It’s now up to 7 billion...


on risky trades, Republican and Democratic members of Congress rushed to make their political cases:


Alan:  You’re darn right they rushed.  It says:


Either this was something that more regulation couldn't have prevented, or this was exactly what stronger government rules could have thwarted.


None of them, however, mentioned whether they had a financial stake in JPMorgan Chase.


So, I’ll put up tonight a list of them who’ve got money invested in JPMorgan Chase, including the senators who’ve got money invested, the top one’s got over a million dollars there.  Most of them have got about $100,000 to $50,000 or so.  Some as low as $1000, maybe that was given as presents.  Some of them go up to $15,000 to over a million.  These are the senators and then I’ll give you another too with the representatives, who, some of them have $250,000, maximum of $500,000 and it’s quite an awful long list, believe you me.  And that’s only one of their investments, you see. 


Remember, I think it was earlier this year, that they gave themselves the right to insider trading, only themselves.  Since naturally they couldn’t avoid overhearing where the government was going to invest money, and so on, that they should be able to cash in on it and go along with the investments.  Anybody else trying that is going to go to the slammer but the politicians just made a ruling and passed it into law by themselves, that they can do insider trading.  Not bad, is it?  Not bad, a little privileged society. 


They also have a list too, not on this one, to do with all the top generals, in the US in the military, who have investments in them as well.  It’s quite something; it seems that the bankers rule the whole country, which of course they do.  They actually do.  They can do no wrong, actually.  We’ve got to bail them out when they sink and then they stiff us afterwards, of course, with high fees and interest rates.




Australian Clinic Uses IVF [in vitro fertilization] to Search out and Destroy Embryos With


Alan:  What they claim could be a...


Cancer Gene


Alan:  It’s all very iffy stuff right now, in fact, this whole idea of predicting your health down the road.  It truly is, it’s supposed to be in its infancy but they’re already at it, saying, “well you know you’ve got this gene that might be a cancer gene.  We could remove that from the child before it even becomes a child, in vitro fertilization.”  Some are going towards it, all the ones who I guess can afford it, are going towards it.  Eventually it’ll come right down to, it’s either that or they’re going to abort you.  A lot of people have actually fallen for all the tricks of the science conman and they’ve aborted children that probably were perfectly okay and would have normal lives.  Having a dominant gene doesn’t mean you’re going to get the disease.  It doesn’t.  It says:


MELBOURNE,  The eugenic practice of genetic testing to screen out the “unfit” has moved a step forward in Australia. Nathan Charles Runciman, a child born January 20, was conceived in a lab by in vitro fertilization.


Using a process called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis he had two of his cells removed to test for the gene for bowel cancer. When the cells were found to be free of the cancer gene, he was implanted in his mother’s uterus and allowed to live.


The Age reports that on her first cycle at Monash IVF clinic, the reproductive medicine clinic of Monash University, Victoria, Australia, Mrs. Runciman produced eight embryos and five had the gene for cancer, including those regarded as the “strongest”, which would normally have been implanted.


Of the three remaining embryos, one was “unsuitable for transfer”. This is the only epitaph that will be written for these tiny human beings who were then discarded as useless. 


Alan:  This is what it’s all coming down to.


Monash IVF chief executive Donna Howlett said in the Age that “Monash IVF screening had produced 15 babies tested for single gene disorders.”  Victoria’s Monash University’s most famous son is notorious bioethicist, Peter Singer, a proponent of infanticide for disabled children and involuntary euthanasia for the elderly.


His work to sell eugenics to the world scientific community has been immensely successful. Peter Singer was rewarded for his pioneering in bioethics with the prestigious Chair of Bioethics at Princeton University.  Mrs. Runciman told The Age that, “if I was going to have a child, it was going to have a test.” She said she was “so happy he won’t get the disease”.


Alan:  No, he’ll probably die of something else. 


That’s what it’s coming down to.  You understand, you’re going into Brave New World, whether you know it or not.  You’re not supposed to think about that but you see, that’s what it’s all about, Brave New World, where the state ultimately, once it starts off this way, eventually the state steps in, always steps in and they’ll decide who’s going to live and who’s going to die.  If the child maybe has an intellect gene and he’s meant for the lower classes, well he’s just going to be terminated.  You can’t have an intelligent person from the lower classes for goodness sake.  As Bertrand Russell said, we’ll have to, basically, eliminate them completely because you never change or upset the balance of power.  Can’t do that.  It just shows you how the sciences, literally, got into the heads of everyone with their supposed perfect expertise and expert dialogues on television.  Most of it’s nonsense but it’s important you all start to believe in it, you see, and give the state eventually the right to step in and say, "Oh, that’s unfit; in the bucket, in the bucket, in the bucket".  That’s what they do with them.  I’m not kidding.


