(Third Hour)

November 3, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – November 3, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi, this is Alan Watt and it is November 3rd, 2006.


This talk is to do with psycholinguistics.  It's the art of the use of words, repetition of scientifically aligned words and phrases which alter your behavior. It's a well-understood science at the top.  It's implemented in all media every day.  The public are completely unaware of it, really, but they certainly are downloaded with the ideas that are produced and they act it out. They bring it out into their behavior. They act it out into reality. "Psycholinguistics" is the term used. Very, very ancient science, well understood.


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"It's Only Words"

By the Bee Gees


Smile an everlasting smile
A smile can bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you gone
'Cause that would bring a tear to me

This world has lost it's glory
Let's start a brand new story
Now my love right now there'll be
No other time and I can show you
How my love

Talk in everlasting words
And dedicate them all to me
And I will give you all my life
I'm here if you should call to me

You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say
It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away



To continue with the psycholinguistics, we find that when the Communist party arose to power they had access to much of this information because their job was to act like the two horns of the bull. One side was them. One side was the supposed existing capitalist system, the laissez-faire. In reality, the bankers were the capstone and their job at the Communist party was to alter society. It was the fastest method of creating a centralized form of government and law, regulations, and with the takeovers of other countries mainly in Europe, so many countries living side-by-side with different languages, variations on cultures, different government systems, it was the fastest way to amalgamate them into the one system in preparation for joining with the West at the right time.


People don't realize that the two pillars, and the fire and the water, and the two opposites are always used to create a third way. As they call it, "the third way," the solution, the synthesis of the whole idea.


Now in the beginning was the word. The word didn't create anything. They word esoterically created the "big idea." The big idea was the abstract form, unformulated chaos, but wisdom was behind it so the serpent moved over the waters. This is the esoteric understanding, as it's always been, pre-Christian, pre-Judaism, pre most of the religions you know in fact, and so you have the unformed idea but wisdom is behind it. It's the BIG IDEA as it's expressed in high freemasonry, in the high esoteric circles.


The word is to formulate it, to speak it into existence. You create a system, a world, a perception by speaking it into existence and through repetition thereafter.  Using the tribal system, if you get the ones at the tops of the tribes or the kings and the queens—that's why kings and queens were invented and given to the public as a show piece—whatever they say or do, the people down below emulate; whether it's what they say or the accent they use, as in England, which is actually a corrupt form of English because the Germans brought it in with them with George and the modern day Elizabethan Queen's English is actually a corruption of English because he couldn't speak English very well. Now it's the norm at the top.


The people down below emulate what they see at the top and perception becomes reality for the public, but it's not the true reality. It's a show for the public. The word is spoken into existence. Now we see the Communists as I say who wrote more about this technique because they'd been heavily trained by the esoteric groups who'd already ruled the world for thousands and thousands of years and they were taught some of these sciences at the top.  Lenin said, "we shall win by slogans. The repetition of slogans," and the idea was to divide and conquer all existing structures within society, within humanity.


Divide the generations from each other. Not only separate the generations, but actually make each one think and interact only with their own as they grow up and then matured throughout their life. They wouldn't mix with either group below or above. Interesting how detailed it was and this works to the present day. We don't look towards anyone younger for wisdom. We don't look to anyone older for wisdom. We sort of just float through a particular little avenue we're given and we're disassociated with everyone else around us.


We also find the use of slogans as I say, "don't trust anyone over 30."  Then they kept dropping it and dropping it and that was first put out by Communist party within the United States. It worked very well.  We find the same slogans used to silence anyone who is investigating the system as they see it at the time, and they're either called "a Natzi" or "an anti-Semite" or "a Zionist.  Slogans silence the person who’s inquiring you see and it can be very innocent, the inquiry itself, but to silence you is to get a guilt response in you, a conditioned reflex guilt response, so that you shut down and you don't even question yourself why you're shutting down. These are silencing techniques, which were well understood again thousands of years ago.


If you said "anti-priest" at one time in the Middle Ages you might have been burned at the stake, so it doesn’t matter what group you've identified with culturally or you've adopted, slogans can be used against you and your own affiliation with a group you think you've put yourself into will help to silence you. It’s best to be a loner and to think for yourself and don't let any name-calling put you off the track that you're on, even if you find out it's only a false herring (it's a false lead, a red herring), still persist because you have to go through all of the maze of disinformation and front groups to get to the truth in anything; and then you find they're controlled at the top anyway by the same bunch.


It’s interesting that so much of the Natzi philosophy which was taken from Social Darwinism and the Superman complex that they came up with, you create this race of Supermen through science and all of the Blavatsky/Masonic-type symbology adopted by the Natzi group and the Knights Templars affiliations with it and the Germanic Knights et cetera.  All of this is held together at the top by the same esoteric group, one at the very top; and a lot of it was taken from Talmud and Kabbalah, the Jewish side of things.  There's your irony you see, that so much of this esoteric magical searching you might say, this destiny thing, came from Kabbalah and ended up turning against the people who thought they owned it. 


This is a tremendous part of this science as well, is that "you become that which you hate."  You become that which you hate. This is a truth that's always been eternal. Always will be eternal. It is eternal. You become that which you hate.  The parent that you don't identify with, the parent that you can describe so well as to why you hate them, you become – the hate will eat you up and you'll find yourself responding to others as your mother or father would in that situation.


It's the same thing with those who began to hate the whole German people for World War II.  You can see it in places like Israel in the way they look upon the Arabs and you say "well what's the difference now?  What's the difference in the Natzi philosophy, where one thinks they're superior over the other?"  So you become that which you hate and that's why hate, which is encouraged in the system by those at the top, they're very good at getting everyone to hate everyone else.  They get the certain whites to hate the blacks and certain blacks to hate the whites and Chinese and India and so on, and it goes on and on and on; and through this division and conquering they can always "stir it up" when need be and then come in with their solutions and totalitarian rules, because the law system which runs everything must constantly be reinforced, propped up and given more power in this structural pyramid system.


To give an easy example of psycholinguistics and the best way to get it through to the public, is either through official repetition through media, news, politicians do it all the time as they come up with "neologisms" and repetitive phrases, "weapons of mass destruction," and then all the other big guys at the top say the same thing until they speak a non-existence into a reality.  This is how it’s done.


However, back in the '50's and '60's the envelope was pushed through entertainment. If we look prior to that era, the male characters in movies were masculine. They were masculine men who didn't play little games, didn't act like children caught in some guilty act when they were confronted by their wife or their girlfriend, as they do in all the comedies and so on that have been put out since.  They had people like the male character in "Gone With the Wind," who, when the head game starts, he says, "well frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn," and he was quite cool, calm and collected. Hollywood put out that type because they needed that kind right up into the Second World War.  That's why you were given that stereotype, that character to emulate as a hero-type figure – the quiet man who's always reserved but made the right decisions and was under control and respected. 


Then it suddenly changed you see after World War II and stepping up into the '50's with the music scene coming on as they really gave a separate musical sphere for teenagers.  We see something interesting happening and this was discussed in books on the subject back at the beginning of the 20th Century in the Communist writings, this very technique to be used on the young with the use of music to implement the use of thoughts and agendas.


In the '50's and '60's we changed from the regular kind of male entertainer in music and in acting and then we got the skinny guy, you know with the "drain-pipe trousers" they called them, and we seen it with Buddy Holly and different ones that came out of nowhere and were heavily backed; and I always find there's a story behind the one that's given.  However, for this particular period, the object of marrying or mating up to marry was altered, carefully, quietly, to redefine the position of the men and it was done with the introduction of certain words, which alters the perception of the totality of the person.


We find that in the songs you don't find the man singing about the girl or the girl singing about the man; suddenly everything became "baby".  They called everybody "baby".  Now in psycholinguistics, regardless of what you think it means superficially, because people don't think beyond the superficial if it hits them, it wasn't just meaning that you were cute. A baby is still a baby.  A baby is a young, immature human being and a baby is a helpless thing.  A baby has no maturity and no real decision-making as we would say in a social structure.  It can't do it.  It's too young, too immature.


Now think of the words in the upcoming song and analyze it, because if the woman was truly serious—which she's not of course. This is all part of the agenda. If she was truly serious about what she's saying, she's not looking for the quiet, mature, well-informed male. She's looking for a child in a sense, but not a child just to take care of.  It's a child that she would end up being married with.  Well how long can you carry on calling the person you're living with and growing with and getting older with a baby, a baby?  Not just a baby, but a little baby.  Psycholinguistics at work. We end up humming the songs, singing the songs; toddlers sing them.  It alters perception. It alters the reality and it becomes the new reality.