That’s what we come down to as we dehumanize ourselves, devalue ourselves and allow this to go on and that’s what you do when you push abortion or allow it to go on and then you push for euthanasia.  Then the state takes over, of course, and, just like Holland, they decide who lives and dies; even if doctors won’t euthanize someone, in their home, the state sends a van – kind of like China because they are the model state for the world – to your door and they come up and they’ll give you it whether you like it or not.  That’s what happens.  Of course, everybody is too plain to take these things seriously, "Oh, it’ll never happen to me.  Oh no, goodness me".  That’s a strange mental way of looking at things.


Third of malaria drugs ‘are fake’


A third of malaria drugs used around the world to stem the spread of the disease are counterfeit, data suggests.


Researchers who looked at 1,500 samples of seven malaria drugs from seven countries in South East Asia say poor-quality and fake tablets are causing drug resistance and treatment failure.


Data from 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa including over 2,500 drug samples showed similar results.


Alan:  That was in the Lancet, the big prestigious medical journal for Britain.  They’re coming from India and China.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  An update to that JP Morgan, it says:


Champion American complainer Jamie Dimon complained on Monday about Wall Street regulation, while also insisting he not be described as a complainer. All the while, his bank’s losses, partly resulting from lax regulation, continued to grow.


An initial $2 billion trading loss has likely resulted in a total loss of more than $30 billion, when you include a 19 percent drop in the bank’s stock price. By itself, the trading loss alone might balloon to more than $6 billion, according to one estimate.


Alan:  It’s definitely playing havoc with the ones at the top, who are all invested, generally the politicians and people.  Probably a lot of the professors and stuff; everybody on the inside gets first digs, you see, to invest.  And the Russian Academy of Science says global warming is officially coming to an end:


Global warming is coming to an end: In the coming years the temperature over the entire planet will fall and the cooling will provide a character of relief. This is the conclusion reached by Russian scientists from the Physics University of the Russian Academy of Science.


The process of a general temperature decrease has already begun, according to the research. After having peaked in 2005, the average temperature on Earth is now returning to the level of the 1996-1997 years, 0.3°C lower.


According to the scientists, global temperatures will fall another 0.15°C by 2015, which corresponds to the climate of the early 1980s.”


Alan:  So I guess they’ll go back and forth and then they’ll call any climate change as we go up and down, as we always have, for millions of years.  There’ll be climate crisis, "we’re getting cool again, oh, we’re getting hot again".  Either way they’ve got to make a lot of money off of this, of course, at the top, to do with carbon and all the rest of it.  They want that to be a keeper, this carbon because we’re all to get taxed on it.  It’s going to run our whole lives as we pay extras for all the energy that went in to make that Mars bar, including the wrapping too.  I’m not kidding you.  You’re going to have police out there too, actually, in your homes to find out how much carbon you actually create in a day and carbon dioxide you breathe out.


I’m putting up tonight too, a link to all the kinds of surveillance drones that are out there.  There’s such an incredible amount of them now, now that they’re going to go all over the States.  They’ve already been over Canada.  Folk have seen them already in Canada, even a few years ago.  It’s a good slideshow on all the different types of drones that you’ve either seen or you’re likely to see coming overhead, from the hovering types to the big ones, to the small ones; even the tiny ones, from Israel, that look like butterflies.  It’s from Cryptome and it’s very good photographs too.  And interesting too, it says:


Israel, US to allow expedited entry for travelers


Alan:  So it’s about the only exception.


Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman and US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano are set to sign a declaration Sunday toward expediting entry for travelers between the two countries, Army Radio reported.


Israel will join a program to allow frequent travelers between the two countries entry without the hassle of checks.


Alan:  Different strokes for different folks.  It depends on how much dough you’ve got.


The program allows business people, diplomats, and citizens with residences in both countries to undergo a comprehensive security check ahead of time in order to reduce hassles during travel.


Alan:  I notice some of them that were around one of the politicians that’s running now, I think 6 or 7 of them had dual citizenship for that country. 


It’s just amazing, they don’t have to go through the groping and all the rest of it, just all the rest of you peasants.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



Transcribed by Mary Lou



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