"Be My Baby"

By Ronnie Spector and the Ronnettes


The night we met I knew I needed you so
and if I had the chance I'd never let you go.
So won't you say you love me,
I'll make you so proud of me.
We'll make 'em turn their heads every place we go.

So won't you, please, be my be my baby
be my little baby

My one and only baby



When this was going on, dozens and dozens of brand new magazines just appeared on the shelves, heavily backed, professional companies behind them. Now it's been admitted that some of these were CIA backed, and probably owned in fact, but at the time in the '50's, '60's and '70's, increasing on upwards, 90-odd percent of all magazines were aimed at women; because, as I say, in psychology, which is well understood, women can be changed easier than the male in a "cultural sense". They're more apt to try something new and there was a plethora, a mass avalanche of experts on every topic imaginable, and at the time even unimaginable, telling people: how to behave; what their sexual life should be like; what their relationships should be; what a man should be; what a woman should be; and never ending, never ending babble by experts. 


Now tie that back to "The Impact of Science on Society" by Lord Bertrand Russell, the big key player along with Huxley in the Tavistock Institute for world agendas and world culture alternations. When he said much of this stuff he talked about the alternation of culture through the use of experts, training society that nothing is of value unless it's said by an expert. It was all to stop us thinking for ourselves and he said that "one day a women wouldn't be able to change the diaper on a child without expert advice," and that's happened.  That's actually happened.


Now, of course, people don't even know how to cook anymore, male or female. It's terrible but that's the reality we live in. Expert advice on everything – and this was to alter culture and to make everyone dissatisfied with their own particular situation in society.  The man stopped being the hero-type figure, the leader, the one who was quiet and calm and made decisions. That's the stereotype perfection, which probably never existed (at least not on the whole), because most men were under the same system working for the system and therefore subservient to the system.


However, that was the stereotype they had to look up to, was the one who was quiet and calm and collected and didn't blurt out his emotions. All these magazines in the '50's onwards, '60's, '70's, '80's to the present time started talking about the man who was sensitive and yet strong, who could cry and yet laugh, and all these opposites mixed into the one, heavily pushed, this kind of stuff.  If old Joe there was the quiet guy who came home and spoke when spoken to and was reserved, well, suddenly he was abnormal according to the magazines. This created a dissatisfaction in his mate, you see, because she was after a fictional perfection that was getting broadcast through television and talk shows and magazines. 


When you ask them, really, what many women, even today, why they married a certain person – often the answer is "well he made me laugh."  He made me laugh. What a reason to be married, he made me laugh; so they want a sensitive but strong, a firm but yielding, who will cry occasionally and who can make them laugh, male. They're looking for a sort of manic-depressive circus clown and this is why they can't find all of that in one person, because they'd have to be terribly unstable or maybe on Prozac or something, but this is the nonsense that's been fed.


People are being indoctrinated and have been indoctrinated to make them terribly unhappy because society must alter all of the old ways to bring in the New World Order, the New World Order for the new era, where there is no marriage. The government wants direct contact with the individual. They don't want a family in the way or family members in the way. They don't want the remnants of any clan system that might exchange ideas amongst themselves and say, well hey, this isn't right.  No, they want you, like Orwell's "1984," to be quivering waiting for them, the government, who is always watching you the individual, to send their contacts directly to you and you'll have no one to share your thoughts with. You'll be socially isolated. That's the technique that's been used.


Now what did men get during this time?


Well, they came as I say from the old style, the hero type, the quiet one, of which is fictional. At least in the perfection that they showed, because everyone who is subservient in the system cannot be – he can't guide his own life. He's still got to go along with the rules laid out that he was born into, the system that he was born into.  However, it began to change into this silly immature type character and I must admit I didn't watch comedies much. They replay a lot of the old ones today on television and it's really phenomenal to watch the debasement of the male who is always a silly little man, a little boy really, no matter how old he is, who's obsessed with sports, who's always lying like a child and getting up to no good and he's treated like a child by the family, the children and the wife.


This is the new role model. It's quite amazing to see how this has actually worked in society until men are floundering. They have no guideposts and with the single parent families, which again were massively pushed, because no person who doesn't understand this can be happy with a partner. This system is geared to make you unhappy with everything. Everything that you buy is not enough. It'll make you happy for five minutes, then you have to buy something else. If capitalism as it's pushed worked, we'd all have all we needed. The last thing that you'd bought would have made you happy forever but it doesn't.  It's a big lie; they sell you mythologies and fantasy.  However, the partner you're with would also be the one that you would be bonding to, but here you have how many thousands of magazines and talk shows telling you that you can't be happy because this and this and this makes it so.


It's a war, an ongoing war, where neither male nor female benefits. It's not meant to benefit the people at the bottom. There's always an ongoing war, like the war room that they have in the Skull & Bones Temple. It's actually called "The War Room" and it isn't just war of the elite families to take over the natural resources of the world. That is one part of it. They've been doing that for centuries.  It's also a constant war on the public: man, women of all ages, all ages groups.  It's a constant ongoing war and that is why the people cannot possibly be content within this structure, bad as it is. They can find no peace within themselves and as you find no peace within yourselves and your anchors are all broken and you're floundering in the seas, you get tossed all over the place with all the things that are told that they pretend will make you happy.


There's nothing on television that is real. Nothing. Look at Dr. Phil, the magician. The magician who comes on like a superstar and everybody howls and screams as he comes on the stage and he sort of walks in that stiff way of his, and he solves everybody's problems in an hour—on TV, that is. It's not real. It's not real and look at all the backup staff that do all the investigations, preliminary stuff and yadda-yadda-ya, to make you think that the man is going sort it out.  And what is sorting it all about?


Well, he's trying to make a couple fit in to a preexisting system, where we expect through movies et cetera to have a happy ending; so when the couple are breaking up and no matter what's happening, the idea is to keep them together and keep the misery going on forever and ever.  Believe you me, that is the worst thing you could possibly do, but that's what psychiatry's function is. Psychiatry and psychiatrists are trained that when the patient comes in, suffering from whatever he's suffering from, you medicate them and all the rest of it.  They don't do so much psychotherapy as they used to.  They rely mainly on various drugs and so on, because the stress of modern living, again the floundering on the high seas with no anchors, you're cut off from your old culture, your purpose, your direction.


The psychiatrist's job is to tranquilize you initially, to take the fears away through chemicals, and then once you're out in society he'll tick off all the things that you’re now doing.  "Are you having sex again? Are you interested? Are you back at work? Are you purchasing things?" and you listen to this kind of stuff.  What your goals are: "I want to buy a new car. I want to get another house"; so all the things that destroyed you in the system and made you ill, if you're back doing the same things again, he'll put you down, not as cured, but at least the closest thing to cured, you're doing all the right things—which are the system's way of ticking it off as normal.


We're not living in a normal society. The purpose of life for the individual has to be sought out. It actually has to be mined. It's almost like being a deep-sea diver. You have to go down into the depths to find yourself; and in the most ancient times to the present and it's been above many temples in old times was "know thyself".  That's the first pre-requisition to higher learning. "Know thyself."


People say, "well, I know myself."  They don't know themselves at all. They are composites of their indoctrinations. They are composites of the culture they're born into and the system they're born into. It's like many fragments put together. They don't know what motivates them themselves. They're totally unaware of external motivations acting upon them. In psycholinguistics the terminology itself is a prime factor.


When we think of the thousands and thousands of sounds in nature and the thousands and thousands of words going into millions of words, if we take other languages into account, sound is just a form of communication to put abstract thoughts into forms which we can exchange and communicate with each other and understand what the person means; and yet when we find ourselves responding emotionally to a word or words or a string of words, we've already been conditioned. We're having an emotional response to what really is just a sound.


All it took to have someone killed at the stake and burned in the Middle Ages was the cry, the accusation – the cry itself was the accusation of witch or devil worshiper or Satanist. That's all it took. We found the same thing with the word "heretic".  It closed down all of your defenses. You couldn't respond to it because in the listener and in the person accused it created an emotional response. In the accused, they felt guilt for something they hadn't done and terror and fear because they were accused with such a grave accusation—a sound—and in those who were the accusers and the mob itself, a pure hatred for something that they would respond to with rage. Something or somebody who was different or at least having been accused, the accusation was your condemnation.


This is used today in psycholinguistics to separate peoples and individuals from one another.


It takes a very, very self-aware mature person to withstand accusations and the isolation they will feel as they progress through this Matrix into the higher Matrix, because there's more than one you see. There's more levels here of deception than meets the eye. Even with those who help and understand some of this on the mid-level, they're still just mid-level. They don't understand the higher sciences at the top level.  Therefore, even within the bottom, middle and top level, I categorize them in stages like "the bottom floor."


They're on the floor level. Those in the air, Stage One, who understand so much; and there's still those at the ceiling level, but still Stage One Matrix, who think along the ways of their authorized patriots that "the country's just been taken over, now, it's just happening now and your system is being destroyed."  It wasn't their system before. That's the clue. That's the big kicker, when you understand that completely and you don't emotionally respond to the tribal emblems and phrases and catchphrases that you've been conditioned with, then you might get into the second floor and start there on the ground level of understanding.


Tremendous sciences behind this, but it takes a terribly mature person not to fold – a person who will constantly self-examine themselves to find out what they're still holding onto. What beliefs they still have? What societal conditioning is still holding them together? What's combating them? What's at war within themselves that's motivating them? You have to be able to withstand so much to go higher and very few people decide to make that journey up to the mountain.



"Fool on the Hill"

By the Beatles


Day after day, alone on the hill
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him
They can see that he's just a fool.
And he never gives an answer

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down.
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning around.

Well on his way, his head in a cloud,
The man of a thousand voices, talking perfectly loud.
But nobody ever hears him,
Or the sound he appears to make.
And he never seems to notice

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down.
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning around.



When major changes are occurring or being introduced rather into a society from the top, they're introduced along with reassurance, the terminology of reassurance of the existing culture or idealation of that culture. This is a form of positive reinforcement. They find that if you introduce something directly opposite to the existing system there's always a counter-force, a counter-balance arises. That's why they train people in advance to become the leaders of those forces which lead you in circles.


However, if the people have been allowed to sleep or the propaganda has worked very well through positive reinforcement—and by that, I mean everything is just going fantastically well. "The economy is booming. We're the most powerful country in the world," and Britain had that in its old empire days even when people were scraping for firewood through depressions and so on, this propaganda keeps going. It's amazing how people will deny their own sensibilities and their personal reality and go along and think there's something wrong with them because "I should be up there enjoying all this prosperity." This is positive reinforcement, which overrides the personal evaluation.


When big changes are happening from the top down, positive reinforcement comes to its peak because there generally is no counter-force or very little or very weak counter-force to oppose it.  It's a false sense of security, which is used by all governments and definitely the empire builders which move around from place to place and create new empires down through the ages.


A simple example of this positive reinforcement: If a government needs to raise taxes (which they always do) for their new schemes, ongoing schemes, and their own personal pay package too, which are ever increasing, which expand at the same pace as bureaucracies, they can get a reaction from the citizenry.  This is always said: "We'll vote you out. We'll get a new party in," and all that nonsense, which they're used to because they run both sides of it.  Therefore, rather than simply bring forth a tax, they'll bring through a lotto; this is the common thing today. They've even tried fees.


Before, you already paid for things for your motor vehicle licensing, your road taxes, well, now you pay fees for things on top of what you're already paying and that's just another tax you see hidden.  It doesn't create a reaction because again the use of terminology alters perception.  If they want to raise taxes without having any big counter-control coming at them, they can create a lotto and really hype it up.  Believe it or not, there's just as much force and persuasion behind that as there would be against the threat of law used against the individual who didn't pay a particular tax. It’s just as powerfully effective and the people are being controlled just as much as they would have been if force would have been threatened to get the money from them.


The control of behavior is often disguised and concealed under "education" or "psychotherapy", "religion," under "teaching". Sometimes under the name of a therapist or a priest or a counselor, rather than use the term "manager," because really they're all managers of the system; so by the use of terminology alternation the perception of management is being hidden. Generally, social proposals within society will omit any reference to the means. They'll use speeches which appeal to the emotion within a person and all the rationalization in a scientific age, where they'll say, "we have to better utilize human resources," rather than say manage, because we're all being managed within the system.


Many people ask "how's it possible for this agenda to never lose control?"  A simple and maybe overused example is that of Adam Weishaupt, only one member of a multifaceted society in one particular era, who talked about the creation of foundations, benevolent foundations.  Once again, the term "benevolent" makes anyone who thinks of attacking it think twice.  It's kind of like attacking mom's apple pie.


We find the same thing say in Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry in the late 1800's, who said that "we must climb and conquer throughout life."  He's talking about the boys at the top, or at least their workers, that is, because the ones at the top are the "lazy boy" (they don't work), but those who do all the work, the bees, was referred to by Pike when he said, "we must do it through thrift and cunning and even using the stock market (manipulating it basically) to acquire the wealth to become the masters over the masters of the world."  What he meant by that was the creation of vast foundations. We find that we have more cultural change, more direction, more planned direction for the next few centuries (have already been done in fact) by societies which are foundations, apart from the ones that train students even from university to take part in that like the Rhodes Foundation. That's only one of many.


You also have the Carnegie and Ford, Rockefeller and there's other ones under the Rothschild's under the other big bankers, international bankers, under different disguised names, where they guide the world towards the path – along the path they already own, basically. We're on their path. The Council on Foreign Relations is another one, a society which is only the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, founded by Rothschild and Beers and Cecil Rhodes and others big players and eventually joined by other big societies in Britain.


THEY PLAN OUR WORLD. They planned the amalgamation of the Americas. They planned the amalgamation of Europe. They planned the amalgamation into a region for the Pacific countries. They planned this as far back as the late 1800's and they wrote about it. Karl Marx wrote about it, too, in the mid-1800's, before they did in fact.


We’re living an agenda. We're living an agenda written by very powerful people who belong to secret societies that have all gone through the degrees of Freemasonry. They've climbed above the degrees that the general public know of and they've been tested all along the way for their ability to maintain secrets to their grave.


I think I tremendously telling statement was given by Arnold Toynbee of Oxford, who when speaking at – this is a man who trained Rhodes Scholars for world social changes, directed changes. At one of his main speeches he gave in one of the Scandinavian countries, I think it was Sweden, in about 1932, he said:  "We always deny with our lips that which we do with our hands," and we find that technique is used by them all right up to the present.


It's only recently the Council on Foreign Relations committees have come out on mainstream television as a council – an elected council, by the way. They are not subject to being voted in or out by the public, but they are shaping the public's lives for them and populations of whole countries are being shaped by them in a prearranged agenda and it's done through mass persuasion on the public. The media is an essential arm of this guidance, this control.  It could not be done without it. That's why with the Council on Foreign Relations the members that the public see are generally high journalists or newspaper owners or owners of television stations, the media business. That's their job and the reason this can go on unimpeded generation after generation is that foundations last longer than individual people.


How many people complete even the projects they would like to complete in their lifetime? But the foundations are almost eternal and they have incredible wealth to back them up and in this system money is the key to control of the entire system, the economic system. With the money and with the logistics and the think tanks and the specialists, they can motivate society intergenerationally in particular directions, preplanned, and the scientifically induced opinions, emotions and so on, will be regurgitated by an indoctrinated public. It's very simple if you have all the money in the world, the outlet to all the media in the world access and you have the techniques to put it across scientifically and through entertainment as well as propaganda documentaries.


To make matters worse, it isn’t simply the massive onslaught of downloading the public of new data designed to alter their behavior, to "modify it" as they call it. We are now into an age where they're using technological weapons, psychotronic weaponry, much discussed at high-level warfare departments of every nation because they knew a long time ago the mind on a very easy simple level could be induced through the beaming out of particular frequency waves. It could easily affect the moods of the people. They knew it. It's been well tested, well proved and now it's being used in reality on nations to pacify them. They can make them either very aggressive or very pacified simply now, even just with the HAARP technology alone. There are other technologies beyond just the HAARP technology; they're far more specific in what parts of the mind or the brain they want to target and they're not testing it out. Whatever they're doing works. They know what to expect when they do this. This is really old hat.


Prior to all this kind of technology, psychologists used to try and explain behaviorism almost like they did with the era of mass production in a mechanical way and now it's gone beyond that into the electronic way. We know that the mind runs on chemicals. It depends upon them – electrochemical impulses and different frequencies within different parts of the brain, all varying. They've all been well gone over. Every part of your cerebrum has been gone over. Well understood and we can be targeted.


Going as far back as Bell, his father, Alexander Graham Bell's father was working on remote means of inducing words into the human brain through sound vibrations and actually through electronic vibrations, an early form of technetronic manipulation. They've been at this for an awful long time. They have used this in Gulf War I on the various soldiers who came out of the trenches and weren't shell-shocked. They were simply stunned because it had been used on them and it was admitted in the British newspapers that this technology had been used on them.


We find the Soviets had little boxes on the teacher's desk which could induce an attentive response from the students. It would relax them to an extent where the teacher was talking more like the hypnotist and getting the point straight into the minds of the youngsters. This was standard procedure in the Soviet system


In the West, because we're free, they have to hide all of this technology. We know that they were using it in many of the New Age foundation groups, putting the same technology in the walls even, so that you were guaranteed your personal experience with God and he might even talk to you. This is the same type of technology shown by Dr. Nick Begich where he showed on CBC Canada on the Wendy Mesley show technology which could induce thoughts or sounds right into the brain itself, bypassing the ears, from the 1950's technology used by the CIA and is now obsolete.


Know thyself is the point, getting back to know thyself.  What are you? Who are you? What is motivating you? Where do your opinions, your prejudices come from? Who gives them to you? What camp do you allow yourself to be put into? Whether it's the leader that says he or she speaks for me? Are you really a sovereign thinking individual? Are you honest with yourself?


The fear of cultural change is what reinforces a predominant group and those who have most to lose will support that as it goes under, in fact, often in denial. Definitely always in anger when they see what they have become used to in their lifetime being changed, so self-interest is a big part of it too.


The trick of the manipulators of this system is to give a perception that some other group is raising up above you therefore threatening your existence and so you'll spend your energies trying to counter what you see as "that group" and you'll never see the puppet masters above them who fund the whole thing.


And to hate, as I say, to hate brings on to the hater the characteristics of the one they hate. It's an interesting observation that many women who were bombarded with the power trip of feminism – which again did not come from the grass roots. It doubled the tax base. It split the families. It's been great business for therapists and cult groups and all types of New Age gurus who pretend to have the answers to their own happiness – but many of them who tried the lesbian movement--


--Why would you try and become the very thing that you hate?  Think about it. Think about it.


Because of the very sciences that the behaviorists are involved in and because as in all sciences they have their founding tenants of beliefs and they believe in evolution, big bangs, adaptations, re-adaptation, and on and on it goes, they try to see humanity and animals all lumped into the one system—where you exist simply for your own self-preservation and that everything to do with a system over that individual's self-preservation is called "society" and that there is always a "dominant elite" running the society. That's never ever countered. They accept that as a norm.  Of course, the intellectuals would like to be part of dominant elite but many of them lack the finances to do so, so they become good little lackey boys and girls to the real controllers above them.


Because they look upon the physical being as purely physical, they deny a spiritual value; and certainly religion has been one of the most powerful tools down through the centuries for control mechanisms by the dominant elite. However, there is obviously something beyond all of this, which frightens them, in fact, because it's something which they cannot study or even come close to with their sciences. There's something that intervenes occasionally in someone's life and no matter how they try to use psycho-termic verbiage, they can't really come to believe the fact that this is an odd thing outside of their science.


Therefore to admit to it is to admit that they do not control everything; and they themselves like to have everything tidy and categorized and pigeon-holed, which makes them feel secure, which then leads you to believe that they themselves are in a structured belief system.


If an individual can break through all of this, that's a miracle in themselves. If they can accept the fact that they will be ostracized by those who are still in the old Matrix and if they are strong enough to handle that, then they will actually go higher. Things happen to them without joining cults and groups and without falling into the standard trap of taking your old baggage, your old format of a world view with all of its old religious values into another one. That's the standard trap they fall into and so they take the certain institutional values of the old religion and bring it into the new, so they go shopping for something with those similar values. That's why they can't go any further and that's why they become fantastically indoctrinated by the authorized New Age religion, which was begun actually in the 1700's and pushed to its limit at the present time, until it's normal to hear people talking about rattling their chakras and doing their little ritualistic meditations with certain sequences, which they try and pretend they’re all scientific.


It's amazing how science comes into it, as though science was going to be their great redeemer. Science might help if it was ever allowed to or practiced on the public in a medical field value, it might help certain ailments if we were to be given the real stuff (which we won't be), but it certainly doesn't bring a person closer to a purposeful life or existence for themselves. Yet, here they are, trying to find scientific ways to rationalize their New Age religions and they’ve wrapped in of course the whole "wellness".  Now this new terminology again, this new term, well, "how's your wellness today?  My wellness is very—how is yours?"  Something that the United Nations said a few years ago they would promote, as they turn the general public back to old herbs and so on which might have worked. At least the old ones did that had been used for thousands of year. They worked on old natural diseases, whereas all the modern ones are man-induced, they're created in laboratories, but they want the public to start taking lower forms of medicine because they want to depopulate rapidly.


They create a religion around herbalism and you'll find people within this movement who believe everything they're told that comes out of all the magazines and the experts in the fields who are selling them new types of grass to chew on or whatever, and promising them to extend your life, live forever, make you young again.  All this stuff that they've done throughout the ages with religion, the fountain of youth, because people are exploited in their fear of death.


These series of talks are not meant to give you gloom and doom, but to see the brightness you have to go through the darkness and there's no way of skipping around it. You can't skip around the edges. There are no edges. It's a solid wall. You've got to get through it before you start climbing above and then there is purpose for you, there is meaning in life and the fears will leave.


Don't react to the fear mongers all around you who are authorized to be there to keep you into a stampede of panic. Accept the fact that we've always been managed. It doesn’t mean we'll always be managed, but we've always been managed and the same managers or their descendents are in control today.  Only by coming through the maze of indoctrination and conditioning can an individual break through into self-awareness.


Tonight, I'll leave you with a song by Weird Al Yankovic, the Genius of Perception. So when you've eaten all your chocolates and you feel bad about doing it, or you're sitting there like a billboard with your Gucci clothes and your brand-name hat and sweater and track pants and all the stuff you're supposed to have as a good corporate-owned citizen – when you've done it all and you still feel that big emptiness within, there's nothing left for it, is there? You've just got to click on that computer, get on the Internet and if you can't afford the new and keep up with the Jones' and pretend to your neighbors, maybe you can get it used. Maybe that will bring you happiness, eh?  After all, isn't that what every ad tells you, if you have this you'll be happy?


Good night and may your god or gods go with you.



"E-Bay Song"

By Weird Al Yankovic


A used ... pink bathrobe
A rare ... mint snowglobe
A Smurf ... TV tray
I bought on eBay

My house ... is filled with this crap
Shows up in bubble wrap
Most every day
What I bought on eBay

Tell me why (I need another pet rock)
Tell me why (I got that Alf alarm clock)
Tell me why (I bid on Shatner's old toupee)
They had it on eBay

I'll buy ... your knick-knack
Just check ... my feedback
"A++!" they all say
They love me on eBay

Gonna buy (a slightly-damaged golf bag)
Gonna buy (some Beanie Babies, new with tag)
(From some guy) I've never met in Norway
Found him on eBay

I am the type who is liable to snipe you
With two seconds left to go, whoa
Got Paypal or Visa, whatever'll please ya
As long as I've got the dough


I'll buy ... your tchotchkes
Sell me ... your watch, please
I'll buy (I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy ...)
I'm highest bidder now

(Junk keeps arriving in the mail)
(From that worldwide garage sale) (Dukes Of Hazard ashtray)
(Hey! A Dukes Of Hazard ashtray)
Oh yeah ... (I bought it on eBay)

Wanna buy (a PacMan Fever lunchbox)
Wanna buy (a case on vintage tube socks)
Wanna buy (a Kleenex used by Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre)
(Found it on eBay)

Wanna buy (that Farrah Fawcet poster)
(Pez dispensers and a toaster)
(Don't know why ... the kind of stuff you'd throw away)
(I'll buy on eBay)

What I bought on eBay-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y



(Transcribed by Linda)